Civil Engineering Books

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Civil Engineering Books

Concerned with the design and construction of roads, highways, bridges, canals, dams, airports, railway tracks, and various other physical structures, Civil Engineering is one of the most opted and second oldest Engineering branches. Due to its presence in almost every industry, a wide range of academic institutes across the world offer this degree course. However, to develop a stronghold over the basic concepts related to the field, studying from comprehensive Civil Engineering books and study guides is a must. So, in this blog, we will present a list of popular books that you can consider reading!

Structures: Or Why Things Don’t Fall Down – J.E Gordan

One of the most famous Civil Engineering books by J.E. Gordon, it perfectly covers all the quintessential information related to buildings, bodies, flying aircraft, etc. In this book, basic concepts are taught in a very lucid way, with minimal use of jargons. Students pursuing Civil Engineering courses can refer to the book as it opens new horizons to the world of civil and technological marvels! You can buy this book from here.

Introduction to Civil Engineering Systems – Samuel Labi

Written by a noted Engineer- Samuel Labi, Introduction to the Civil Engineering Systems is one of the most informative books to master this subject. In this book, you will comprehensively learn about the dynamism and mechanism of the field and the integrated approach followed to design and maintain various systems with respect to the environment. You can purchase this study guide here.

Handbook of Civil Engineering – Tyler Gregory Hicks

Tyler Gregory Hicks’s Handbook of Civil Engineering is considered as one of the most sought after Civil Engineering books as it explains all the intricacies of the field by using the latest design principles as well as codes. From structural steel, reinforced concrete structures, and water supply chains to freeways and roadways, a wide range of concepts are taught in a clear and concise manner through this guide. Structural steel engineering and design, reinforced and prestressed concrete engineering and design, timber engineering, soil mechanics are some of the foundational topics in the book. Buy Here

Fundamentals of Sustainability in Civil Engineering – Andrew Braham

Authored by Andrew Braham, the book is filled with an abundance of information related to the field of Civil Engineering. Comprehensively covering the three important pillars of sustainability, this study guide informs readers how economics, environment as well as society plays an important role in designing structures. This guide is counted amongst the most preferred Civil Engineering books for case studies specifically related to the environment, structural, geotechnical as well as transportation-based issues.  

Introduction to Infrastructure – Michael R. Penn and Philip J Parker

Authored by Michael R. Penn and Philip J. Parker, this book sheds light on the physical components, civil and environmental engineering in a very lucid yet comprehensive way. The author has imbibed the modern learning pedagogy in order to help students understand the concepts through illustrations, pictures, concrete examples as well as case studies and this is why it makes it to our list of Civil Engineering books! Introduction to Infrastructure is most suitable for 1st/2nd year Civil/Environmental Engineering students (Buy Here)

Other Civil Engineering Books to Consider

Name of the Book Author Name Link
Civil Engineering Through Objective
Type Questions
S.P GuptaBuy Here
Civil Engineering ReferenceMichael R. LindeburgBuy Here
SurveyingAshok Kumar Jain and B.C. PunmiaBuy Here
Reinforced Concrete Design – Third EditionDevdas MenonBuy Here
Design of Steel StructuresS K DuggalBuy Here
Civil Engineering: ConventionalJ.K. Gupta and R.S. KhurmiBuy Here
Basic Civil EngineeringS.S. BhavikattiBuy Here
Why Buildings Fall Down: How Structures FailMatthys LevyBuy Here
Structural Dynamics
Martin WilliamsBuy Here
Civil Engineering MaterialsPeter A. ClaisseBuy Here
Dynamics of StructuresAnil K. ChopraBuy Here

Hopefully, this blog has helped you find out some of the most comprehensive and insightful Civil Engineering books! Are you exploring universities to pursue this course? Confused with the admission process? Leave your worries apart and contact the experts at Leverage Edu through an E-meeting. Right from completing the application process to helping you craft an impressive SOP, the experts will provide assistance at every step!

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