PhD after MTech

PhD after MTech

It is common knowledge today that engineering is a vast field, open to lots of opportunities and serves as a base for good career growth. While we often discuss the prospects of an MBA, masters degree, a job or entrepreneurship, another potential that is available and an interesting one at that, is the research field. Although it is safe to assume that a PhD after MTech will not restrict one’s career options to just research or teaching in the technical capacity, it will also broaden the career opportunities for the person. One only stands to gain with more detailed knowledge through a PhD after MTech, in the subject of one’s choice.

What After Mtech? 

Just like the question of What Next After BTech rings a bell in the heads of undergraduate Engineering students, What are the opportunities after MTech? is yet another one that stands in-line to pop after another two years. There is a multitude of career pathways one can take up after completing the Mtech degree. One of the many opportunities that await these graduates is signing up for a doctoral degree. If you are someone who is interested in making a career in academics, then PhD after Mtech is a perfect fit for you! Pursing the course from universities abroad can take you to places ranging from excellent research exposure to greater employment chances. What after Mtech? – Opportunities & Careers can be answered with these Popular Options to Consider After MTech:

  • Doctoral Degree (PhD)
  • Teaching
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Jobs
PhD After Mtech
PhD After Mtech

PhD After Mtech

Doctoral Degree: For students who want to make a career in Academics, signing up for a PhD is the best option for them. Many candidates apply for PhD after Mtech to further explore the dimension of technical research. One may apply for a doctoral program in India as well as universities abroad. Foreign universities provide excellent exposure and mentorship to such students. Apart from broadening the horizons, international universities also provide financial aids to meritorious students easing out the burden of finances.

What is the duration of PhD after MTech? A doctoral program can be 5 to 6 years long in duration, depending on the subjects one pick.

As often the case, most students prefer to pause their education after the master’s degree and step into the job market, either through hiring exams, on-campus placements or with their own entrepreneurial dreams. Now the scenario has changed. Students chose to explore the horizon because education is not restricted by time, conservative views or lack of opportunities. Now, research is a huge field to step into with good prospects and financial gains to look forward to. With detailed and more precise knowledge through a PhD after MTech, students more often than not, prefer to work for R&D departments of government or private companies. Apart from that, there is a good chance to pave one’s way into the teaching profession after a PhD. A professor or teacher of a good institution is a rather exciting prospect to consider. Also, let us not forget the huge opportunities that will appear in the form of other jobs in the corporate world or the public sector. Although it may seem like an ardent and tedious journey to undertake, a PhD after MTech is rather a fulfilling and rewarding experience. Explore differed PhD courses after that can be done after Mtech in the table given below:

PhD in AustraliaPhD in GermanyPhD in IIT 
PhD in MathematicsPhD in Artificial IntelligencePhD in France
PhD in EducationPhD in CanadaPhD in Europe

Branches of PhD After MTech

There are several branches of PhD that are offered to students pursuing it after an MTech. Some of them are:

Note: As mentioned earlier it is important to check with the specialization subjects and the future research prospects before plunging into the desired PhD stream.

Top Universities

While selecting the right specialization is an important part of a PhD after MTech, the selection of the college is an extremely important part of the decision. Not just for a good mentor, who is your mentor throughout the duration of the program, but also for the study environment is an important aspect. Since the degree is completed after a span of five to six years, it is important to check the labs and course materials offered by the college for the doctoral degree. Most of the time is spent in the lab researching, hence the equipment and tools should be proper and accurate to assist the doctorate students. Here is a list of few of the top colleges offering good PhD programs across the globe;

Other Career Prospects: PhD After Mtech

Careers After Mtech
Careers After Mtech
  • Teaching: For those of you who wish to kickstart a career in the teaching line, pursuing a PhD after MTech is a suitable option. Due to the advance knowledge acquired over the course of the doctorate program, the graduates can find ample career opportunities in both public and private organizations, schools, and universities.
  • Corporate Sector: With an increase in demand for professionals who are experts in their respective domains, the students who study PhD after MTech find it easy to gain employment opportunities in senior roles across industries.
  • Startup/Entrepreneurship: With the right strategy and an innovative idea, you can start your own venture in your field on completing a PhD after MTech. The main reason being that doctoral degrees like PhD in Management not only imparts extensive knowledge but also equips you with conflict resolution, negotiation, communication skills, etc.


Q1: What after Mtech? 
A student has various opportunities and careers after Mtech ranging from professional to academic. A Doctoral Degree like PhD is a great choice after Mtech for candidates who are good at academics and plan to signup for a profession in the same field. PhD course can be done from India as well as abroad, depending on the funds and scholarships available.

Q2: What is the duration of PhD after MTech?
The duration of a PhD can range from 4 to 5 years depending on the university and college a student wants to pick. 

Q3: What are the opportunities after MTech?

1. Information Security
2. Electronics & Communication Engineering
4. Computer Science & Engineering
5. Mechanical Engineering
6. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

We hope you have got all the essential information regarding the PhD after Mtech. If you want to study in one of the above-mentioned universities and take a giant career leap, contact Leverage Edu. Our experts will provide you with the best advice and help you reach a step closer to your dream.

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