Career in Regenerative Medicine: Stem Cell Therapy, Tissue Engineering & Biomaterials

stem cell therapy

The human body is a marvellous creation of nature. Everything inside an organism comes from special human cells known as stem cells – from brain cells to muscle cell, these make up an important part of a human body. Just like an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is responsible for repairing and other maintenance-related activities of the aircraft, the same is the case with Stem Cell Therapy. Stem cells work to become specific cells that can be used to regenerate and repair damaged tissues. It is emerging out as one of the most sought-after fields in the field of medicine ever since the growth of bio-medics and biotechnology. Through this blog, you will understand the diverse career opportunities for those individuals with knowledge of Stem Cell Therapy.

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative Medicine is an interdisciplinary field of Life Sciences and Engineering which involves a group of clinical therapies and biomedical approaches revolving around Tissue Engineering, Stem Cell Therapy, Molecular & Cell Biology and Immunology. It is one of the relatively newer fields of study in Medical Science which helps to treat diseases and injuries through regenerative capabilities of one’s own body. Just like the skin and liver have regenerative characteristics which grow back to their original shape and size, there are some organs and tissues that need clinical therapeutic treatments to bring them back to life.

Are Biomedical Engineers in Demand?

Amalgamating the principles of bioscience and engineering principles, biomedical engineering has been one of the most promising emerging fields in the world. Read our blog on Biomedical Engineering jobs to know more about the career opportunities available for you. 

Let us discuss some of the most sought-after domains under Regenerative Medicine.

Stem Cell Therapy

Also known as the “repair kit” of the body, stem cells are a population of a number of immature tissues that rush towards the wounded or injured area to start the healing process. However, there are times when the stem cells cannot get through the affected area owing to a large amount of damage through the injury, that is when stem cells therapy comes to the rescue. Stem Cell Therapy is a treatment wherein the Stem Cell Therapist uses stem cells procured from a variety of sources to cure various damaged or dysfunctional tissues leading to non-serious to life-threatening diseases or disorders, such as Leukaemia, Sickle Cell Anaemia, Thalassemia, MDS, Aplastic Anaemia, etc. 

Tissue Engineering

One of the most specialized branches of Regenerative Medicine, besides Stem Cell Therapy, is Tissue Engineering. It amalgamates the principles of cell transplantation and engineering principles to develop biological substitutes capable of replacing damaged or diseased tissues in the human body, such as the tissues from various vital parts like heart, bone, cartilage and skin. 

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Although a different area, but Biomaterials are one of the chief elements in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine that are engineered to implant and interact into the biological systems in the place of some damaged or missing tissue. Biomaterials are either natural or synthetic which are made using chemicals, polymers, ceramics or other composite materials. Some of the major examples of biomaterials involve bone substitute, regenerative dentistry, collagen membranes, cartilage regeneration, etc.

Stem Cell Therapy in India

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The market for Stem Cell Therapy in India values at millions of rupees and this makes it one of the most promising medical fields both nationally and internationally. With different types of diseases and disorders growing at an exponential rate, Stem Cell Research is seen as a viable and exciteful career opportunity among students looking for Medical Science courses. In the field of Stem Cell Research, the scientists and researchers grow stem cells in the laboratories and then manipulate them according to the specific type of cells, required to be implanted within the human body. For example, in the situation of heart disease, the stem cells can be injected into the muscles of the heart and eventually the cells can work towards repairing the damaged area of the heart.

[Bonus]: Did you know, Stem Cell Therapy has the potential to cure diverse serious ailments such as Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus, Parkinson’s disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and many others alike?

Stem Cell Therapy has tremendous potential, with Science being one of the most promising areas of biomedical research. Despite, it will take a few more years to grow at its maximum potential, Stem Cell Research can be touted as one of the promising areas in Bio-medicine. So, are you coming from a science background and planning to take your higher education abroad? Then, we at Leverage Edu can help you choose the right course and university that will best fit your academic goals.

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  1. can you provide detailed information regarding this course with the college and fee structure?

    1. Hi Shivani!

      Regenerative Medicine and Stem cell therapy courses are offered by multiple universities across the world such as the University of Toronto, University of Glasgow, University of Edinburgh, University of Sheffield and the fee structure for each course depend upon the college. Here is an article you can refer to for more information-
      If you have more doubts, please get in touch with our experts at 1800572000.

  2. In India, the market for stem cell therapy is worth millions of rupees, making it one of the most promising medical sectors both locally and globally. Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Anna,
      Since you already have a bachelors degree in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery, you can go for your masters in Canada like a course of Doctor of Medicine and more. Here is a blog that will tell you more about this course that you can pursue in Canada You can even contact our Leverage Edu experts on 1800572000 and let our experts help you with finding the right course and best-fit university in Canada according to your profile, eligibility and other factors!

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