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SOP to Study in Australia

The Statement of Purpose or SOP is an important feature when it comes to pursuing your dream to Study in Australia. A creatively written SOP can help your university application to stand out among the pool of applicants who desire to get higher education from Australian Universities. This allows individuals to showcase their skills, ambitions and experience by writing a detailed and gripping SOP. But the question is, how can you make your SOP for Australia so impressive that it ensures your admission into your dream university or college?

Understanding the Concept of SOP for Australia

An SOP is a personal statement written by an applicant, which allows the concerned university to get a clear perspective of the applicant’s personal interests, academic progress, goals and motivations for the chosen career path. With a tremendous increase in the number of students applying for admission in the Australian universities with their impressive resumes, high test scores and GPAs, it becomes a hassle for the admission committee to decide which one to choose or reject. Thus, the admission committee in the universities of Australia places great emphasis on the structured presentation of an SOP.

How is an SOP for Australia different

An SOP for Australia is focused more on facts and certainties while other countries focus more on narrative and storytelling. Australian universities want to ensure that you show your enthusiasm for pursuing a specific course to make a revolutionary transition in their field and do not use their visa program to gain residency in Australia.

How to Write an SOP for Australia

There are so many formats and samples for an SOP for Australia available online, that it becomes tricky to choose the right one. Thus to make your search easy, we are providing you with the correct formatting details required or the ideal chronology to follow for a particular kind of an SOP to study in Australia.

You Need to Plan

Planning is the foremost stage prior to your actual SOP writing process. A careful planning of the ideas floating in your mind and essentials to be included and information to be avoided can help you create a clear road map of how your SOP will look like. During this stage, you can decide the chronology in which you wish to present your goals and achievements. Moreover, it is always beneficial to list your important experiences and academic results on a piece of paper.

Know your Beginning

Writing a captivating start is certainly the trickiest part of the process because it can get confusing as to where you should start. It is highly recommended that you begin your SOP with some creative thought, a pinch of mystery or you can directly state your ambitions and goals. Also, you need to make sure that you do not confuse the reader and most importantly the idea behind a crisp beginning is to glue the reader to your draft.

Formulation Stage

Through an SOP you allow the admission committee of the concerned university a sneak peek into your life and give them a fair idea as to what makes you an ideal candidate for the course that you are aspiring to pursue. You need to make sure that you justify your interest and abilities by backing it up with evidence from your life.

Below is a table that lists down all the information that needs to be placed in an SOP for Australia:

Walk-through your Academic Journey
You should mention how your previous academic profile and studies are related to the
course that you wish to pursue now, in your SOP for Australia. You can also include the related projects, training and internship programs undertaken. In case, you wish to change
your field of study, you should clearly explain the reasons for the change in your interests
and what skills and abilities that you possess make you best suited you for this new stream.
What Makes you Motivated for the Course?
This is a crucial area for you to master while writing an SOP because it gives the admission committee of the concerned university an idea about your interest in the course. Therefore, you need to mention all the positive attributes such as skills, core knowledge and strengths towards your fascination for the particular program that you’re applying for.
Relevant Work Experience
Additional work experience can always be beneficial in boosting your chances of admission in your desired Australian university. Moreover, there are a range of master’s degree courses for which relevant years of work experience are an important eligibility criteria for admission. You need to be accurate and clear while addressing your professional roles, projects you managed, skills attained and your contribution to the company.
Stating Non-Academic Interests or Volunteering
Australian universities focus on student’s co-curricular skills and volunteering ventures to support holistic learning. You can talk about your non-academic skills through an extensive participation in additional activities showcasing other aspects of your persona.
Glorify your Achievements
You should highlight your remarkable academic and professional achievements while writing an SOP for Australia, this will give you an edge over other applicants. Exhibiting your talents and proud moments can vouch for your potential and credibility.
What Makes Australia your Choice of Study Destination?
Australia is known to be one of the most popular destinations for students aspiring to study abroad. You need to state your reasons for wanting to study in Australia which helps universities observe how you will make the most of this experience. This helps you develop a connect with Australia, its culture, people and most importantly the access the world-class education facilities.
Why are you Choosing a Particular University?
In order to appealingly craft this section of an SOP, you need to research significantly about the university, its infrastructure, curriculum, facilities and other opportunities. It is highly recommended that you customize your SOP for Australia as per the particular university, stating what interests you about that university. You can also mention your worthiness as a prospective student of the university and how you are planning to leverage this opportunity to make it work in your favor.
Impressive Conclusion

Giving a memorable conclusion in your SOP for Australia helps you create a lasting impact on the admission committee of the concerned Australian university. So use this opportunity wisely to leave no scope for rejection by clearly highlighting your motivation, ambition and determination. Also, it is essential to proofread your SOP draft before finalizing it in order to avoid any grammatical errors, punctuation or false statements.

  • Avoid plagiarism
  • Generally, an SOP for Australian universities ranges between 1000 – 1200 words. It is however recommended that you check with the particular university guidelines.
  • Always use a formal style of writing. Avoid the use of slang or jargon.
  • Provide the necessary evidence to prove your claims about various skills and traits you have mentioned in an SOP.
  • Present your challenges and failures in a positive manner by mentioning what you learnt from them and how you overcame the challenges and emerged as a winner.
  • Plan your SOP writing way ahead of your application deadline and avoid leaving it for the last minute.

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Things to Keep in Mind

Below are the key essentials that you can note in order to convert your statement of purpose into an acceptance letter:

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  1. Stories are always appealing than statements.
  2. Being precise helps you go a long way.
  3. Honesty is the best policy.
  4. Big differences are created with little details.

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If you’re planning to study in Australia and are confused about how to write your SOP, do not panic. The experts at Leverage Edu can help you curate the perfect application with the perfect SOP to ensure that all your strengths are rightfully highlighted so that nothing comes between you and your dream college. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.

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  1. I received two offers, one is from flinders university- bachelors in accounting and finance and another is from UNISA- bachelors in international business. which course and university is best for me. I scored 83% in 12th in the year 2021.

  1. I received two offers, one is from flinders university- bachelors in accounting and finance and another is from UNISA- bachelors in international business. which course and university is best for me. I scored 83% in 12th in the year 2021.