Permanent Resident Visa in Australia

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Australia is one of the prominent choices for students or any other person who desires to migrate to Australia. The country is one of the most opted choices because of its thriving economy, which ultimately leads to more job opportunities. Another major reason for the popularity of Australia’s permanent visa is a better quality of life as well as peace and harmony in its multicultural society. Australia offers all its immigrants a permanent resident visa, valid for five years. With this permanent resident visa of Australia, immigrants can move to Australia with their families. If you want to explore more about what is permanent resident visa is, eligibility for a permanent resident visa in Australia, application fees, and much more, then keep reading!

What is a Permanent Resident Visa in Australia?

An Australia permanent visa holder is not a citizen of Australia, which means that these Australian permanent visa holders are allowed to live, work and study in Australia; however, they are not allowed to apply for government jobs or to vote. These permanent resident visa holders are citizens of their home country. Immigrants are given permanent resident visas in Australia when they qualify for all the eligibility requirements. 

Benefits of Permanent Resident Visa in Australia

There are an array of benefits of getting a permanent resident visa in Australia; some of the major benefits are:

Permanent Resident Visa in Australia - Live and Travel (1)
A PR visa allows you to live and travel in Australia without worry.
  • You are allowed to live and travel in Australia.
  • You are also allowed to pursue higher education in Australia and also eligible for educational loans(some). 
  • After two years of Australia PR visa, you are also eligible for social security benefits. 
  • You can also apply for New Zealand visa and can also travel there
  • You can also sponsor the PR of your relatives, required they meet pre-requisites.

Eligibility Requirements 

You must be:

  • Under 45 years
  • Have your registration of interest or ROI selected 
  • At least 65 points
  • Valid assessment skills 
  • English language skills 
  • The very last requirement is to meet health and character requirements 

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Steps to Get Permanent Resident Visa in Australia 

There are a few steps you are required to follow to get a permanent resident visa in Australia. 


The very first step is to check the eligibility. You are suggested to check the official website of the Department of Home Affairs and then learn about all the Visa options, documents required for application, fees and the processing time for a visa. Further, you are required to select the most appropriate option (Visa) on the basis of your skills, experience and education. 


After completion of the above step, you are required to apply for a positive assessment of education credentials assessment by designated authorities as various occupations have different assessments to check the eligibility and skills required to meet the standards of Australian employers to work within the relevant occupations.


In this step, you are required to submit an online expression of interest in Australia’s skills select system (this system is an online system that manages applications for skilled worker visas for Australia). A candidate’s profile is evaluated on the basis of age, language skills, work experience, education, etc. by Australia Point System. 


After the completion of the above steps if your scores are sufficient then you will receive ITA from Australia DHA and you are supposed to respond to this application within 60 days followed by submitting all the documents.

Application Fees of Australia PR Visa

According to the latest guidelines of the Australian Immigration Authority, application fees for Australia PR visa are:

Type of Applicants Fees in AUD 
Primary 4115 (INR 2,18,000)
Dependent 2055 (INR 1,09,000)
Child 1030 (INR 54,600) 

Documents Required 

You are also required to submit a list of documents for applying for Permanent Resident Visa Australia. Some of the important documents required for this process are:

Processing Time for Permanent Resident Visa Australia

When you are planning to apply for a PR visa in Australia, then you are required to go through various stages to apply for this PR in Australia. Each step for a PR visa for Australia has a different timeline, however, General Skilled Migration visa pathways take approximately three to five months for getting completely processed. 

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