Duolingo Accepting Universities in USA 2023-2024

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Duolingo accepting universities in USA

College admission tests like IELTS, and TOEFL were not conducted due to the pandemic and the closing down of test centres. The option of the Duolingo 410 test became popular as more and more universities started accepting it. If you want to study in the USA and want to know Duolingo accepted universities in USA, then this blog is meant for you! Read on to know more!

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Requirements to take the Duolingo Test 

Before we look into the Duolingo-accepted universities in USA, let us find out the requirements to take the test. They are listed below:

  • A Valid ID: A driver’s license, Passport, or any other Government ID will do.
  • Well-Lit Room: The room where you take the test must be properly lit and free of any kind of noise or distraction. 
  • Computer: A computer with a solid internet connection along with a front-facing camera, microphone and supported browser (Chrome, Opera)

What does the Duolingo test cover?

As we move further in this blog of Duolingo accepted universities in USA, let us take a glance at everything covered by the said test. Duolingo does not very long and lengthy reading and writing prompt rather it has short questions that evaluate and measure the same skills. The elements of the test are:

  • The test
  • The adaptive test
  • The video interview or writing test

The Setup 

The setup or the first stage of the test includes a fast 5 minute set up which helps and allows you to try the test before buying it. Once when you have decided to take the test, you will be given instructions regarding how to download the app on your computer. 

Next, you must go through the process of checking if your mic and camera are working properly and then submit your ID. 

The Adaptive Test 

After you begin with the test, you will be required to finish an adaptive test. This section is scored and assesses the test-taker’s speaking, writing, listening and reading skills. You will be expected to finish a few small tests in this section. Here are the major tasks that are included in this test:

  • Write down what is happening in a picture
  • Type out those words or phrases you listen
  • Speak a short-essay
  • Jumbled sentences
  • Write an answer
  • Read a sentence aloud
  • Select real English words from a list

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The Video Interview and Writing Test 

After you complete the adaptive test, you will be required to take a video interview and complete a writing test. This section of the test will be sent to any institution you send your score to. 

Video Interview 

You will be given two topics out of which you will be asked to speak on one for a time span of two to three minutes. Once you select a topic out of the two options given to you, a timer will start for two to three minutes. You can talk about the topic you have chosen for as long as you want in this time frame.

Writing Test 

After completing the video interview, you will be asked to choose one from the two topics given to you, and write about it for three to five minutes. A few examples for the writing test include:

  • Write about a time when you loved spending time in nature. What do you think about whether we should spend more time outdoors?
  • Write about the person who has largely impacted you. Also, mention what impact you had on them and how.

Duolingo Accepted Universities in USA 

Here is the complete list of USA universities which accept Duolingo scores from international students

Duolingo Accepted Universities in the USA: Minimum Score of 120 & Above

Duolingo Accepted Universities in USAMinimum Score
University of Harvard125
University of Wisconsin-Madison120
University of Maryland120
University of Pennsylvania120
New York University125

Universities Accepting Duolingo Scores of 100 -115 in USA

Duolingo Accepted Universities in USADET Score Required
Northeastern University105
University of California, Berkeley115
University of Washington105
University of Chicago105
Duke University115

Universities Accepting Duolingo 90 Score in the USA

  • Metropolitan State University
  • Auburn University
  • Northwestern University
  • Arizona State University
  • Marymount California University

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Duolingo Score for USA Student Visas

Applying for a student visa in the USA with Duolingo is accepted. Universities that accept this test include Stanford University, Washington University, New York University, Swarthmore College, Ivy League Universities, and many more. This suggests that this test is accepted by the US High Commission as well, which awards student visas.

You can select Duolingo to demonstrate your language skills after checking whether universities accept the test. You must be aware that you cannot apply for a UK student visa with just your Duolingo test results. Other crucial elements, such as educational background, professional experience, letters of recommendation, personal statements, etc., are also taken into account.

Every year, more and more universities accept Duolingo test results. However, the standards differ by organization and program, so it’s important to check with the particular college you’re considering applying to. Overall, Duolingo is an accessible and practical choice for students who need to prove their language ability for academic requirements.

If going to school in the USA is your desire, don’t let language barriers prevent you from succeeding in your studies.


Is Duolingo accepted in USA universities?

Applying for a student visa in the USA with Duolingo is accepted. Universities that accept this test include Stanford University, Washington University, New York University, Swarthmore College, Ivy League Universities, and many more. This shows that this standard is accepted by the US High Commission, which awards student visas.

Can I get USA visa with Duolingo test?

Yes! Ireland and the US both accept the Duolingo English Test for visa applications. It depends on the technique you select to apply for the UK and Canada. A designated learning institution (DLI) acceptance is necessary for traditional study permits.

Is 120 a good score in Duolingo?

A respectable Duolingo score is 115 on the AECC scale. In Duolingo, a score above 110 is regarded as good, and one above 120 is regarded as great.

This was all about Duolingo accepted universities in the USA. We hope now you are not confused about taking the Duolingo test and worried about IELTS or TOEFL. For any admission-related query or to make your study abroad dreams come true, get in touch with our experts at Leverage Edu. Sign up for your free session today! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

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    1. Yes, you can give Duolingo for studying abroad. There are many universities that recognise this English test. Students can easily take the exam from the comfort of their homes and submit the scores along with other relevant documents to the University. Hope this helps!
      All the best!

  1. I wanna take admision in llm
    M seeing the cheap university that requires dilinguo test for admision

    1. Hi Saqib!

      There are some universities in the USA that accept Duolingo scores for admission for LLM courses. If you want to know more about the admission process and courses for Duolingo in USA the feel free to connect with our experts at 18007572000! Till then here are some articles that can help you decide on your dream college in USA-

    1. Hi, Muhammed!
      Kudos to your efforts.
      Presently, mostly top universities in USA or other study abroad destinations where Duolingo is accepted require score above 120, depending upon the preferred course.
      Don’t worry, take our professional guidance, call at 1800 57 200! Mail: [email protected]

  2. Does Duolingo accepted universities give admission if student has more than 12 backlogs in their bachelor’s.

    1. Hi, Divya!
      Students with more than 10 active backlogs may not be eligible to pursue master’s degree depending upon the preferred university or country.
      For further doubts, contact us at 1800 57 2000!

  3. Hi…
    If possible plz. share complete list of Universities for accepting Duolingo Test in USA for MS in Computer Science .

  4. I would like to study in U.S . I would like to know how high grade do we need in duolingo exam to join universities in America.?

    1. Hi, Sir! 105 is the minimum Duolingo score to get selected into your preferred universities.
      But for the USA, you should always aim for 110 and above in the Duolingo test to get into top-ranked universities! We hope this information helps!
      Also, you can refer to this article for better knowledge: Duolingo English Test
      We can see you are preparing for the Duolingo tests which give us an idea that you are looking to pursue studies in universities abroad.
      Reach us at 1800 57 2000 and talk to our mentors for more information!

  5. I am looking for Duolingo accepted university in the USA and Canada for pharmacy/pharmaceutical science/biology graduate program. Will you please help me giving this information?

    1. Hi, Ayesha!
      A Duolingo test is a modern English Language test tool designed for international students and universities. It is counted as an English language requirement just like IELTS and TOEFL. The only difference is it saves your time, you don’t have to be thoroughly prepared for it and give the exam just sitting at home!
      We hope this helps. So, here are the universities of Canada accepting Duolingo test scores: Canadian Universities and Colleges Accepting Duolingo
      For more information regarding studying abroad, reach us on 1800 57 2000 and get your doubts resolved.

  6. I have a duolingo englisht test score with 2.7 gpa, I need to find good university of food science department with scholarship and funding grant in usa.

    1. Hi Nishan, please connect with our experts on 1800 572 000 for a free 30 min session and clear all your doubts!

  7. Hi,

    I have appeared for the DET and have acquired overall score of 120.
    >> I would like to know which universities are offering Masters in Computer Science.
    >> While sending the results to the universities, I see there are multiple programs appearing. Can I know which particular programs to be selected to get selected for Masters.


    1. Hi, please connect with our experts on 1800 572 000 to know more about the requirements to study in USA.