Studying Food Science in Australia

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Studying Food Science in Australia

Food Science degrees teach students how to transform raw agricultural products into goods sold in markets and stores. Food Science classes teach graduates about the food industry and how to improve the techniques used to develop, store, package, and transport food products. Courses also cover food safety and how to improve quality control. By studying in Australia, you will benefit from the excellent student environment inside and outside the classroom.

Furthermore, apart from some of the best business and engineering schools across the globe, you will also be able to experience a highly developed nation that retains not only a wild side with an extremely warm climate, beautiful beaches, and more than 500 national parks. Many Australian universities offer internships and work placements to prepare students early for the job market. If you want to know more about studying food science in Australia, the benefits of pursuing a degree in food science and much more, then Keep Reading!

Why Study Food Science in Australia?

There are numerous reasons why you should pursue a career in Food Science, majorly in Australia. Some of the Popular reasons include:

  • Popular course: Food Science is a popular course nowadays because it is consistently ranked as one of the top jobs with consistent growth worldwide.
  • Diversified Career Options: When you pursue a career, you have many options. Food Science allows you to work in both the public and private sectors, such as NGOs, schools, and hospitals.
  • Job Opportunities: You can work as a Medical Record Technician, Occupational Therapist, and many other things.
  • High Salary: After graduating In Food Science, you will be recruited by top institutions and given a high salary.

Eligibility Requirements 

To pursue higher education at universities in Australia with Food Science as a major, you must meet a few eligibility requirements;

  • To study food science in Australia (for an undergraduate degree at an Australian university), you must have completed high school with relevant marks from an officially recognised institution.
  • To pursue a postgraduate degree at an Australian university, you must have an undergraduate degree in Food Science from an officially recognised institution with relevant marks.

Score Requirements 

Another major requirement to study food science in Australia is language proficiency test scores. When your first language is not English, you must qualify for the language proficiency test such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc: 

Language Proficiency Tests Score Requirements 
IELTS6.5 bands 

Documents Required

You are also required to submit a list of documents to study Food Science at Australian universities. Some of the essential documents required are: 

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Top Food Science Courses in Australia 

Another significant advantage of studying Food Science in Australia is the wide range of courses available from prestigious universities. Some of the best Food Science courses in Australia are as follows:

Name of the Courses Name of the UniversityLevel 
Food science and technologyCurtin UniversityMasters degree 
Food science and technologyCurtin UniversityPostgraduate certificate 
Food science and technologyRMIT UniversityMasters degree 
Dietetic Practice Australian Catholic University Masters degree 
Food science and technology Curtin UniversityPostgraduate degree 
Science (Food Science)RMIT UniversityMaster degree 
Agriculture and food securityCurtin  UniversityMasters degree 
Nutrition and dietetics Flinders UniversityMasters degree

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Cost of Studying

The cost of pursuing food science courses differs by country and institution. Bachelors of Food Science, for example, cost between AUD 100,000 and 140,000 (INR 55 – 77 lakhs) a year in Australia.

Best Universities to Study Food Science in Australia

Australia is highly opted for higher education abroad by international students because it is home to numerous reputed universities that are well-known for delivering quality programs through highly-qualified faculty members. Some of the top universities for Food Science in Australia are: 

Name of the Universities Rankings 2022 US News 
The University of Queensland Australia10
The University of Melbourne 81
RMIT University134
Monash University149
Charles Strut University175
University of Adelaide 191

Job Prospects 

There are an array of job opportunities available to the students after the completion of the course in Australia. Some of Australia’s highly opted job profiles in food and science are as follows. 

  • Production/Operation/QA/QC food technologists.
  • R&D stands for new product and process development.
  • Marketing and sales, business development, and marketing research.
  • Management of procurement and supply chain.


The median pay for a Food Scientist (s) is 131,000 AUD per year, which indicates that half (50%) of Food Scientist (s) earn less than this amount, while the other half earn more.

Fresher’s Salary of Food Scientists  Medium Salary of Food Scientists Highest Salary of Food Scientists 
AUD 57900 ( INR 3171273.04)AUD 131000 (INR 71.75 Lakh) AUD 195000 (INR 1.06 Cr) 

Studying food science in Australia is one of the major options popular among students due to the availability of various options after completion. Colleges in Australia provide a wide range of Food Science programmes, including undergraduate degrees in Food Science & Microbiology, Nutrition and Human Nutrition, and Food Science.

These programmes cover a wide range of topics, including nutrient analysis, agri-food supply-chain management, quality assurance, new food product creation, food taste, and food sustainability.


Is food science in demand in Australia?

Food science, technology, and nutrition are one of Australia’s most important industries, owing in part to the increased strain on food security imposed by the world’s growing population.

How much do food scientists make in Australia?

In Australia, the average salary for a Food Scientist is AUD 90,744(INR 50 lakhs) per year and AUD 44 (INR 2,500) per hour. A Food Scientist’s average salary ranges from AUD 64,156(INR 35 lakhs) to AUD 109,891(INR 60 lakhs).

What is the highest-paying job in food science?

Sensory scientists are among the highest-paid food scientists. According to PayScale, the average annual salary for this occupation is just over $82,000(INR 45 Lakhs).

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