Best Student Cities in Europe in 2022

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Best Student Cities in Europe (1)

Europe is one of the most exciting continents to study! It has 44 countries and thousands of languages and nationalities that make it the ultimate melting pot of cultures and ideas. Each country and city on the continent offers an eclectic set of experiences and opportunities that make studying here unforgettable! So, pack your bags as we will take a tour of some of the best student cities in Europe for international students to live and study in! 

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QS Best Student Cities in Europe for 2022

student cities in europe
Why Study in Europe?
Cities QS Best Student Cities 2022 in Europe
London, UK 1
Munich, Germany 2
Berlin, Germany 5
Zurich, Switzerland 7
Paris, France =9
Edinburgh, UK 12
Vienna, Austria 14
Amsterdam, Netherlands 21
Stockholm, Sweden 23
Moscow, Russia =25

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London, United Kingdom

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London is crowned as the world’s best student city for studying abroad. Home to the world’s top universities like Imperial College of London, Kings College of London & QMUL, this English city offers an unforgettable student experience. As an economic and global powerhouse, the city offers a multitude of work opportunities, an incredible and affordable lifestyle and a safe, welcoming place for diversity. London is famous amongst students because of its top-notch colleges, bookstores, and college employment, as well as a crazy nightlife for everybody’s liking and fine dining.

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Paris, France

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Paris is a dream destination for international students across the world because of its enchanting lifestyle and beauty. Ranked amongst the top 10 best student cities in Europe, the city of light is home to 18 world-ranked universities. Universities in Paris offer not just quality education but also placements with some of the biggest companies in the world. Paris is also extremely affordable as students can find a plethora of jobs as translators, teachers, assistants, waiters and can also avail scholarships. From museums to themed nightclubs, student life in Paris is surely one of the biggest attractions.

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Berlin, Germany

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Berlin is ranked 7th overall in the QS Best Student Cities 2022, Berlin, like Munich, has an excellent quality of life and a high score for the cost (owing to quasi tuition prices at German institutions paired with cheap living costs). Berlin blends its creative spirit with entrepreneurship seamlessly, it hosts some of the world’s best art and music festivals and is also considered the new-age silicon valley! Student attractions like Amsterdam, Paris, Zurich are just a bus and train away from Berlin making it an exciting destination for students who love to travel. Students can easily find jobs and rent apartments in the city. 

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Dublin, Ireland

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This Irish capital city is a blend of the ancient and the new. You’ll have lots of alternatives to unwind after a hard day of studying in this city known for Irish music and pubs. If you want to establish your own business, Dublin is the spot to go, as it is known as Europe’s startup capital. Aside from the welcoming people, Ireland is also the safest European country for overseas students and some of the best universities in the world to its honor. This city has emerged as the best student city in Europe for students for adopting student-friendly policies despite the ongoing pandemic and allowing fully vaccinated students to enter without the additional cost of quarantine.

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Milan, Italy 

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Whenever young people think of studying in Italy, they imagine the ancient magnificence of Venice or Rome. Milan, on the other hand, outperforms them both as the finest city in Italy for studying abroad. Milan, although being a little city with only 1.4 million residents, is full of magic, charisma, and adrenaline. As Italy’s style centre, you can expect to witness opulent designer boutiques and people, particularly around Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Many of Milan’s notable attractions, such as the magnificent Duomo, are guaranteed to take your breath away with their ornate design.

Studying in some of the best student cities in Europe is a dream for thousands of students. If you dream of working in the global city of London or exploring the enchanting student life of Paris, then wait no more! Book a free session with a Leverage Edu expert today on 1800 572 000 and secure admission to some of the best European universities!

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