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Overseas Education Consultants

In the last decade, the trend of pursuing higher education from universities abroad has exponentially increased. It could either be the implications of globalization or digitalization which have pushed the number of outbound students to new heights. While talking about overseas education, one must know that applying to universities abroad is not an easy task, neither for the students nor for their parents. Thus, consulting global education experts is the right step to plan your dream of studying overseas. Through this blog, we will elaborate upon the importance of overseas education consultants and how they can equip you with the right guidance and mentorship in continuing your studies in a foreign country.


Overseas education consultants are professionals who have expert knowledge about the courses offered by different countries and universities as well as their admission process, visa application procedures, and other formalities. As more and more students are aspiring to study abroad, countries are making timely changes to their education policies as well as student visa processes to become a preferred study destination. Further, consulting agencies remain updated about the immigration policies and reforms of nations across the globe and help students throughout the process of applying for their chosen university as well as obtaining student permits from the prospective country. 

Also, education systems followed by different countries can be poles apart and overseas education consultants analyze these patterns. For example, if a student wants to pursue an MBA in Digital Marketing abroad and is aiming to apply to universities in the UK, USA and Canada simultaneously. The education system of each of these countries differs in extreme possible ways, thus making the whole application process a big puzzle for the aspirant. That’s where you can get in touch with overseas education consultants as they will guide you in choosing a suitable university that fits their budget as well as career preferences.

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Why Choose Us as Overseas Education Consultants

Apart from the above-mentioned ones, some other benefits of consulting overseas education experts are as follows:

Financial Assistance

Another predicament faced by students and their families is tackling the exorbitant costs of studying abroad. An overseas education consultant guides the candidate regarding various study loans and scholarship opportunities. While education loans are generally offered by banks, there are several academic learning institutions that provide international students with scholarships like DAAD scheme in Germany, Erasmus Mundus, amongst others. A good consultant is aware of all such grants & scholarships, thus, can help meritorious students to get these benefits with correct guidance. Apart from this, we at Leverage Edu also assist students in finding efficient ways to manage finances in a new country.

Finance Your Study Abroad Dream With Leverage Edu

If you want to study abroad but are concerned about your financial situation or are unsure about study loans, we can assist. Check out leverage finance and we as your overseas education consultants will give you service free of charge, the best interest rates, comparative analysis, and many other benefits you can also send money abroad in just a few taps using our forex services. You may check your eligibility by going to the link below.

Fulfilling the Eligibility Criteria

Depending upon the university you wish to get into, there are certain eligibility requirements that you might need to fulfil in order to qualify for your chosen course. The most common prerequisite asked by international universities includes English language proficiency scores. Usually, the fee charges for these exams are high, thus, appearing for multiple exams which might not be required to apply for the university you plan to join is simply a waste of resources. We are aware of different language proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc. and we as overseas education consultants further help aspirants in preparing for the exam that fits the university’s admission criteria. 

Other Formalities

From VISA application to sorting accommodation issues, overseas education consultants stay by the side of the students and simplify the complicated process of studying abroad. Once you have been selected to the university of your choice, you might require assistance in finding suitable accommodations as well as settling down in the new environment. We have a strong network of students and working professionals across the globe and they often connect the aspirants with someone experienced in their chosen country who further assists them in exploring accommodation options and settling in a new country.

Benefits of Choosing Leverage Edu?

Leverage Edu is a leading education consulting firm that aims to simplify the process of studying abroad for students across the country. From providing overseas education consultants to guide students in the best possible ways to helping them design a perfect application, they strive to ease out the complex journey of those aspiring to study abroad. The unique AI tool of Leverage Edu helps students select the best-suited course according to their interests and requirements. After selection of the course and university, a mentor who is currently studying or is an alumnus of the same institution is assigned to the student to help them with essays and other required documents. More than 700 mentors across the globe from universities like Harvard, Oxford, Yale, MIT, NYU, etc are a part of the Leverage Edu team. Check out the amazing success stories of various students that we have mentored to help them thrive in their dream career:

Our Services

The following are the services offered by Leverage Edu:

  • Provide suitable study-abroad guidance to students depending on their preferences and choice of destination and university
  • Help students find the suitable accommodation for students who wish to study abroad in places like USA, UK, Australia and Canada
  • We as overseas education consultants help students to prepare for the tests required to qualify for certain courses like GMAT and GRE for business courses and language proficiency tests like IELTS and TOEFL to study in a foreign country
  • Students can all necessary services related to finance at Leverage finance, helping out students with scholarship loans, international bank accounts and money transfer ways

Try Out The Most Reliable Overseas Education Consultants

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Which consutant is the best for study abroad?

Leverage Edu is one of the best study abroad consultancies that offer a wide range of services to student and guide them to make their study abroad dream a reality.

How do I choose an overseas eduction consultancy?

Figure out the service for which you need guidance
Find a verified organization
Select a consultancy that matches your interest and prioritises you as a client
Check out their service cost
Finally, check their success rate to ensure their credibility

What does Leverage Edu charge for consultancy?

Well, Leverage Edu provides their services free of charge to students

Thus, if you are planning to study abroad, you should know that there is a long journey you need to take towards actualizing your goal. To take the first step, reach out to our overseas education consultants and experts at Leverage Edu and we’ll hold your hand throughout this quest by helping you choose an ideal combination of program and university to make an impressive application and getting successfully shortlisted.

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  1. Thank you for sharing such informatics information. It is really helpful for the young aspirants who want to study abroad.Overseas Education Consultants help young aspirants with the following necessary requirements like: Career Counselling,Admission Guidance,Visa assistance,Accommodation supervision etc.

  2. I always believed that they both are the same, but thanks to this informative article. I really appreciate the efforts you’ve put in this blog post.

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    1. Hi Hijab,
      We feel wonderful knowing the fact that your son is wanting to pursue his higher studies abroad. We would first like to congratulate him and wish him good luck for his future. To seek the right guidance and mentorship, feel free to connect with our Leverage Edu experts on 1800572000 and let our experts handly your son’s dream to study abroad in one of the most deserved study abroad destinations in the world. Call us today and book your free 30-minutes e-meeting with us!

  1. Thank you for sharing such informatics information. It is really helpful for the young aspirants who want to study abroad.Overseas Education Consultants help young aspirants with the following necessary requirements like: Career Counselling,Admission Guidance,Visa assistance,Accommodation supervision etc.

  2. I always believed that they both are the same, but thanks to this informative article. I really appreciate the efforts you’ve put in this blog post.