MD Gynaecology

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All About MD in Gynaecology

Medicine is one of the most interesting and diverse disciplines in the world. From anesthesiologists to venereologists, there is an array of specializations available for budding medical students and researchers to explore. One such specialization is Gynecology. A specialist that works on biological problems that females face, for example hormonal changes, is known as a gynaecologist. MD Gynaecology is a post-graduation course that has a duration of 3 years. This field offers you various job profiles that promise you a high salary. 

MD Gynaecology Overview

Doctorate of medicine in gynaecology is a three-year postgraduate course that students pursue after completion of their MBBS degree. Gynaecologists and obstetrics are specialists who deal with female reproductive organs and their related problems. Students after completion of MD gynaecology enable themselves self-employment opportunities. Nowadays students get attracted to this course because of the specialization and skill development this course offers. This course also has a great scope in India and abroad. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • If you want to pursue MD gynaecology you must have an MBBS degree with at least 50% marks.
  • You must also have a prior internship/experience of a year. 
  • Depending on the colleges and universities, you may need to qualify for entrance exams conducted by reputed universities and colleges.
  • You must be able to learn and grasp knowledge about Obstetrics and Gynecology involving female reproductive organs. 
  • Moreover, you must have good communication as well as interpersonal skills.
  • You have to keep yourself up to date with the science field. 

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Entrance Exams

Various entrance exams conducted all over India you need to qualify in order to pursue MD Gynaecology are as follows:

  • PGIMER PG Medical entrance exam
  • AIIMS PG Medical entrance exam
  • CMC PG Vellore medical entrance exam
  • NEET PG Medical entrance exam

There are common entrance exams conducted all over India, many universities and colleges conduct their own entrance exams. 


Semester 1-Gametogenesis fertilization, implantation and early development of an embryo.
-Normal Labour.
-Anatomical and Physiological changes in the female genital tract during pregnancy.
-Pharmacology of drugs used during pregnancy, Labour, Postpartum period.
-Development of placenta.
-Amniotic fluid.
-Anatomy of the fetus, fetal growth & development, fetal physiology & circulation.
Semester 2 -Puerperium
– Normal.
-Contraception / Family Planning/ Sterilization methods
-Endometriosis Adenomyosis
– Gynaecology.
Semester 3 -Antepartum Hemorrhage
-PROM, PolyHydramnios, Oligo Hydramnios-Obstetrical Hemorrhage (includes Antenatal & postpartum)
-Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy
-Medical disorders in pregnancy
-Emergency Obstetric Care (Intensive Obstetrics)
-Antepartum & intrapartum fetal monitoring
Semester 4 -Antepartum Hemorrhage
-Malpresentation & malposition of labour
-Abnormal Puerperium
-CPD & its management
-Complications of 3rd stage of labour
-Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy
-Antepartum Hemorrhage
-Normal and abnormal microbiology of genital tract & bacterial, viral & parasitic infections responsible
-For maternal-fetal & Gynae disorders
-Endocrinology related to reproduction
-Physiology of menstruation, ovulation, fertilization & menopause
Semester 5-Methods of contraception
-Fibroid uterus-Endocrine abnormalities, Menstrual abnormalities Amenorrhoea, PCOD,
-Hirsutism, Hyperprolactinemia, Thyroid disorders
-Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy
-Ca Cervix-Ca Endometrium
-Carcinoma Ovary
Semester 6-Genital Fistula / Urinary Incontinence
-Colposcopy & vaginal and cervical cytology
-Endometrial Hyperplasia, DUB, Abnormal bleeding
-Endometriosis, Adenomyosis
-Endocrine abnormalities, Menstrual abnormalities Amenorrhoea, PCOD,
-Hirsutism, Hyperprolactinemia, Thyroid disorder 

Top 10 Universities in the World for MD Gynaecology

QS Ranking 2022Name of the Institute
1Harvard University
2University of Oxford
3University of Cambridge
4Stanford University
5Johns Hopkins University
6Karolinska Institutet
7University of California
8University College London
9Yale University
10Imperial College London

Top 10 Universities in India for MD Gynaecology

Name of the College Fees (INR)
CMC Christian medical college473,400
KMC Mangalore58.50 Lakhs
St. Johns medical college1,837,070
AIIMS 5731
KMC Manipal 58,50,000
MS Ramaiah medical collegeDepends upon the subjects 
Armed forces medical collegeDepends upon the subject
KPC medical college and hospitalDepends upon the subject
Maulana azad medical collegeDepends upon the subject
Hamdard Institute of medical science and research45,90,000

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Roles and Responsibility of a Gynaecologist

  • Gynaecologists are responsible for the collection of medical information about the patients from their family members as well as about other medical professionals.
  • Gynaecologists usually treat diseases related to reproductive organs.
  • Moreover, they have a duty to care for and for treatment of women’s main problems they face such as prenatal, natal, and postnatal periods.
  • They also prescribe/ administer medication, therapy, sometimes surgeries and also treat or prevent illness, disease, or injury. 
  • Gynaecologists are also responsible for surgeries for delivering babies safely.

Average Salary and Job Profiles

The average salary of a gynaecologist is ₹1,800,000 per year or approximately ₹923 per hour. The most popular job profiles that students pursue after completion of MD gynaecology are Obstetrician, Gynaecologist, consultant, lecturer, clinical Associate and General Physician. 

Job Profile Average Salary 
GynaecologistRs. 14,00,000
ObstetricianRs. 10,47,619
ConsultantRs. 13,00,000
LecturerRs. 19,50,000
Clinical AssociateRs. 6,75,554
General PhysicianRs. 4,31,077
Obstetrics/Gynecology (OB/GYN)Rs. 19,00,000


What is the difference between Gynaecology and obstetrics?

Gynaecologists are mainly responsible for the treatment of female reproductive organs and related diseases whereas obstetrics are the doctors who specialize in the birth of a child and related issues. 

Which doctor earns the most?

The doctor that earns the most is a surgeon and after that a dermatologist. 

Can I become a gynaecologist without MBBS?

No, it is not possible to become a gynaecologist without an MBBS degree as it is required for every candidate to have an MBBS or an equivalent degree to pursue MD gynaecology. 

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