How to Become an Eye Specialist?

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People often get confused among Ophthalmologist, Optometrist and Optician. Despite all of them are associated with the eyecare, their job profiles vary greatly. While Optometrist is the one who helps patients with correcting their vision by prescribing medicine and correction lenses, an optician helps people getting correct lenses as prescribed by an Optometrist. An ophthalmologist is an Eye Specialist who performs surgeries to correct issues related to vision. The job of an Opthalomogist is a demanding one as it deals with a delicate organ like an eye. A small mistake in a procedure can lead to permanent impairment to a patient. To become an Eye Specialist, years of education and rigorous training is needed. Let us have a look at the stepwise procedure to become an Ophthalmologist. 

Qualifying the Entrance Exam

Getting admission into a medical school is centra to become an Eye Specialist. Following a strict procedure, medical schools offer admissions through entrance exams. NEET is the standard entrance exam for admissions to medical schools in India. To be eligible for the exam, you need to have completed your 12th class with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as your majors. The exam is conducted every year and thousands of students appear for the limited seats which makes it one of the toughest exams in India. MBBS is the foundation stone to your career as an Eye Specialist for which you need to be among top scorers in the NEET exam. If you have plans of taking up your degree in Medicine from abroad, then it is pertinent to mention that NEET has been made mandatory to study abroad. NEET exam score is valid for 3 years from the date it is taken on.

Obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine

Once you qualify the entrance exam, you will be spending the next 5-6 years in a medical school where you will study the important aspects of the profession. Whether a Cardiologist or an Eye Specialist, MBBS forms the foundation of their profession. MBBS syllabus is spread over 9-10 semesters in which all the important concepts like Human Anatomy, Modern Medicine, Diseases, Emergency Care are taught besides the basic overview of the subject. Last year of the degree is dedicated to an internship where a student is apprenticed to a senior doctor and learns the skills like diagnosis, treatment and performing surgeries. If your goal is to pursue MBBS in USA, then MCAT is the exam you should be aiming for. 

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Specialization Degree for Eye Specialist

An MBBS degree is followed by a specialization degree like Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Master of Surgery (MS). For both the degrees, the medical schools conduct entrance exams to test the aptitude of a candidate. A handful of students are selected for specialization degrees due to high competition and a limited number of seats. The specialization degrees are postgraduate programs that last for 1-2 years. To become an Eye Specialist, you need to choose Opthomology as your area of specialization. During the degree, you will be taught about advanced medical procedures, modern medicines and other aspects specific to the field of eye care. 

Qualifying Licensure Exam to Become an Eye Specialist

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To become a certified Eye Specialist, passing a licensure exam is mandatory. Medical Council of India (MCI) is the conducting body for the Indian licensure exam for medical professionals. Licensure exams vary for different countries. Exam taken in one country may not be valid in other. Besides passing an exam, years of working experience is required to become a certified medical professional. The exam is conducted twice a year and after qualifying the exam, you need to complete a 10-month internship to get the certificate to practice.

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