Highlights of McGill University’s Redesigned MBA Program

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McGill University's redesigned MBA

The new design of the MBA program at McGill university strongly follows the motto, “When the market speaks, we listen.” The business sector undergoes changes everyday which makes its workings uncertain. McGill University redesigned MBA program considering the different backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures their students come from which gives them distinct perspectives about the business enterprise. 

The University aptly recognizes the need for students to develop skills that are demanded globally by employees. The new program includes various skills like AI, financial technology, data analysis, and design thinking related to the MBA program that has been neglected in the past years. The University has added flexible specializations and customized content for students to have a competitive edge. 

On the addition of these new tailored courses, Dr. John-Paul Ferguson, the Academic Director of the MBA Program says “As we witnessed changes in what students are looking to get out of an MBA, we recognized the need for different lengths of programs.” 

 “A major part of our redesign is making sure we have a flexible program length that still provides the same core content without sacrificing on program content,” he further emphasizes.

About Desautels Faculty of Management

  • Founded in Montreal in 1821, McGill is a leading Canadian post-secondary institution with 300 academic programs and more than 40,000 students from more than 150 countries worldwide. 
  • Since 1906, the McGill Desautels Faculty of Management has remained one of the world’s leading business schools, offering undergraduate, master’s, doctoral and management programs. 
  • McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management has 11 world-renowned academic & 4 completely unique & innovative executive programs. Their programs operate under an integrated management philosophy or curriculum design.
  • The Faculty emphasizes the integration of teaching, research and practice, and applies a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to the identification of opportunities and the resolution of problems under their integrated management approach. 

Major changes to the redesigned MBA includes

  1. One- or two-year program term options to give students more flexibility.
  2. Implementation of onboarding courses and comprehensive leadership and job competency program to meet industry needs.
  3. Replace concentrations with non-mandatory specializations in entrepreneurship, global strategy and leadership, business analysis, marketing and finance.
  4. More emphasis on experiential learning opportunities through the practical application of knowledge. 
  5. Students will have the option of working on live cases and consulting projects for real businesses throughout their programs.

Scholarships Covered Under McGill University’s Redesigned MBA 

Students also face various barriers to getting equal opportunities for studying and being leaders. To diminish such boundaries, there are various scholarships that work on fighting structural discrimination in education at McGill University.

To create more management and business studies opportunities, Philip Earle Jenkins, a McGill Engineering and MBA graduate established the Philip Earle Jenkins MBA Leadership & Diversity Award. He states that “Talent is equally distributed across the population but unfortunately opportunity is not.”

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How Will McGill University’s Redesigned MBA Help in Career Prospects?

Under the new system of the MBA program at McGill, students receive one-on-one career counseling to evaluate your needs. The university has also designed various psychometric tests to gain insight into each student’s interest and unique potential. They also have networks built with different industry experts to facilitate students in navigating their career paths. Apart from these, students have the facility to enjoy comprehensive support throughout their MBA courses.

Building a Professional Network

The University has worked efficiently towards creating a strong and wider network for students to benefit from. This includes a Faculty-led Toronto trip, Montreal career panels, recruitment fairs, and company visits and in Canada’s two largest job markets. They have also introduced the Desautels Faculty of Management which is an online platform that helps students interact with the global alumni network and accelerate their careers. Students can consult with mentors for career queries and confusions.

This was all about the redesigned MBA program at McGill University. For more updates stay tuned to LeverageEdu blogs and news!

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