Everything You Need To Know About The Wharton College

Everything You Need To Know About The Wharton College- Leverage Edu
Everything You Need To Know About The Wharton College- Leverage Edu

Wharton is one of the oldest American universities and with Harvard, it is the first American b-school, a smithy of powerful men of the whole planet and the alma mater of billionaires. The Wharton College itself is a part of the University of Pennsylvania, a member of the elite Ivy League.

Located in the very heart of Philadelphia, Wharton allows students to easily and quickly travel to Washington or New York. The city itself is a convenient place where you find a plethora of entertainment centres and first-class restaurants. Many students who come to Philadelphia are usually content by the energy and liveliness of the city.

Wharton College has been given a top-rank in influential ratings since its foundation in 1886.  With just 12% acceptance rate and students across the globe applying for it, only the best of the best can make their way to Wharton.

Studying at Wharton College

After entering the Wharton MBA program, the students are immediately divided into Learning Teams of approximately four to six students. The teams are chosen with personal and professional diversity in mind.

With the beginning of the classes, multiple Learning Teams form cohorts of about 80 students. Students complete most of the core curriculum with their cohort teammates and work with the same faculty for their initial months; the process is present in order to better integrate the students into the Wharton learning community. Wharton adds another layer of group activity through clusters. These are groups of approximately 200 students from three to four cohorts.

These students share administrative and faculty resources as well as social elements of the program. Students receive the course material at Wharton through a mix of case studies, lectures, and field study.

Wharton College also provides students with nearly 200 elective courses. MBA students tailor their studies according to their preferences and interests. They choose a major or double major from among 25 areas of study and completing at least five credit units in each major area. Nearly 5 percent students choose to pursue this path, while about 35 percent students opt for a double major.

Prospects after graduation

Prestige – In the world of Finance, Wharton is the best b-school in the whole world. This is because Wharton School of Business is famous for its significant and unsurpassed use of technical tools and elements (quanta, arithmetic coding, programming skills) directly related to finance.

Future – Average salary of a Wharton graduate is $125,000. Any significant MBA recruiter visits Wharton first. More than 96% of the Wharton graduates usually get a prestigious job within 3 months of their graduation.

Network – With greats such as Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, President of America – Donald Trump, and CEOs of British-American Tobacco, Estee Lauder, Hershey, Hewitt Associates, Medtronic, Omnicom Group, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Northwest Airlines, Philips, Tiffany & Co., UPS, US Airways and Quaker Oats Co. There’s a long list of influential Wharton’s alumni.

With one of the most recognized and published business school faculties and a broad global community, The Wharton College creates social and economic value around the world.

Today, Wharton Business School has expanded its scope with the vision of becoming the most comprehensive source of business knowledge centre in the world—with more than 225 faculty members, 95,000 alumni, 5,000 students across 12 academic departments, 22 research centres, and more than 9,000 executive education candidates annually.

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