Study MBA in Music Business at Berklee College of Music!

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MBA in Music Business at Berklee College of Music

An MBA degree is one of the most popular programs in the world, candidates interested in advancing their careers often opt for this particular degree but deciding the best specialisation for an MBA can be overwhelming. From Aviation to Wealth Management, you can find an MBA in every field. This blog brings you an MBA in Music and Business! What is an MBA in Music Business? It is a program dedicated to building the knowledge and experience necessary to excel in the music industry. During this program, candidates study how to apply business practices and principles, including marketing, finance and leadership skills to the music industry and facilitate its growth. Keep reading to find out more! 

About MBA in Music Business

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The MBA in Music Business is one of a kind online MBA course offered by Berklee College of Music and conferred by Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). Berklee College of Music is a world-renowned private institute that offers courses and specialisations related to performing arts in order to help talented individuals build prosperous careers in their fields of interest. The MBA in Music Business was developed with a similar intent, it is available to all those who wish to enter the music industry and develop sound business acumen to grow in this diverse industry.  Candidates who enrol in these courses learn a wide variety of subjects related to music and business, such as marketing, management, budgeting, legal issues, and digital media and pick up valuable skills like leadership, innovation, strategy and talent acquisition.

With the entertainment business and music industry rapidly evolving, the need for entrepreneurs well-versed in understanding new production technologies and distribution methods is an absolute necessity. The one-year online MBA in Music Business will help cultivate the knowledge and skills needed to navigate a career in music

Curriculum for MBA in Music

MBA in Music Business program is an online MBA with only 10 classes. Through this program, candidates can learn traditional subjects like marketing, finance, and business ethics along with industry-recognized certifications and badges to excel in the music industry. The programme includes 3 courses from the Berklee College of Music focused on the practical application of business principles and best practices in the music industry. The 4 courses offered an MBA in Music are-

Music Business Leadership and Ethics focuses on music industry leadership, business ethics and the importance of ethical choices in business growth. It involves studying the contemporary music industry and issues such as the treatment of artists, intellectual property rights, revenue sharing, distribution and digital media.

Music Business Structures and Strategies focuses on the structure of the music business and developing strategies for creating successful business models. It focuses on critical areas like publishing and licensing; marketing, promotion and retail; proper utilization of free music; fan funding and creation of business opportunities for artists. 

Music Marketing Strategies focus on strategies and technologies for generating interest in music and selling content online. The music marketing strategies are all about understanding the online market and the generation of promotion campaigns for the music industry and artists. 

Music Business Finance utilizes financial analysis to leverage talent, the potential of music enterprises and how to profit from new music businesses. It focuses on music funding via such as venture capital and crowdfunding opportunities. This course will focus on financial calculations; money, markets and the music business.

Eligibility for Berklee College of Music

Candidates can apply for the MBA in Music program at any time and get a decision within days of submitting all required documents, the application forms are available at the SNHU website.

  • Candidates with a bachelor’s degree in any field of expertise can apply for the programme. 
  • The application process involves completing an SNHU graduate application and providing undergraduate transcripts. 
  • Candidates must also submit an acknowledgement form and a professional resume.
  • Admission into the program does not require the GMAT or GRE.
  • Acceptance decisions are made by SNHU on a rolling basis throughout the year for the university’s five graduate terms. 

Fees, Mode and Duration for MBA in Music Business

  • The total tuition fees for the programme are under $19K (INR 14,08,737.90)
  • The mode will be online for MBA 
  • Offered as Full-time and Part-time courses
  • Duration for Full-time is 1 year while part-time is 2 years.

Educational Outcomes

Executives, artists, managers, record label employees, entrepreneurs, and others will benefit from MBA in Music as it focuses on:

  • Ethical music business leadership
  • Music business strategy
  • Music promotion and marketing
  • The financial analysis applied to talent, music enterprise, and distribution

Career Scope with MBA in Music

An MBA in Music can have a wide-reaching career scope, the online MBA in Music Business will help prepare students for a variety of careers in the music industry, including:

  • Music publisher
  • Music marketing professional
  • Music supervisor
  • Booking agent
  • Music distributor
  • Entrepreneur
  • Artist relations representative
  • Artist manager
  • Copyright Administrator
  • Tour manager
  • Instrument distributor
  • Concert promoter
  • PR and promoter

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Is it beneficial to pursue a career in music?

Pursuing higher education in music will undoubtedly prove beneficial as long as you have a creative mind and work hard.

How many years would it take to become a successful musician?

Even though the notes of the music instrument won’r vary, but you need to improvise with the tunes so that you can master your skills.

Why Berklee College of Music is great?

The Berklee College of Music is best in terms of educational quality and study materials.

This was all about an MBA in Music! We hope this will help you inform you about the versatile program offered by Berklee College of Music. If you want to get into a high-ranked university, you’ll need more than just good grades; you’ll also need flawless application because the competition is fierce. You may enlist the assistance of Leverage Edu specialists to assist you with the application process so that you can realise your goals. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.

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