MBA Specialisations to Enter the Business World

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MBA Specialisations to Enter Business World

We live in a world where business ventures contribute the most to the development of an economy considering the number of job opportunities it creates. And, if you wish to be a part of the ever-evolving business world then MBA is the perfect master’s degree for you. Before entering into any field it’s important to consider where your interests lie and which aspect of it do you wish to learn and explore. Read this blog to know the best MBA specialisations to enter the business world and get the requisite skills and knowledge to become a successful business leader. 

Most Demanded MBA Specializations

The following are the popular MBA specialization fields:

MBA in Finance

If numbers excite you and you have always excelled in maths and accounts then MBA in Finance is the right specialisation for you to enter the business world with. Studying an MBA in Finance, you will get to know about the global financial domain and how the finances of a company are managed, collected and invested. Each company requires financial experts to strategize and oversee budgeting, financial management, profit maximisation and much more. So, there are ample of opportunities lined up for you in the business world if you pursue an MBA in finance. 

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MBA in Marketing

Marketing has become an essential aspect of every corporate venture in the present world and there is no company which has captured the markets without having an excellent marketing strategy. As one of the best MBA specialisations to enter the business world, an MBA in Marketing will provide you with the knowledge of consumer behaviour, strategizing marketing campaigns and creating product strategies while considering consumer preferences. By the end of this course, you will have a clear knowledge of marketing strategies and branding. And even without telling everybody knows how good marketing is the backbone of every company. Thus, making you an indispensable part of any business venture. Further, you can also choose from various specialisations of Marketing for an MBA degree such as Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Service Marketing, to name a few. 

MBA in International Management

In the era, businesses are not just limited to the borders of a country. There are various ways for a business to reach out to a global audience and boost its revenues. And that’s why an MBA in International Management has become one of the most in-demand specialisations to enter the business world with. If you wish to work in a foreign country or in an MNC then it’s beneficial for you if specialised in International Management. Other than that even in the domestic companies, you could get a job as a global business manager who manages the company’s global sales and reach. 

MBA in Consultancy

MBA in Consultancy is an interdisciplinary subject which has gained significance in recent times. With an MBA in consultancy degree, a student acquires the skills required for creating a plan which will maximise the efficiency and overall impact of the company especially consulting firms. And have you ever heard of a company which works without a plan? No, right! So, with an MBA in consultancy you will become eligible to become a part of every business organisation. 

MBA in Human Resource Management

A business venture is nothing without employees. Therefore, companies today that wish to employ HR’s who could manage their workforce efficiently. An MBA in Human Resource Management offers the knowledge required to manage the workforce and increase the human output of any organisation. So, for the overall sustenance of a company an HR is an indispensable component and therefore making an MBA in HR one of the most sought after interdiscipline. 

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Top MBA Schools in the World

Now that you are familiar with the best MBA specialisations to enter the business world, take a look at the top MBA schools in the world!

Top MBA Schools in the WorldQS Global MBA Rankings 2023
Stanford Graduate School of Business#1
University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)#2
MIT (Sloan)#3
Harvard Business School#4
HEC Paris#5
London Business School#7
Columbia Business School#8
IE Business School#9
University of California, Berkeley (Haas)#10

MBA Specialization Courses

Mentioned below are the popular MBA specialization courses:

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Which MBA is Paid Best

The following are the best paid MBA specializations:

Specializations Average. Salary In INR
Business Analytics $191,000 1.56 Cr.
Information Technology $133,658 1.09 Cr.
Finance $88,497 72.56 Lakh
Marketing $80,000 65.59 Lakh
Economics $115,000 94.29 Lakh
Entrepreneurship $115,000 94.29 Lakh
Data Analytics $89,000 72.97 Lakh
Investment Management $115,000 9429 Lakh


What are the popular MBA specializations?

The following are the popular MBA specializations:
MBA in Marketing
MBA in Finance
MBA in Consultancy

What are the in demand MBA courses?

The popular MBA courses are:
MBA in Digital Marketing
MBA in Business Analytics
MBA in International Business

What are the top college for MBA?

Given below are the top MBA colleges:
Harvard University
University of Pennsylvania
HEC Paris

So, this was the list of 5 MBA specialisations with which to enter the business world. There are many other specialisations under MBA which are popular amongst the recent graduates. If you are confused about finding the right MBA degree and university, reach out to our Leverage Edu experts and we will help you find the right MBA specialisation and business school as per your interests and aspirations! Sign up for a free session with us now!

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