Why Pursue an MBA after B Pharmacy?

mba after b pharmacy

B Pharmacy has gained a lot of attention in recent times primarily because of opportunities that B Pharmacy graduates get. But still a dilemma that students face is whether to continue with their academic pursuits or start their professional career after graduation. Now if you are one of those who wish to keep studying and acquire a masters degree then doing an MBA after B Pharmacy could be a beneficial addition to your qualifications. Let’s discover what MBA after B Pharmacy has to offer!

Benefits of MBA After B Pharmacy

There are plenty of reasons which make doing an MBA after B Pharmacy an apt academic choice. 

  1. The most obvious one is the fact that MBA is one of the most sought after courses these days and that’s because MBA is a versatile degree which opens up a world of opportunities for you. 
  2. MBA will give you the scope to improve your management skills, making you eligible for various managerial positions in the Pharmaceutical industry. 
  3. It will be a positive addition to your skill sets and widen your horizons. 
  4. If you wish to establish a business of yourself in the pharmaceutical industry then MBA might become the stepping stone for this endeavour. 

MBA Specialisation After B Pharmacy

After completing your undergraduate degree in B Pharmacy, if you wish to pursue an MBA then it’s always recommended to do it in a field related to pharmacy. That way it will contribute towards what you have already studied during your undergraduate years. Given below is a list of MBA Specialisations which will go well with your degree in B. Pharmacy: 

  1. MBA in Pharma Tech
  2. MBA in Drug Store Management
  3. MBA in Pharma Marketing
  4. MBA in Pharmaceutical Management
  5. MBA in Healthcare Management
  6. MBA in Pharma and Sales Management
  7. MBA in Pharma Business Management
  8. MBA in Sustainable Development

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Pharmaceutical Management

In today’s world, Pharmaceutical Management has become one of the most rewarding MBA specialisations. This particular MBA helps the students to develop the skills required to work in the management or administrative section of the Pharmaceutical industry. It will be a nice addition to your degree in B Pharmacy as you will be trained in various fields like enterprise management, advanced Business concept, general management, etc. 

Pharma Marketing

Marketing is the crux of any industry and therefore marketing specialists are required in any field. So, if you do an MBA with specialization in pharma marketing, you will acquire the skills required for the marketing of drugs and medical devices. By doing this particular MBA after B Pharmacy will equip you with marketing skills which will make you a top pick for many public and private pharmaceutical organisations. 

Healthcare Management

Both B Pharmacy and healthcare management are closely connected to the healthcare sector. Where B Pharmacy trains you in the medical aspect of it, healthcare management gives you the skills to manage and administer both private and public healthcare systems. So, if you do an MBA with a specialisation in healthcare management after B Pharmacy you will become quite resourceful as you will be trained to handle both the aspects of the healthcare system. 

Eligibility Criteria for MBA after B Pharmacy

The eligibility criteria for doing an MBA varies from college to college. But the general requirements that a candidate needs to fulfil in order to do an MBA after B Pharmacy are given below: 

  1. The candidate must have scored at least aggregate 50% in their B Pharmacy course 
  2. The candidate must have acquired their B Pharmacy degree from a college recognised by the Pharmacy Council of India. 
  3. As most MBA courses ask for some work experience, the candidates must fulfill the professional qualifications of the college/University where they wish to apply. 
  4. The candidate must have cleared the required MBA entrance examinations. Most colleges accept GMAT and CAT scores. 

Top Universities

If you are planning to pursue an MBA after B Pharmacy then given below is a list of top colleges which offer excellent programs for MBA after B Phramacy:  

Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies MumbaiUniversity of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mitcon Institute of Management, PuneThe University of Texas, Austin, Texas
Jamia Hamdard University, DelhiCopenhagen Business School, Frederiksberg, Denmark
Faculty of management studies, DelhiHarvard business school, Boston, Massachusetts
Apex University, JaipurSchulich School of Business, Toronto, Canada
Vishwa Vishwani Institute of Systems and Management, Hyderabad University of Alberta School of Business, Edmonton, Canada
ITM Business School, MumbaiAlberta School of Business, Edmonton, Canada

Job Opportunities for MBA after B Pharmacy

After pursuing an MBA after B Pharmacy, the candidate could apply for a wide number of professional positions in the pharmaceutical industries and other related industries. Given below is a list of the top positions which awaits you after the completion of your MBA:

Job positionAverage starting salary (per annum)
Sales manager4,72,401
Business Development Officer6,00,000
Market Research analyst3,41,579
Drugs Distribution Manager7,69,505
Pharmaceutical Purchase Manager8,42,692
Government Pharmacist2,50,000
Medical representative (Marketing)2,96,000
Production and Quality Control Manager7,80,236

If you wish to enter a business-related field in the pharmaceutical industry then this might be the right choice for you. So, this was all that you needed to know before deciding if you wish to pursue an MBA after B Pharmacy. But in case you have any other query related to this course, contact our Leverage Edu experts who are always there to help you out. So, sign up for a free session now. 

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