Bachelor of Pharmacy: Course, Eligibility, And Prospects

Bachelor of Pharmacy

If you are striving to build your career in the medical field then you must be aware of the wide range of degree programs available. Besides MBBS, there are a number of professional Medical science courses to pursue which are both rewarding and respectable. Even though the healthcare sector has seen tremendous growth in the past decade, a lack of experienced professionals in the field remains a cause of concern. To overcome the burden, new specialized courses and posts are being created and the roles of the existing ones are being more defined. Pharmacy courses, especially the Bachelor of Pharmacy, has become one of the popular and most persued courses for a large number of aspirants who want to progress in this sector.  This degree program equips the students with the professional skills to jumpstart a career in the pharmaceutical industry. In this blog, we will shed light on the various aspects of the B.Pharmacy course. 

Course Overview

Pharmacists constitute an integral part of the healthcare system. While doctors are the professionals who diagnose, monitor, and cure diseases, pharmacists are the ones who develop diagnostic procedures and medicines through research. The Bachelor of Pharmacy is an undergraduate degree program that lays special attention on medicinal research. The degree which ideally spans over 4 years gives a thorough understanding of prescriptions, medications, drugs and how drugs and diseases react in various situations. The Subjects in the course include Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy. The comprehensive course trains you for the vast opportunities offered in the field. You can further boost your career prospects by specializing in any of the below-mentioned courses. 


The course curriculum of this specialization program in the Bachelor of Pharmacy degree is concerned about studying how drugs react with the human body in different situations. The toxic effects of drugs, its absorption rate, effectiveness and usage of drugs for special cases are the key concepts studied in the specialization.

Clinical Practice

The aim of the specialization program is to teach students about various therapeutic practices, prescriptions, and direct care to patients. Clinical Practice is pivotal in disease prevention, optimizing medication and related processes in the improvement of healthcare which also includes communicating with the patient. 

Microbiology & immunology

Taught alongside the degree program, the microbiology and immunology from an important aspect of the Bachelor of Pharmacy course. While Microbiology deals with the study of the anatomy of the micro-organisms like viruses, bacteria, and fungi to help develop the medicines to fight the disease-causing organisms. Immunology involves the study of the immune system of a human being and how diseases can be prevented. 

Drug Development

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The key component of the Bachelor of Pharmacy degree program, drug development course imparts knowledge on the types, nature, usage, and process involved in the manufacturing of drugs. 

Pharmaceutical Technology

This part of the course is completely focused on acquainting the students with the technology used in the drug manufacturing process. It gives hands-on training in operating and understanding the modern technologies used in the industry. 

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Bachelor of Pharmacy: Eligibility

To secure admission in this professional undergraduate degree program, students have to clear the entrance exams conducted by the medical institutes.   To be able to apply for the Bachelor of Pharmacy course, you must have passed your 12th class exam with BiPC subjects i.e. Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. The reputed medical colleges and institutions receive a number of applications for the course which makes it among the toughest undergraduate exams. But using a strategic study plan, you can crack the entrance exam easily. 

Career Prospects

A career in Pharmacy can be exciting and equally rewarding. With the emergence of modern technologies, the health sector has seen tremendous growth which has led to the rising demand for professionals in the field. After completing your undergraduate degree, you can either pursue Pharmacist courses like an M.Pharm  degree or can start working in the industry. A number of job profiles are available after completing your Bachelor of Pharmacy degree. From Hospitals and community pharmacies to working as a lecturer or as sales professionals, the degree opens the door to a wide range of career oppututnties. Pharmaceutical Companies like Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, and Amgen are among the potential recruiters for the B.Pharma graduates. Depending on the job role and the type of company, the monthly salary of a Pharmacy graduate can range between 60,000-1 Lakh INR. Here is the list of the most suitable job profiles after B.Pharma: 

  • Pharmaceutical Scientist
  • Quality Control Associate
  • Drug Inspector
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Pharmacist

Bachelor of Pharmacy: Universities

Studying a Bachelor of Pharmacy abroad not only enhances your knowldege and skills but also increases your chances of being recruited by the top companies as the institutions abroad have close links with the industry specialists. Listed below are some of the renowned institutions offering this degree program: 

By providing a dynamic working environment and a lucrative salary, a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree opens an array of career opportunities. If you are planning to pursue the degree but are not sure about how to get started with it then the experts at Leverage Edu will guide you throughout the process of university selection and will assist you in completing the admission related formalities. 

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  1. I want to know being indian medical 10+2 passed student woth 85% marks what pharmacy courses i can pursue in canada without id their are no courses available in pharmacy without maths what alternative method i can opt to pursue pharmacy courses in canada

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