MBA in Construction Management

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MBA in Construction Management

The Construction industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. The industry is divided into three sectors- Real Estate Construction which includes commercial and residential construction, Industrial Construction which includes oil, gas refineries, textiles, pipelines, etc and Infrastructure Building consisting of roads, railways, etc. The Construction industry is a huge sector with various career opportunities. There are a number of professional careers in the construction industry one such course is an MBA in Construction Management.

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Overview of MBA in Construction Management 

MBA in Construction Management is a 2-year program available both online and on-campus. The course is a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience along with research work. The course emphasizes the basic characteristics of construction management as well as provides an insight into the nature of work that you will have to be a part of once you are a construction manager. The course also provides students with practical learning experiences in a real construction environment to enhance their knowledge and skills. MBA in construction management comprises of the following study areas:

  • Construction Planning and Scheduling
  • Construction Estimation
  • Financial management
  • Marketing management
  • Legal aspects in construction

MBA in Construction Management Syllabus

Following are some of the core subjects that will be a part of the main curriculum of MBA in construction management. 

  • Basics of Project Management
  • Organizational Structure and Organizational Issues
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Planning
  • Resources Considerations in projects
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project Identification and Selection
  • PERT and CPM
  • Value Engineering
  • Purchasing and Contracting for Projects
  • Project Management Information System
  • Project Performance Measurement and Evaluation
  • Project Termination
  • Project Execution and Control
  • Case Studies in Project Management
  • Construction Contracts and Dispute Man
  • Building Information Modelling and Managementagement
  • Management of Building Services
  • Quality, Health and Safety Management
  • Project Monitoring Control
  • Data Analytics for Built Environment
  • Construction Project Planning and Scheduling
  • Procurement and Tendering
  • Cost Planning and Management
  • Construction Methods and Technology
  • Risk Management in Construction Projects

Eligibility Requirements

Candidates applying for admission to the MBA in Construction Management must meet the college’s eligibility requirements. Each college will have its own set of eligibility requirements. The following are the requirements for an MBA in Construction Management.

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Why Pursue MBA in Construction Management?

Construction management is one of the fastest-growing fields. Pursuing MBA in construction management can allow you to explore a wide variety of career opportunities globally. There are many construction firms that are looking for professionals with adequate knowledge and skills. Construction Management is not just limited to infrastructure and real estate, it can provide you with knowledge of financial and business management that can help you in exploring opportunities in several sectors. An MBA in Construction management can help you in building a successful career that can be fulfilling both financially and personally. 

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MBA in Construction Management: Top Universities in India 

Some of the institutes in India that offer construction management courses are listed below.

University/College Name  Location  Program Name 
Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune Pune, Maharashtra PG Advanced Diploma in Management Real Estate and Construction Management
MIT School of Management Pune, Maharashtra MBA Construction and Project Management
National Institute of Construction Management and Research Pune, Maharashtra PGP Advanced Construction Management 
Amity University Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra MBA Construction Project Management
GLA University Mathura, Uttar Pradesh MBA Construction Management 
RICS School of Built Environment Noida, Uttar Pradesh MBA Construction Project Management
Bangalore School of Design, Bengaluru Bangalore, Karnataka PGDM Construction Management
Mangalore Institute of Fire and Safety Engineering Mangaluru, Karnataka PGD Industrial and Construction Safety Management
PRISM School of Business and Entrepreneurship Durg, Chhattisgarh PGDM Real Estate and Construction Management

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Top Colleges for Construction Management Course Abroad

Here are the top universities and colleges offering MBA in Construction Management and its related courses abroad:

Dublin Business School

Credits: DBSCollege

Dublin business school is one of the largest independent colleges in Ireland offering a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, special training and part-time courses. MBA in project management is a course designed to provide key skills and knowledge to operate the modern business world. The course aims at providing essential knowledge related to financial management, strategic management, and research methods. 

RMIT University

Credits: RMIT University

RMIT University is a global university of design and technology offering a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in various disciplines. RMIT University offers a Master of Project Management to those students willing to pursue a career in the construction management field. The course focuses on practical knowledge to develop students’ capacity to engage with real issues and trends. 

Australian National University

Credits: ANU Engagement and Success

A national research university located in Canberra, Australia. ANU College of Business and Economics offers a master of project management which is an effective program to strengthen the student’s leadership skills in the field of construction and project management. The course provides knowledge and skills to operate and manage the industry. The course also offers students with exposure to the industry so that they gain practical experiences which will help them handle the everyday challenges of the industry.

The Queensland University of Technology

Credits: TheQUTube

A public research university situated in the urban coastal city of Brisbane. Master of project management is a course designed with the intention of providing knowledge and experience in managing projects of professional organizations. The course provides opportunities to explore advanced study methods by giving exposure to industries like engineering and infrastructure. 

GISMA Business School

Credits: GISMA Business School

A private business school in Germany, the university provides a wide variety of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees in various fields such as business, marketing, finance, etc. GISMA Business School offers masters of science in project management to students with an eagerness to discover the construction management field. The course offers knowledge and skills to effectively manage international projects by analyzing data and researching market trends.

Other masters programs offered in Construction management by universities across the world are:

Name of University  Location  Program Name  Duration 
University of South Australia Australia Masters by Research in Construction Management 2 Years
Swinburne University of Technology Australia Master of Construction Management 1 Year
Kent State University United States Master of Science in Construction Management 3 Semesters
New York University United States Master of Science in Construction Management 2 Semesters
University of British Columbia Canada Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering – Project and Construction Management 1 Year
University of Manchester  UK MSc Construction Project Management 1 Year
The University of Auckland New Zealand Master of Engineering Studies – Construction Management 1 Year
The University of Melbourne Australia Master of Construction Management 3 Years
Deakin University Australia Master of Construction Management (Professional) 2 Years
Auckland University of Technology  New Zealand Master of Construction Management 1 Year 

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MBA in Construction Management: Career Options and Job Prospects

According to experts in the field, this particular sector will not run out of jobs anytime soon. With the constant pace of industrial growth taking place around the world, this is rising at a massive rate in India and around the world. MBA in Construction Management job and career opportunities are numerous and diverse. Following is a list of career opportunities for people who have completed the MBA in Construction Management program.

  • Project leader
  • Database administrator
  • Facilities Manager.
  • Site Engineer.
  • Building Surveyor.
  • Building Services Engineer.
  • Sustainability Consultant
  • Consultant

Some of the career prospects for MBA in Construction Management are as follows: 

  • Relevant Government departments
  • Consultancies 
  • Architecture agencies
  • Construction firms
  • Real estate firms
  • Large Development Companies
  • International Consulting Firms
  • Multinational Architectural Firms
  • Government Sector Organizations

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Skills Required

  • Able to work beyond 9-5 schedules
  • Project Management
  • Sustainability practices
  • Public management
  • Time Management
  • Quality Management
  • Cost Management
  • High aptitude for leadership
  • Good Mathematical and Analytical Skills
  • Team Worker
  • Able to work outdoors

Construction Manager Salary

The average wage of a construction manager in the United States is $92,260 (INR 68,28,093) per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In the next ten years, the market for construction managers is projected to increase by 20 times globally. A construction manager in India can expect to earn at least INR 10 lakh per year

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What is Construction Management MBA?

MBA in Construction Management is a course that focuses on India’s booming construction industry. MBA in Construction Management is a master’s level business administration program that students can enroll in after they have completed their bachelor’s degree.

What is the scope of MBA in project management?

An MBA in Project Management will provide you with practical experience in the field. You’ll learn not only core subjects like finance analysis and marketing, but also day-to-day basics like time management, cost management, leadership, and problem-solving skills.

Is it better to do MBA after engineering?

An MBA+engineering degree opens up a lot of career opportunities. Students have two options when it comes to what they want to do with their lives. Someone with a bachelor’s degree in engineering would be able to find work in almost every industry, while someone with just a bachelor’s degree in engineering would not. Following an engineering degree with an MBA program is a wise decision because it pays better.

What is the salary of an MBA?

In India, the average salary for an entry-level MBA is Rs 290,000. Early career MBA salaries in India can reach Rs 390,000 or more with just 1 to 4 years of experience. In India, the salary of MBA graduates rises rapidly as they gain experience.

Construction management is a field with various opportunities to explore globally. If you are someone who wants to pursue an MBA in Construction Management or any of the professional management courses and are confused about the right colleges, don’t worry. The experts at Leverage Edu can help you choose a course that will enhance your abilities and help you build a bright career. 

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