Deferred MBA Programs

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Deferred MBA Programs

Do you wish to acquire an MBA degree but could not pursue it because of a lack of professional experience? Then, you should definitely consider Deferred MBA Programs as they are the best alternative for MBA courses as you can enrol in such a program with zero work experience. Most universities today ask for full-time work experience for aspirants aiming for an MBA and that’s why this programme comes as a relief to many. Wondering what this program is all about? Read this blog to know all about Deferred MBA Programs.

What is a Deferred MBA Program?

A deferred MBA program is similar to a regular MBA programme in terms of curriculum, method of teaching, etc. but the only significant difference is that you don’t need to have work experience to get admission into it. Wondering why? It’s because this programme is designed in a way that after getting enrolled in the course, you have to spend the first two years (Maximum 4) gaining work experience. The universities offering Deferred MBA Programs grant students a pre-admission into the future batch of their MBA program. So, once you finish the first 2-4 years assigned to gaining full-time work experience, the next two years would be spent doing full-time, regular college. 

Why Opt for Deferred MBA Programs?

Deciding what to do after your graduation might be a difficult decision to make. If you are still confused about whether to go for a Deferred MBA program or not then this section might help. For your convenience here is a list of advantages of opting for a deferred MBA program. 

  • Acquiring an MBA degree is quite expensive. And to meet the financial requirements, most students end up taking loans. But the Deferred MBA programme offers you a better alternative. Now you can work for two years and accumulate the required money and pay for your MBA without overburdening your family and yourself. 
  • You get to explore various fields before choosing which MBA specialisation to opt for. It will give you more clarity in terms of where your interests lie.  
  • Some people choose MBA on a whim, without being sure if it’s the right course for them. In such a scenario, two years of full-time work experience will help them sort out their priorities and realise if an MBA is the right choice for them or not. 
  • MBA Deferred programs simply the process of gaining work experience a bit easier. To start a career in any field your resume should be strong and the fact that you have got admission into one of the top business schools is going to act in your favour. 

Top Deferred MBA Programs

Here is a list of deferred MBA Programmes offered by top universities across the world. 

University/SchoolCourseAverage GMAT Score
Harvard Business School2+2 program730
Stanford Graduate School of BusinessGSB Deferred Admission737
Wharton Business SchoolThe Moelis advance access programme732
Chicago Booth School of BusinessChicago Booth Scholars Program730
Yale School of ManagementSilver Scholars Program721
Darden School Of BusinessFuture Year Scholars Program713
MIT Sloan School of ManagementMBA Early Admission Program727
Columbia Business SchoolDeferred Enrollment Program725
NYU Stern School of BusinessNYU Stern MBA721

Eligibility Criteria

Most of the universities offering deferred MBA programs have similar eligibility requirements. Here are the key eligibility requirements for Deferred MBA Programs:

  1. If you are pursuing an undergraduate degree and are in the final year of your study could. 
  2. Master’s degree level students are also eligible to apply. But they must not have held a full-time working position between their bachelor’s and masters. 
  3. As these Deferred Programs accept you without any work experience you need to have a strong academic record. 
  4. Must have performed well in GMAT/GRE exams.
  5. You must have cleared any of the English language proficiency tests, preferably IELTS OR TOEFL
  6. At least 2 Letters of Recommendation
  7. Essay/Statement of Purpose

You can apply for these courses through the official websites of the respective colleges. 

Factors to Consider

Before taking the decision to enrol in a deferred MBA program, consider the following factors.

  1. Since the applicants will not have professional experience, they need to have a spectacular profile for universities to consider.
  2. Your academic performance and achievements should speak on your behalf in this case.
  3. Moreover, the applicant should have an outstanding GMAT score in order to stand out in the evaluation.
  4. The letters of recommendation should not only speak in favour of the applicant but should be written persuasively for the applicant.
  5. The applicant should have high potential and the same should be visible through their participation in extracurricular records.

Mistakes to Avoid in an MBA Application

Some simple mistakes for students to avoid in their MBA application are mentioned below.

  1. The applicant should make sure to not use the wrong school name.
  2. The essays used should not be generic.
  3. There should not be even a sign of exaggeration or false proclamations.
  4. The references should be reliable and convincing.
  5. Moreover, the tone should be formal and not inappropriate.


Q. Is deferred MBA worth it?

A Deferred MBA programme is surelt worth it. It provides great experience and opportunities for the students.

Q. What is the difference between MBA and deferred MBA?

A Deferred MBA program is similar to a regular MBA programme in terms of curriculum, method of teaching, etc. but the only significant difference is that you don’t need to have work experience to get admission into it

At what age is MBA too late?

It is never too late to pursue MBA. You can do the course even in your 30s.

So, this was all that you needed to know about the deferred MBA Programs. Want to apply for an MBA degree at a top business school abroad? Our Leverage Edu experts are here to lend you a helping hand in shortlisting the best course and university as per your interests and preferences! Sign up for a free session with us for 30 minutes at 1800 572 000.

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