MBA in Norway

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MBA in Norway

Norway is a mesmerising place to visit in Scandinavia as well as in the whole of Europe. It is famous for its coastal fjords and captivating northern lights and mountainous glaciers. Norway is also considered as one of the happiest countries to study abroad for international students. Being one of the leading economies, the country offers various types of MBA programs, some of which can be easily pursued at an affordable tuition fee. Do you want to know more about how you can do an MBA in Norway? Go through the blog to discover cost of studying, top universities, intakes and career opportunities of MBA in Norway.

Why Study MBA in Norway?

MBA is a sought after program for most of the international students. There are numerous master’s degrees in business and management which are taught in the English language. Apart from the common specializations like MBA in Accounting, MBA in Finance, you may also find trending options like MBA in Global Fisheries Management and Organizational Behaviour in universities in Norway. The growth opportunities in terms of career are enhancing day-by-day making MBA in Norway an alluring option for foreign students. Another important factor to study MBA in Norway is that the Norwegian universities offer education at very minimal and affordable prices.

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Top MBA Programs in Norway

Here are the most popular MBA programs in Norway and their fee structure:

Universities Programs DurationFees
BI Norwegian Business SchoolExecutive MBA
Executive Masters of
18 months465,000 NOK
[39,80,600 INR]
NTNU Business School,
The Norwegian University of
Science and Technology
Masters in Economics &
Business Administration
2 years700 NOK per semester
(5,992 INR)
Norwegian School of
MSc in Economics
and Business
4 Semesters800 NOK per semester
[6,848 INR]
UiS Business School,
University of Stavanger
MSc in Business
8 weeksNOK 740 per semester
[7,334 INR]
University of AgderMasters in Business Administration2 years123,519 NOK
[10,58,098 INR]
[common fee]

Note: The fees mentioned above are subject to change from one university to another.

Intakes for MBA in Norway 

For all those who are aspiring to enter the esteemed universities of Norway, it is beneficial to be through with the admission intakes. For the majority of courses, the academic session starts from August-end and continues till June. For securing your seat in the upcoming academic session of Norway, you may contact Leverage Edu experts as the application process starts from December 2020 onwards.

Cost of Studying MBA in Norway

Norway strives to provide its students with a top-of-the-line education that too at minimum costs. Its public universities offer free education to students irrespective of their nationalities. Even though, students have to pay a minimal fee or charges which ranges between NOK 300- 600 (INR 2,500-5,000). On the other hand, if you are willing to get enrolled in a private institution, then, your estimated tuition fee would be around (INR 25,00,000- 30,00,000). But, your living costs in the country accounts for up to NOK 20,000 (INR 1,60,000) and will vary as per the city and types of housing chosen. 

Eligibility Requirements

Whilst mapping your study in an international country, there are myriad aspects you need to take into consideration. One of the most important elements is to know the different parameters and requirements one has to qualify in order to apply to an educational institution in the country. If you’re aspiring to pursue an MBA in Norway, here are some of the general requirements you must full-fill.

  • Basic education of 10+2 from a recognised institution
  • A candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree in any subject which is at least a three year or its equivalent study program.
  • It is essential to submit the scores of any English language proficiency test. PTE, IELTS and TOEFL, etc are acceptable. 
  • Norwegian universities often require a Letter of Recommendation (LOR), recognized portfolio of your work and a Statement of Purpose (SOP).
  • Furthermore, you’ll be needed to submit proof of your previous studies.

Cheapest Countries to Study Abroad

Top Business Schools in Norway

Examining the craze of students regarding management or administrative courses, Norway has a variety of universities that offer this course. Also, many universities have introduced unique and innovative management or organizational programs in their academic curriculum. Here are the most popular business schools in Norway:

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How to Get a Work Permit in Norway?

If you are pursuing a MBA in Norway or any other course and are looking for a job, you are first required to have a residence permit. Additionally, you should have already secured a job anywhere in Norway. Here are some of the basic requirements that you need to have if you are planning to acquire a work permit in Norway; 

  • Education Requirements and Qualifications
  • Employment Requirements
  • Other Requirements and Documents including, valid passport, completed visa application form, two recent passport photos, details of your CV and qualifications as well as proof of your job offer and salary

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Is MBA in Norway for free?

Norway has several Universities that allow students to pursue tuition free-studies

What is MBA?

MBA is a postgraduate degree that helps a student learn about the management and business

What are the norway mba universities?

Some of the best Norway MBA universities include the Norwegian University of Science and Technology,Agder College and Agder University College, and BI Norwegian Business School – Oslo campus.

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