CAT Exam Day Guidelines & Covid Rules

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Cat Exam Day Guidelines

CAT Exam 2020 is scheduled on 29th November and all aspirants must be under a lot of pressure. Well, we can’t help you with your actual preparation but to ease the pressure down a bit we have come up with a list of CAT exam day guidelines which will familiarise you with the do’s and don’ts regarding CAT 2020 exam day. And when it comes to these exams, you should always be aware of all the guidelines to be on a safer side. 

Basic Guidelines for CAT 2020

  1. Reporting time –  All the candidates of CAT 2020 must reach the exam centre at least 30 minutes before the designated time i.e, 30 minutes before the closing of the entrance gate
  2. Admit card – Carrying a printed hardcopy of admit card on the date of examination is mandatory. Without it, the candidates won’t be allowed to sit for the CAT exam. The candidates must check beforehand that all the details mentioned on their admit card like name, date of exam, session time is right and in case of any discrepancy contact the concerned authorities. 
  3. ID proof – The candidates must carry with them a valid, original photo ID proof which will be checked at the entry gate. Pan card, Aadhar card, drivers license, ration card and passport are all considered to be valid photo ID proofs. 

CAT Exam Day Guidelines – Do’s and Don’ts  

As guidelines to the Cat exam day 2020 candidates must not engage in any of the activities mentioned below: 

  1. The candidates must avoid carrying jewellery and electronic gadgets with them on the date of the exam as they are not allowed inside the exam centre. 
  2. Candidates are supposed to maintain a strict decorum throughout the duration of the exam. If you are using any unfair means it might lead to the cancellation of your exam
  3. Do not engage in any kind of argument with the invigilator. 
  4. You are not supposed to take anything home from the test center.  Make sure to submit all the required papers or documents before leaving the exam hall. 
  5. All the candidates must carry one additional photo and blue ballpoint pen with them. 
  6. Visit the exam centre once before the date of the exam to ensure that there will be no difficulty in finding the center on the exam day. 
  7. After getting entry into the exam hall, the candidates must get to their designated seats immediately
  8. Get your documents verified and paste your photograph on the attendance sheet. 
  9. Read the CAT exam 2020 guidelines written on the top of the question paper and follow them carefully. 

Special CAT Exam Day Guidelines in Respect to Covid

As the country is still struggling with the Corona outbreak, some new points have been added to the CAT exam day guidelines:

  1. Candidates are supposed to follow the basic Covid prevention guidelines at all times. This includes properly sanitizing your hands and wearing a mask
  2. Maintain social distancing. Candidates must not stand in a crowd but maintain a distance between them during the entry and waiting time. In the exam hall, there should be a gap of 1 seat between the candidates. 
  3. Fresh masks will be provided to candidates at the time of entry. 
  4. Carry a personal water bottle. 
  5. Carry a personal hand sanitizer. 
  6. Must carry a self-declaration form regarding Covid-19 which will be provided to candidates online along with the admit card. 
  7. All the candidates must get their temperature checked at the entrance gate. 

CAT 2020 Exam Tips

As CAT is considered to be one of the toughest exams, being nervous about appearing for it is fine. But to help all the CAT 2020 aspirants a bit we have come up with some tips that you can follow to ensure that your exams go well. 

  1. Make sure to sleep well before the day of the exam. It’s scientifically proven that your mind works the best when it’s well-rested. So don’t exhaust yourself and get a good night’s sleep.
  2. Dedicate the last day only for revision. If you try to mug up new concepts on the final day, it could confuse you. So, stick with revising what you already know, go through all the formulas and theorems once before the day of the exam. 
  3. Remain properly hydrated during the exam. 
  4. Try to remain calm during the course of the examination. Because if you are calm, you can solve the questions more efficiently. 
  5. Manage your time properly. If you don’t know an answer, don’t waste a lot of time on it and move on to the next one. 
  6. Make sure to have a proper lunch/breakfast before the exam. 
  7. Keep at least two printouts of your admit card with yourself just in case. 
Good Luck
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So, these are all the CAT 2020 exam day guidelines that you need to follow. Follow these rules and appear for the exam confidently. Leverage Edu wishes you all the best!

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