Save Environment Speech

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Save Environment Speech

To improve the speaking skills of students, CBSE came up with ASL, i.e. Assessment of Speaking and Listening for students of Class 9 and 10. This aspect of the school curriculum helps students work on their problem-solving and analytical thinking skills. Students have to prepare a speech on the given topic & for a specific duration. In this blog, we will cover the topic of the speech on the Save Environment so you can prepare better and ace your speech test!

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Speech on Save Environment for 1-2 minutes

Here is a 1-minute to 2-minute speech on Save Environment.

Good morning everyone. My name is _____ and my topic for today’s assessment is Save Environment. What’s the biggest threat to everyone globally? Is it the decreasing currency rate or fewer jobs? Other than these, one of the major issues we are facing today is the adverse implications on mother earth. We want our houses to be clean, and our school uniforms to be always ironed, then why are we not concerned about the place we all live in? Melting glaciers, natural calamities, climate change, and shortage of water are just a few of the major alarming points. If we don’t do something soon, there can be more consequences. Environmental pollution can not be pinned on a single country or individual as we all have been participating in it directly or indirectly and we certainly won’t be able to change it back to normal in a day but little efforts every day can lead to a big change.

Wondering how we can save the environment? Starting with the basics, we can dispose of the wrappers in proper dustbins after eating and also try to separate them into biodegradable & non-biodegradable waste. This will help to ensure better disposal of waste products. Secondly, we should stop wasting water. From now on, wherever you see a tap running close to the tap, we can also install a rainwater harvesting system to conserve water. Lastly, switching off the lights & fans in our classroom when no one is there can help save electricity. All these things are easy and do not require much effort. Just determination and willpower towards doing our bit for saving the environment can make a big impact. We must know that change starts with us, let’s pledge to put in our best efforts to save our environment from today!

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Speech on Save Environment (5 minutes)

Here is another useful speech on Save Environment for 5 minutes:

Save environment speech

Good morning to everyone.  My name is _____ and my topic for today’s assessment is the Save Environment. Have you ever wondered how would it feel to not wear masks during the pollution that happens after every Diwali? Imagine hearing the sounds of birds in the morning not just over the hills but near our balconies. With the increasing standard of living, our environment has been continuously degrading. We clean our phones with unnecessary cache when it starts to hang, what are we gonna do when our mother earth is stuck? If the children of today’s modern age do not understand the importance of saving the environment, there won’t be an environment for the coming generations.

Our news channels are filled with the news of climate changes, natural calamities & water scarcity. There are 308 districts in India that do not have a supply of drinking water & 17 states that are facing water shortages. We cannot make the big contributors that harm the environment to stop right away but we can bring a change in our lifestyle that will also have a positive impact on mother nature. Here’s how all of us can bring our own share of change. Most of the houses have packet milk, so when you cut the packet, do it from the top without cutting any pieces. The short triangle piece from milk packets is microplastic that can’t be recycled and is often dumped into oceans, and if consumed by fish or sea animals it can also result in death. The second thing you can do is stop bringing chappatis in foil, instead, bring it in a cotton cloth. This will not only reduce the use of foil but also save you money spent on aluminium foil. Similarly, instead of using and wasting plastic straws, you can bring your own straws made of aluminium and steel material that is reusable. Other small things that can bring an impact are using wooden toothbrushes & hairbrushes, avoiding the use of plastic bottles & lunch boxes, proper disposal of wrappers, and switching off fans and lights before leaving the room. These small efforts from us can leave a bigger impact on saving the environment. Other than these, we can always plant more trees in parks, footpaths and even near the school buildings. Avoiding the use of plastic bags, try to carpool, encouraging recyclable fashion, and much more. Earth is our home & for the last few years, it has been suffering from various calamities and climate issues. Before it’s too late or even run out of time, we must try to bring these changes in ourselves and also inform our families and friends about it. Let’s unite & bring back the balance our mother earth needs. 

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