Invitation Letter for Visa Application

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Invitation Letter for Visa Application

When planning a trip to another nation, there are numerous factors to consider and if you are coming from a country with limited freedom of movement in other countries, you will certainly need a visa. Many non-EU nationals who desire to visit the EU or Schengen zone nations face this problem. To access any of the member countries, these individuals will require a Schengen visa. Along with this, one of the most crucial things you must demonstrate is that you will not remain unlawfully in any Schengen zone country. To obtain a Schengen visa invitation letter for visa application is incredibly advantageous and will greatly aid your application

What is an Invitation Letter for Visa Application?

A visa invitation letter is a written letter from a person who resides in the Schengen country you wish to visit. The person you’re visiting invites you to stay with them, and they absolutely guarantee that you won’t be staying in the nation illegally. The applicant is required to attach the letter to the rest of the documents and submit it to the embassy or consulate where they are applying for a visitor visa. 

For instance, If you’re visiting a friend in Europe, they’ll send you an invitation letter to stay with them for a set period of time. They will describe their relationship with you and declare that if you are unable to sustain yourself financially throughout your stay in the nation, they will support you.

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Requirements to Write an Invitation Letter for Visa Application

In order for the letter of invitation to be valid, the host must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the nation applicant intend to visit;  
  • Must be a friend, partner, family member/relative; 
  • Must have a registered place to stay (home or flat); 
  • Must provide sufficient space for the applicant

Types of Invitation Letter for Visa Application 

There are many different sorts of invitation letters because there are many different reasons why you would want to visit a Schengen area nation. Let’s take a look at them: 

  • Invitation Letters from Friends or Family for Travel: This can also be viewed as a tourist visa for a specific country. As a result, family or friends must prepare the invitation letter for a tourist visa on your behalf. The letter must mention that you are a family or friend of the person and that you will be visiting for a set period of time. 
  • Business Letter for Schengen Visa: Many people have to travel to Schengen countries for business reasons. This is why you need a business invitation letter from your potential employer or partners. The letter must state your business relationship with the person you are visiting as well as your plans for the duration of your stay in the country. 
  • Sponsor Letter for Schengen Visa: You can be invited to a conference to give a presentation, give a speech, or attend a trade fair, in addition to going to a Schengen country for business. The letter of invitation must come from the person or firm who is funding your participation in this activity. 
  • University or College Invitation Letter: You must confirm that you are going to a university or institution in the Schengen area to study. To do so, you must have an acceptance letter from the institution you would be attending. Your major, the period of your studies, how the studies will be funded, where you will stay, and other facts must all be included in the letter. 
  • Hospital Invitation Letter:  You may require a Schengen visa if you are suffering from health problems and require treatment in another country. You must obtain an invitation letter from your doctor if you will be undergoing medical treatment.

How to Write an Invitation Letter?

It is not a difficult task to write an invitation letter for a visa application. You or the individual inviting you will have no issue writing the letter as long as it has all of the relevant information. Depending on your visit’s purpose, you may be needed to provide the following information:

  • The letter’s date of composition
  • The name of the embassy
  • Contact information for the embassy (phone number and address)
  • Salutations and statements 
  • Name of the person you’re inviting
  • Obtaining a person’s Schengen visa status (citizen or permanent resident)
  • Obtaining the contact details of a person (phone number, address, and email)
  • Name of the applicant
  • Number of the applicant’s passport
  • Purpose of Tour
  • Relationship with the Invitee
  • Travel dates
  • Travel Itinerary 
  • Signature of the Invitee
  • Document attachments or enclosures that are required

What to Include in a Visa Application?

  • The purpose of the planned stay, including what places you will visit
  • How long you will be staying and details of your accommodations
  • Whether you will be covering transportation to and from the particular country
  • How much of the person’s expenses in the country, if any, do you plan to cover?

Tips for Writing an Invitation Letter for Visa Application

  •  In case the applicant wishes to apply for multiple visas, the application format must be double signed also on the third page near the sentence “I am aware of the need to have adequate travel medical insurance for my first stay”. 
  • An explanation letter for the reason for such a request must also be provided together with proof of future trips to the country. 
  •  After applying for the Visa, the applicants will not be able to collect their passports from the Embassy.
  • The need for interviews or other issues might extend this period. The Consular administration has full authority to evaluate and request additional documentation if deemed necessary, in addition to what is submitted. 
  • Furthermore, the applicant is hereby informed that submitting all required documentation does NOT guarantee the issuance of any particular visa.  

Documents Required 

It would be very considerate if the applicant supports the invitation letter for visa application with any of the following documents:

  • A scanned copy of the host’s identification card or passport
  • Proof of financial support
  • Proof of ownership of a property or flat, or a rental agreement
  • An itinerary of the places you’ll be visiting as a group
  • If your host has taken time off work to be with you during your stay in their nation, providing a document confirming that would be beneficial to you

Use Formal Language

In addition to the required information and documentation, the invitation letter must employ official language. You must demonstrate that you comprehend the Embassy’s significance and respect its authority. The letter of invitation must not contain any colloquial language, local phrases, or metaphors. The letter must be basic, with no embellishments, to reflect a real willingness to visit the country and return home.

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Where to Submit the Letter of Invitation?

The letter is presented to the embassy or consulate by the guest, together with the visa document file. The host must scan and email it to the guest, who must then present it along with the other supporting documents on the day of their appointment at the embassy or consulate.

Samples of Invitation Letter for Visa Application

Invitation letter for Visa
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Invitation Letter for Visa
Credits: Visa Guide

We hope you thoroughly understand the idea of writing an invitation letter for visa application. Are you interested in being a part of European Universities? Then, get in touch with Leverage Edu professionals who will guide you through every step and will ensure your entry in your desired university. 

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    1. Hi, please connect with our experts on 1800 572 000 and they help you with visa application and all other value-added services to enable your study abroad journey!

    1. Hi, please connect with our experts on 1800 572 000 and they help you with visa application and all other value-added services to enable your study abroad journey!