How to Get into Stanford

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How to Get into Stanford

When we think of studying abroad, prestigious institutions like Harvard, Cambridge and Oxford come to our mind. One such institution is Stanford University. One of the most reputed institutions in the world, Stanford is ranked 2nd by QS in the list of top universities all over the world. Boasting 90+ graduate fields of study, the university is known for offering comprehensive academic as well as rigorous professional courses. Boasting 17 Nobel Laureates and 4 Pulitzer Prize winners as its alumni, it is a great place to take your education to the next level. Through this comprehensive blog, we will help you understand how to get into Stanford. 

Admission Process

If you are planning to experience the learning atmosphere at one of the best universities in the world, there is a procedure that you need to follow. Stanford has a very low acceptance rate of 4.6% on average. In 2017, the university received 44,073 applications for 2021 session out of which on 2,050 got admissions.

Here is the stepwise breakdown of how to get into Stanford. 


Even if you meet the eligibility criteria for the Stanford but you show negligence in the application process, your chances of getting into Stanford are reduced exponentially. Thus, it is important to go through the university website and take a look at the required information on courses, eligibility, deadlines and tests, before you proceed with your application online. Ensure that you have all the documents asked by the university for a particular course to supplement your application. Moreover, applicants can visit the alumni page and establish contact with any of them if possible, to clear any doubts regarding the admission process. Alternatively, you can contact the university office for detailed information or take help of good counsel.

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Strong Academics

Are you exploring the answer to how to get into Stanford? Then, you must know that every application is processed closely and the board members take into consideration various aspects while analyzing applications. One such factor is the academic performance of the applicant. If you are yet to apply at the university, you can take division improvement tests to improve your grades as good grades are definitely given preference at the Stanford. Besides, make sure that you have completed your required qualification from a recognized institute. But you should not be disappointed if you have low scores in case you have a record of co-curricular activities and volunteering experience on your side.

Good SAT Score

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The fundamental thing to get into the Stanford is to have a good SAT score. There is no prescribed score set by the university but on average 25th percentile i.e., around 1390 is expected to help you in getting admission into the university. If you want more information on the SAT exam preparation, here is our comprehensive blog on how to prepare for the SAT.

Strong Portfolio

When it comes to studying at Stanford, the university has a record of producing industry-standard professionals and world-renowned academicians, so the admission committee ensures that they go beyond the academics of an applicant. The university is determined to take on board an extraordinary lot of the students which is why a student’s application is processed at various levels using different parameters. It is said that the university is ‘need-blind’ which allows board members to evaluate the applicants from a rich background and a homeless immigrant with equal objectivity. A strong portfolio is something you should be looking for to get into Stanford. 

Essay and SOP

To determine the seriousness of the applicant, essays and SOPs play a vital role. Stanford expects students to write engrossing essays for their applications. While writing an essay, you need to be honest and realistic, making assumptions and boasting about things would only put you in the wrong situation. Besides knowing how to get into Stanford, being professional while writing an essay and maintaining a formal tone all over is imperative. To make your SOP and essay stand out you should not hurry, take time to write, revisit and edit them repeatedly until they are succinct and free from mistakes. 


The Letter of Recommendation or LOR allows the admission officer at Stanford University in getting a comprehensive insight into your candidature for the admission in a specific course. Any candidate who is planning to for overseas education requires at least 2 to 3 LOR’s irrespective of the course. 

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About Stanford

Founded in 1885, Stanford University holds a vital position in reshaping modern education. Located in close proximity to the Silicon Valley in California, Stanford enjoys close links with the top tech companies like Google, HP, Apple, etc. The university is one of the largest in the US with 18 institutes and 7 schools. One of the leading universities in research all over the world, the university has $1.6 billion as the annual research budget. Moreover, the university provides a great atmosphere for learning and research as it has 20 massive libraries. Keeping pace with online education, the university also has 2.5 million ebooks for the use of students. Having 2,180 faculty members, the university has 5:1 student to faculty ratio which makes the process of teaching very effective. Before addressing the question of how to get into Stanford, you should research the subject you want to study and the school that offers it.

Here is the list of schools at Stanford that offer world-class quality education in the respective domains:

  • Business
  • Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Humanities & Sciences
  • Law
  • Medicine
Study at Stanford University, Stanford, California, United States

Hopefully, the blog gave you the required knowledge on how to get into Stanford. If you have set your mind to study in one of the best universities in the world, Leverage Edu offers personalised, expert service to guide you through every step in the admission process abroad. Almost forgot, January 2021 intake applications are now open! December is the deadline, book 30 minutes free career counselling session now!

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  1. Hello,
    I am looking for an aeronautical and aerospace engineering n I see this is d best university in providing me the best which I expect

  1. Hello,
    I am looking for an aeronautical and aerospace engineering n I see this is d best university in providing me the best which I expect

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