Kellogg School of Management‎ (Careers, Campus And More)

Kellogg School of Management‎ (Careers, Campus And More)- Leverage Edu
Kellogg School of Management‎ (Careers, Campus And More)- Leverage Edu

Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, USA, is located in Illinois. It also has additional campuses in Miami, Florida, Illinois and Chicago. Recognized as one of the most prominent business schools, Kellogg is also ranked number 1 by The Economist & 3rd by Forbes in the Top US Business Schools List.

Established in 1908, Kellogg is the first B-Schools to include group projects to propagate team-work. Moreover, it is known for bringing forth business leaders like Charlie Baker (Governor of Massachusetts), Roshni Nadar (Executive Director and CEO, HCL Corporation), Joseph E. Hasten (President & CEO, ShoreBank) etc.

Course Highlights

The Full-Time MBA Program of Kellogg provides varied options to secure an MBA degree.

  • The One-Year MBA Program is the quickest path to a Kellogg MBA degree. Furthermore, the program revolves around business fundamentals. These fundamentals are taught by renowned faculty helping you to scale your career to the next level.
  • The Two-Year Full-Time MBA Program is a practically-inclined program. It covers core management skills as well as specialised electives. Also, it is best for students who desire to acquire in-depth management skills.
  • Kellogg’s MMM Program is a dual-degree program (MBA from Kellogg and M.S. in Design Innovation from the Segal Design Institute). This gives students a comprehensive business education integrated with a foundation in design innovation.
  • The JD-MBA Program of Kellogg is a dual-degree program (Master of Business Administration from Kellogg and Juris Doctor from the North-western School). Moreover, this program is best for business enthusiasts with an inclination towards legal expertise.
Campus Life
  • Kellogg has a total of 7 campuses worldwide in Miami, Florida, Illinois, Chicago, among others.
  • Kellogg’s Full-Time and Executive MBA facilities are available in Evanston, Illinois.
  • Furthermore, part-Time MBA program is available in Northwestern’s Downtown Chicago campus in Wieboldt Hall.
Class Structure
  • Annual enrollment of 474 students with average work experience of 5 years.
  • 65% US Citizens and 35% Foreign Nationals in the student body.
  • Also, 41% of the students at Kellogg School of Management are female.
Student Body and Alumni
  • Philip Kotler, Ali Babacan (Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey), Dale T. Mortensen (Awardee of Nobel Prize in Economics) are some of the Notable Faculty of Kellogg School of Management.
  • Kellogg has a global alumni network of over 55,000 professional, innovators, entrepreneurs and experts across varied industries and countries.
  • The college has more than 65 active regional alumni clubs and over 25 special interest clubs.
Other Dynamics
  • Beyond Classrooms: Kellogg has over 100 academic and social clubs for students to choose from. Students also get the opportunity to involve themselves in more than a dozen research centres.
  • Study Abroad: Kellogg ensure that each of its students get global exposure. It gives them the opportunity to study abroad in their second year on six continents. This is done in order to gain knowledge and skills from a different angle and network with students from different cultures.
  • Kellogg’s Careers: Kellogg offers a wide range of career management services to students and alumni including counseling, on-campus recruiting, networking resources, career coaching, resume and interview preparation, career development series etc. To know more about kellogg careers, click here.

Therefore, with an unshakable commitment towards diversified and comprehensive growth of students, Kellogg provides an ecosystem for business enthusiasts to grow up into leaders of various fields.

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