Engineering Chemistry

Engineering Chemistry

“Every man who receives a liberal education now counts chemistry among the most indispensable objects of his studies.” – Antoine Francois Fourcroy. Industrial revolution has brought transformed almost every aspect of human life. However, every wave of growth brings a few adverse consequences along with its advantages. Global warming, an overtly warned issue, is the most prominent of these consequences which is steadily wreaking havoc on our beloved planet. With a change in the industrial requirements, the curriculum of different courses have also been altered to meet the demands of different sectors. This has lead to specialised programs focused on elaborating certain sub-disciplines and equipping individuals with expert knowledge and exposure into their chosen field. One such specialised discipline is Engineering Chemistry.

Engineering Chemistry is regarded as one of the most important foundation subjects of Engineering. It is a compulsory discipline included in all Engineering-related programs. Here is a comprehensive guide elaborating the field of Engineering Chemistry, its key subjects, syllabus and recommended books.


Engineering Chemistry is an imperative part of every degree program in Engineering. It is generally added in the first-year syllabus of a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and is structured in a manner that its different theoretical concepts are studied along with their practical applications. This specialised branch of Engineering mainly deals with the study of matter in any form along with it’s chemical and physical properties, composition and applications. It analyses the nature of different materials and their usage for designing purposes. As a budding engineer, you should be aware of the discovery of new and better materials and their contribution to the diverse field of design and development. Studying this specialised field, you will get to learn about using different materials of varying sizes without causing any wastage or pollution. Moreover, every engineer is expected to possess a basic understanding of working with old and new matter of different kinds and that’s where Engineering Chemistry helps them in handling a wide range of materials in the right way.

Topics Covered

Most of the topics under this discipline are an extension of the subject of Chemistry taught at the senior secondary level. These topics are chosen to help students develop a basic understanding of Chemistry in relation to the field of Engineering. Some of the concepts included in Engineering Chemistry are: 

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  • Surface Chemistry and Catalysis
  • Water and Its Treatment 
  • Fuels and Combustion
  • Energy Sources and Storage Devices
  • Phase Rules and Alloy

While this constitutes the theoretical part of this discipline, practical experiments are also an integral part of the course as they assist students in grasping the concepts better. Some of these experiments include: 

  • Determination of Alkalinity in Water
  • Determination of DO Content of Water Sample by Winkler’s Method
  • Estimation of Total, Temporary and Permanent Hardness of Water by EDTA Method
  • Estimation of HCI using Na2CO3 as Primary Standard
  • The Corrosion Experiment: Weight Loss Method 

Books for Engineering Chemistry

Engineering Chemistry is filled with an array of theoretical concepts and practical experiments. It is also an ever-growing specialisation as new innovations and research studies are constantly emerging in this field. That’s why universities design the curriculum of their offered programs according to the industry requirements and contemporary innovations. Moreover, there are numerous Engineering Chemistry books that are recommended to help students grasp the complex concepts comprising this discipline. Here is a list of some of the best books offered in this field:

  • A Textbook of Engineering Chemistry by Shashi Chawla
  • A Textbook of Engineering Chemistry by S Chand
  • Engineering Chemistry by Jain (16th Edition)
  • A Textbook of Engineering Chemistry by Dr. S.S. Dara and Dr. K. Mukkanti 
  • New Course Engineering Chemistry by Dr. S.K. Bhasin 
  • Engineering Chemistry by R.V. Gadag and A. Nityananda Shetty (3rd Edition)
  • Engineering Chemistry by Dr. Chinnappan Baskar, Dr. Shikha Baskar and Dr. Ranjit S. Dhillon

Hence, we hope that this blog helped you understand the specialised field of Engineering Chemistry and its key concepts. If you are searching for degree programs or short-term diplomas in this field, you can always reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu and we’ll help you sort out the ideal course and university that aligns with your interests and career aspirations in the field of Engineering.

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