The A-to-Z to Study in Switzerland

Study in Switzerland

Are you looking for the ultimate study experience? Then Say No To Old School Unconventional Studies and study in Switzerland. From the depth of imagination to the peak of practicality, you will be able to explore various subjects when you study in Switzerland in an unconventional way. We can’t deny the fact that it’s one of the most fulfilling destinations to study which lies between Germany, Italy, France and within the European region. 

In academics, EPFL and ETH Zurich have remained in constant fame in the top 30 of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. So from the infrastructure of top universities to an excellent view of nature, from best education to a satisfactory job, and from friends to parties, studying in Switzerland seems a prudent choice for studying abroad. Every year, around 65,500 students get enrolled in the universities of Switzerland. 

Why Is It Good For You To Study In Switzerland? 

Geography and People

Some people believe that the geography of Switzerland is variably diverse because there are 26 federal states with four national languages. But do you know that with such four languages and 26 federal states, you will meet diverse people when you study in Switzerland? You will see cultural variations in people when you observe the cuisine, communication, appearance of people, and so many other things. Apart from this, a blend of international students from various parts of the globe makes Switzerland an even more diverse nation.

A Perfect Scenic View

When students come to study in Switzerland, they end up spending most of their time exploring every corner of the nation. And the irony is that the native people themselves tend to explore it again and again. So if you are ever interested in visiting somewhere while you study in Switzerland, you can explore the natural beauty with local groups of the nation. Otherwise, If you go alone or with a group of any other international students, you won’t be able to get that much knowledge and experience about the places. We recommend you to join local groups with your non-native friends to get a higher level of contentment.

Transportation System is Impeccable

The transportation system is a huge sigh of relief for students who study in Switzerland as it enables them to avoid delay. You can travel around most popular urban routes with the help of a tram, bus, and regional train services. However, boats are also available there. Almost half of the Swiss commuters tend to travel through the public transportation system. And most importantly, the whole transportation system of the nation is integrated, no matter whether it is a bus, lake ferry, mountain funicular, or train. Even though distinctive companies operate various transportation services, still all of them are designed in a way that signifies a strong connection. And for a delay inbound, the government has made strict rules.

Get Immersed in an International Network

When it comes to determining the total number of international students who come to study in Switzerland, statistics tell us that nearly 25 percent of students are international. You know what? The other 75% of native students are going to help you immerse in Swiss culture. In addition to this, you will get a chance to learn a new language.

Do You Love Adventure Sports

High Five! If you love sports. A lot of people who study in Switzerland claim that they love to spend their free time playing adventure sports. So you like it or not, your chances of getting attracted to adventure sports are pretty high. You can’t resist the enthusiasm attached with it. You can choose hiking, biking, skiing, glacier trekking, canyoning, rock climbing or any other exciting sport.

Have Fun in The Luxurious Cities

What? Don’t you love sports? No worries! Cities of Switzerland are luxurious. There are so many things that you can do in cities like attending openings of trending art exhibitions, visiting the bars, watching movies, etc. Most people who study in Switzerland party on Thursdays till 5 A.M. After staying up awake till late at night, they attend classes too on the same day. It doesn’t matter where you are going to settle in Switzerland or not, you will fall in love with each city.

Go Out

Switzerland is bordered by five European countries: Liechtenstein, France, Italy, Germany, and Austria. It’s convenient to reach these countries because of the efficient and well-connected transportation system in Switzerland. It is one of the added perks if you decide to study in Switzerland.

Stay Safe 

Switzerland is one of the safest places to live in the world. Global Finance Magazine’s Safety Index ranks Switzerland as the 2nd safest country in the world. Moreover, it’s also a safe place for women, but we advise you to stay away from forbidden places if you plan to study in Switzerland.

Quality Education

You will travel so far to get quality education and prestige. Right? The Swiss government has thrived hard to inject innovative thinking in the education system of Switzerland. They provide autonomy to researchers and students so that they can expand at their level of thinking as they want.

Things to look out for if you Study in Switzerland

Initially, things may leave you in shock but don’t worry, once you understand how things are, you will attain a fantastic experience:

1. Age Gap

If you study in Switzerland you get access to cheap tuition which is of high-quality standards. Students come here from all facets of life. For example, in some places, you will see 70-year-old people too. So it would be a golden opportunity for you to get knowledge from such people not only about academics but also about life.

2. The Feeling of Being Alienated

At first, you may feel that the world of Switzerland is unfair, but that’s not the case. You may feel so because of the cultural diversity of people. Once you get closer to understand them, they will act warm and helpful and also may become your friend. You will be amazed by seeing how serious people are with their time. Swiss people take care of each minute. And if you are late for even a minute, they will consider it as disrespectful behavior. So here’s a quick tip for you. Never get late if you want to shine at the first impression if you plan to study in Switzerland.

3. Keep Your Accommodation Clean

First, keep it as clean as possible. Otherwise, keeping your place messy is unacceptable behaviour. Second, they will make you pay for the dirt when you leave the place.

4. Local Food

Break the monotony and try some mouth-watering street food. You may try out Raclette, Fondue, Basler Lackerli, Tartiflette, etc.

5. Festivals

A lot of carnivals, exhibitions, and music festivals take place regularly. It is a part and parcel if you study in Switzerland. Don’t even think about not going there because these are going to give you a thrilling experience.

6. Local Markets

Now, this may cut some of your expenses to study in Switzerland. Every week, there is a local market held on particular days. As compared to supermarkets, fresher and cheaper local produce is sold in such local markets. So for now, we can’t tell you where the market is held because it depends on where you live. 

How to Apply for Swiss Universities

When it comes to applying to universities, we often feel perplexed. So we made this easy peasy chart that you can follow and apply to study in Switzerland.

Step 1Select the right degree subject 
Step 2Select the most suitable university
Step 3Research the requirements of your desired universities
so that you can prepare to apply accordingly
Step 4Now collect:
– A signed printout of the application form
– Copy of your identity.
– Two passport size photographs.
-Bachelor’s diploma (If required)
-Language proficiency test certificate
-Your CV
-Application fee receipt.
Apart from this, they may take your essay test. 
For the doctoral program, you may need:
A letter from an instructor of the faculty who agrees to approve
dissertations and have a look at your research.- If you are in the
final year at secondary school and haven’t got your diploma,
then you may apply based on your grades, but remember!
You will have to send a copy of your final exam result once
you receive it.
Get your documents translated either in English or French
by a certified translator.
Step 5There are three official languages: German, French and Italian.
So you will need a language proficiency test like IELTS,
TOEFL, DSH, OSD, DELF, or DALF. However, if you don’t have
a certificate, the university may take your test to estimate
whether you can study in Switzerland or not.
Step 6Fill and submit the application form online on the website of
the university. Make sure you upload necessary documents
properly and pay the application fee
Step 7Now wait for the acceptance letter.

Student Visa Procedure

What Kind of Visa Is Required?

To study in Switzerland, there are two types of student visas: C visa and D visa. Both visas have their time duration and purpose. Let’s see which one is suitable for you.

  1. C – Visa: If you want to stay in Switzerland for a short term period, C visa is for you. You can stay for up to 3 months with this visa. 
  2. D- Visa: D visa is for those students who want to stay in Switzerland for more than 3 months. Generally, students apply for such a visa when they want to do undergraduate or postgraduate courses. Remember! If you are going there with this visa, you will have to visit the cantonal migration office within the first 2 weeks to get your residence permit. 

Note: If you’re from the EU/EFTA country, you won’t need a student visa, but still, a residence permit is compulsory.

The steps to apply for a visa to study in Switzerland are as follows:

  1. Collect Documents: Please make sure that you have these documents before applying for a student visa:
    • Acceptance letter from the institution where you have applied
    • A valid passport
    • Proof that shows you’re financially able to support yourself
    • Health insurance
    • Get your birth certificate (if you’re under 18)
    • Receipt of payment that you made as a fee for admission
    • Your CV
    • Result of the previous institution
    • A signed letter that illustrates that you will leave Switzerland once you finish the course
  2. Apply: You can schedule an appointment and submit all the documents mentioned above at the Embassy of Switzerland. After submitting the documents, you can track the progress of your visa application online by using the application reference number given on your receipt. 
  3. Wait: Now wait till they notify you about the result. 

Top Universities to Study in Switzerland

1. University of Zurich

This 186 years old university is situated in Zurich. UZH is the largest university in Switzerland that accommodates almost 25K students. At present, the university has 7 faculties:

  • Human Medicine
  • Economic Sciences
  • Philosophy
  • Law
  • Natural Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Theology

Moreover, you will get excellent teaching from the best teachers who are ready to help you one-on-one when needed. 

2. ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich is 22 years younger than the UZH. It has fame in the fields of technology, engineering, science, and mathematics. The fees for this university is also inexpensive. You will need to pay around $700 each semester. Moreover, the university also provides scholarships which cut off 60 percent of the total expenses of local students and 40 percent for international students who study in Switzerland.

ETH Zurich

3. University of Geneva

John Calvin established this 460 years old university as a law school and theological seminary. The infrastructure of the university is modern and whatever you’re going to learn in the class will be available online in the video form. The centeredness of the university building in the nation makes it easy for students to hang out during the day. Moreover, the administration system of the university is as quick as a flash. It sure is a university you can’t miss out on your list while planning to study in Switzerland.

4. University of Bern

The university was established in the year 1834 and currently provides 8 faculties in:

  • Law
  • Theology
  • Business, Social Sciences, and Economics
  • Science
  • Humanities
  • Medicine 
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Human Sciences

So basically, you can study almost every subject. Teachers will act here as if they are your friends. And if we talk about the environment of the university, you can see some great things around like Einstein’s house, Aare river, monuments, and other buildings. It is a top contender if you plan to study in Switzerland.

Let’s Study In The Beautiful Atmosphere of Switzerland 

The very 1st thing that pulls people to study in Switzerland is its beauty, and the 2nd  thing is its education. The standard of education offered here is so incredible that 40 percent of students at Swiss institutions are international. In addition to such aspects, it is also one of the most productive and wealthiest powerful economies in the world. So if you graduate from here, you will have high chances to get better accreditation for yourself.

If you want some more information, you can contact Leverage Edu – +91-8826200293 and we will make sure your dream to study in Switzerland become a reality.

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