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Swiss Federal Institute of Technology or ETH Zurich is a technology, engineering, mathematics, and science university situated in the city of Zurich in Switzerland. This university, which was established in the year 1855, is a component of the ETH Domain. This university was established by the Swiss Federal Government.

The mission while establishing was to educate the budding engineers and scientists, provide a shared platform for interaction between the industry and the scientific community, and to act as a nationwide center to achieve excellence in technology and science. It is also a founding member of the organizations such as the International Alliance of Research Universities which is an established network of the top 10 universities in research. It is also a part of the CESEAR network. It has many notable alumni in the field of science and medicine. 

Infrastructure, Campuses and Courses

ETH Zurich is based chiefly in Zurich, where it operates one campus in the Hönggerberg district and another in the city center. The main site is complemented by strategically selected “external sites” in the Canton of Zurich, in Switzerland and in Singapore.

The University offers over 70 undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the fields of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Engineering Sciences, System-oriented Natural Science and Management and Social Sciences

They have modern infrastructures for teaching, research and leisure and are open to guests and visitors. Lively squares and streets adorned with restaurants, cafés, shops and exhibitions, as well as gardens and ample green spaces, are all part of the urban experience at ETH Zurich.

Accomplishments and Alumni 

ETH Zurich has, from the outset, been a national center for education with international appeal, attracting talent from all over the world. The successful combination of a cosmopolitan outlook with national roots made the young educational institution one of the driving forces behind industrialization in Switzerland: it brought the necessary expertise into the country, trained technical specialists and helped set up groundbreaking national infrastructures.

In more recent times, global developments such as computer-?assisted data processing and the far-?reaching consequences of globalization have placed ever-?increasing demands on universities. They include a total of 22 Nobel Prize winners bifurcated as 9 in Physics, 11 in Chemistry, and 2 in Medicine. Albert Einstein was a student at this University. It was ranked 9th in the Times Higher Education World University Ranking in 2016 and 8th in 2017 for the fields of Engineering and Technology.

Student Diversity and Visiting Companies

ETH Zurich has International Student Associations set up for the contribution towards a diverse and rich international culture at ETH Zurich and offer the possibility to connect with other students. This does include an Indian Students Association (known as InSAZ). The top companies to hire graduates from Eth Zurich include but are not limited to Roche, UBS, Google, Swiss Armed Forces and Novratis.

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