Pennsylvania State University

Public University

University Park, United States

Pennsylvania State University was established in the mid of 18th century as the public research education institution in the USA. Commonly, it's called Penn State University. This university has around 24 campuses within it, which make it stand apart from other American universities. The University Read more


Highlights of Pennsylvania State University

  • Penn State has an admit rate of 56%.
  • In the Times Higher Education 2019, the university ranked at the 81st place.
  • The total endowment value of Penn State is 1 billion dollars.
  • The University Park Campus covers up an area of 7,958 acres.
  • Every year, the Penn State enrolls more than 95K students and grants around 20K degrees.
  • The Penn State has an extensive alumni network of 700K graduates.
  • Famous Alumni
    Patricia A. Woertz


    Keegan Michael Key

    American Actor

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