How to Respond to Your Family’s Concerns for Studying Abroad?

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How to Respond to Your Family's Concerns for Studying Abroad

Do you wish that your parents could grasp your brilliant idea to study abroad but you don’t know how to convince them? Talking to your family and friends about your wish to study abroad might be difficult but it doesn’t have to be. What would be the appropriate moment to initiate the discussion? How would you answer your family’s concerns and win them over? Here, we will help you with how to respond to your family’s concerns about studying abroad!

Start with Understanding Your Parent’s Concerns

Before you start rehearsing all of your parents’ arguments in your head, try to understand that they are anxious and afraid about their kid being alone in a foreign country. Keeping this in mind, make them understand that you are going to become a successful person so that you can make them feel proud. So here’s how you persuade them!

Step 1.  Tell them why you want to Study Abroad.

Having a specific goal in mind for your foreign education endeavours will swiftly put out any concerns your parents may have about studying abroad. 

  • Talk About the Academic AdvantagesStudying abroad exposes you to different teaching methods, improved facilities, and maybe new languages. Inform your parents about the academic benefits of studying abroad. International university professors are specialists in their disciplines and can provide you with advice that you wouldn’t obtain in your native country. At your institution abroad, you can join a variety of student organizations and initiatives.
  • Emphasize the Advantages to your Career- Emphasizing the different employment options available to you as a result of your study abroad experience will undoubtedly tip the scales in your favour. When it comes to your job, studying abroad will offer you an advantage over others since future employers will consider the intangible qualities you acquired while studying abroad. Depending on your academic accomplishments overseas, you may be employed sooner and awarded a greater wage. If you talk about your bright future, your parents will undoubtedly think about it.
  • Show them that you are Serious- Approaching your parents and proclaiming your desire to study abroad will not demonstrate that you are serious about it. Introduce the concept of studying abroad early on and demonstrate your willingness to put in the effort. Gather all pertinent information regarding the potential location and university in light of your academic objectives. Make sure you satisfy all of the entrance requirements for the universities to which you plan to apply. Simply put, be on your best behaviour and persuade your parents that you are capable of making such a significant life decision.

Step 2. Make a Financial Strategy

Your parents will undoubtedly be anxious about your study-abroad program’s cost. Attempt to obtain a scholarship. Investigate alternate sources of funding for authorized and certified programmes. Studies loans are worthwhile to explore since you may repay the loan once you have completed your education. Create a financial plan and convince your parents about how much cheaper studying abroad may be than doing a similar course at home. 

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Step 3. Ascertain your Safety

Assure your parents that living in a foreign country is not all about partying. Make it clear that you are dedicated to your studies and that you will take charge of your life. Learn about your destination, health insurance, and the emergency contingency plan for your study abroad programme. Give your parents the contact information for your prospective institutions’ international office.

Step 4. Tell them about Someone who has Already Studied Abroad

What better method to persuade your parents than to arrange a meeting with a friend or family member who has experienced the benefits of studying abroad? Your parents are welcome to inquire about their experience with him. This will not only respond to all of their questions, but it will also assist you in persuading them to let you study abroad.

Step 5. Inform them about your Well-Wisher who Supports you in your Journey

Introduce your well-wishers like your relatives, friends, or any study abroad advisor or you can make an appointment for you, your parents and your study abroad counsellor to meet in person or over the phone. Hearing a professional (your study abroad adviser) corroborate what you’ve been telling your parents might sometimes be enough to persuade them to change their minds. Our experts from Leverage Edu will help you in your journey from start with proper counselling sessions till you reach your destination. 

Step 6. Ascertain that you will Communicate with them on a Frequent Basis

Assure your parents that you will communicate with them via Skype, chats, and phone calls, no matter how busy you are. You can share the contact number of the people you meet on a regular basis, for example, your roommate, caretaker, or classmates.  

Don’t allow the anxiety of receiving your parents’ permission to keep you from studying abroad. Hope now you know how to respond to your family’s concerns for studying abroad! Frequently, parents just want to know the advantages of studying abroad and how it will work out. You may relieve their concerns and gain their support by demonstrating that you’re prepared and serious about this endeavour. So, are you ready? You can book a free counselling session with experts at 1800572000. 

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