Universities in France

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Universities in France

Apart from being known for its ethereal beauty and magnificent monuments like the Eiffel Tower, France is also revered for the quality education it offers to its students. Counted amongst the countries with the best education system in the world, France’s strong academic tradition continues to be at the zenith out of all the study destinations owing to the focus it lays on research-based studies throughout disciplines. The country houses some of the best universities that have etched their name in the list of top 300 universities of the world. Further, apart from offering programs in almost all the career fields and that too at an affordable cost, the universities in France provide a modern infrastructure equipped with high-end amenities. Hence, whether you pursue an MS in France or a PhD in France, the French universities have something in store for each and every international student! In this blog, we have compiled a list of the top Universities in France which you must consider! 

S. No Universities in France QS World University
Rankings 2021
Times Higher
World University
Ranking 2021
1. Université Paris Science et Letters  52 46
2. École Polytechnique 61 43
3. Sorbonne University 83 80
4. CentraleSupélec 138 501-600
5. École Normale Supérieure de Lyon 161 251-300
6. Sciences Po  =242 501-600
7. École des Ponts ParisTech =242 251-300
8. Universite de Paris =275 136
9. ENS Paris- Saclay =291 178
10. Universite Grenoble Alpes =342

Université Paris Science et Letters (PSL)

Pioneering in almost all the areas of study and research in fields such as Sciences, Engineering, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, PSL offers scores of comprehensive degree and short term courses across disciplines. The University houses 181 laboratories and 11 schools that operate with the aim of providing research-intensive education to the students. Considered to be at the top among the best universities in France, Université Paris Science et Letters provides bachelor’s and master’s level courses in both English and French language. 

École Polytechnique

Producing competent students since its inception, École Polytechnique has been committed to train future leaders and build a strong foundation in multidisciplinary sciences by providing them with industrial exposure. Bagging the second position among the top 10 universities in France as per the QS 2021 list, the University offers various undergraduate and postgraduate courses like Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Master of Technology (MTech) and PhD courses covering various branches of Science and other career fields.

Sorbonne University

Sorbonne University attracts thousands of students from all over the world due to the emphasis it lays on research and the comprehensive Medical Science courses it offers. What makes it popular amongst the universities in France is that it houses numerous scientific collections like 1,500 minerals within the campus. The university offers various courses in the English language related to fields such as Economics, Mathematics, Computer Science and Management studies. Further, it also has collaborated with educational institutes like Nanyang Technological University, Trinity College Dublin, International University of Rabat, etc in order to advance studies in an array of subjects. The university accommodates over 50,000 students who are provided world-class infrastructure equipped with modern amenities! 

University of Paris

Established in the year 2019, University of Paris is the latest addition to the list of popular universities in France. Aimed at giving the students a life-time experience in education, great career opportunities and industrial exposure, the university, through its 4,500 experienced teachers and researchers offers dynamism in scores of courses spanning across its multiple campuses. Further, the University of Paris is revered for the multidisciplinary approach it follows in offering undergraduate and graduate programs in diverse fields like Medicine, Engineering, Political Science, Social Sciences, Information and Communication Technology, Education and Earth and Planetary Sciences, Biological and Life Sciences courses to name a few.

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CentraleSupélec, which has 3 campuses and 1 research centre is one of those universities in France that offer only graduate programs in the field of Science and Technology. The postgraduate programs are offered in the form of a diploma, master of research and PhD programs for those who want to consider a career in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Analytics, Civil Engineering, Nuclear Energy, Information Technology, Electrical Engineering and so on. A popular name in the list of most reputed engineering schools, it houses 17 laboratories, 5 doctoral schools, and 4 international laboratories which are present in Singapore, Brazil, the United States, and Canada. 

École des Ponts ParisTech

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In this dynamic global environment where competition is always on the zenith, École des Ponts ParisTech reaffirms that it produces some of the leading players who can stay at par with all the trends and standards in the world. It is revered not only for its Engineering courses like Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, etc, but is also known for offering undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in major academic fields such as Economics, Finance, Computer Science, Mathematics, etc. Another reason why it has become one of the most sought after universities in France is because of the 12-15 weeks long specialized masters [MS] it offers to its students. 

Sciences Po Paris

Science Po or what is also called The Paris Institute of Political Studies is one of those universities in France which thrives on its research-intensive approach and provides the students with the finest quality of education in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences. The institute intends to educate future leaders about the most dynamic and important aspects of the society such as Law, Economics, History, Political Science and Sociology through its various bachelors, masters, 1 year, MOOCS, and PhD programs. 

Télécom Paris

A pioneering institute in research and innovation studies, Télécom Paris is revered for providing students with high-quality expertise in whatever discipline the student has chosen thus preparing them to tackle socio-economic changes prevailing in the society. The university is composed of 4 major teaching and research departments namely: Communications and Electronics Department, IT and Networks department, Image, Data, Signal Department, and Department of Economic and Social Sciences. Through these departments, 110 short term courses, 14 specialized certificate programs, and 36 double degrees are provided to the students thus making it one of the most sought after universities in France! 

University of Montpellier

The University of Montpellier is the 6th largest university in France which houses more than 47 thousand domestic and international students. Considered as one of the most innovative and research-oriented universities in France, Montpellier provides various multidisciplinary undergraduate and graduate programs in both English and French languages spanning disciplines like Medicine, Biology, Engineering, Agro-environment, Political Science, Business, Economics and Law to name a few.

Enlisted are some of the other popular universities in France which you can consider: 

Hence, If you have been planning to study in France then you must have realized that there are scores of universities in France in which you can take admission! Needless to say, with so many options, choosing the educational institute and subject combination that matches your interests can be a daunting task. But don’t worry! The experts at Leverage Edu will gauge through your profile using a psychometric test and recommend the most suitable universities and courses accordingly! 

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