Countries Accepting GMAT Scores 2023

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Countries Accepting GMAT Scores 2023

As a business professional if you want to improve your career prospects you can opt for an MBA abroad. However, to pursue your MBA abroad you need to clear the GMAT. GMAT full form is Graduate Management Admission Test. One hundred and ten countries accept the GMAT scores as the standardized test score for admission into management programs. Hence,  clearing the GMAT exam is an essential requirement for studying abroad.

Countries Accepting GMAT: Importance of GMAT 

As per the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) survey, GMAT scores contribute to around 22%  of full-time MBA applications. This is more than the academic transcripts and interviews. GMAT scores affect every 8 out of 10 admissions.

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Countries Accepting GMAT scores

Some of the popular countries accepting GMAT scores are as follows:


The United States is one of the most popular destinations for business management courses. The country also has one of the best universities in the world as per the QS ranking. This includes universities like Harvard, MIT, and Stanford University. MBA USA GMAT score is generally between 650 to 740. The top 10 universities in the USA and their GMAT score requirements are as follows.

University  Average GMAT score  Fees
Standford University 737 INR 63.64 lakhs 
Northwestern University 732 INR 97.49 lakhs
Yale University 730 INR 65.76 lakhs
University of Chicago 730 INR 64.38 lakhs
University of Pennsylvania 730 INR 70.20 lakhs
Harvard University 729 INR 59.63 lakhs
Columbia University 724 INR 57.55 lakhs
Dartmouth University 722 INR 64.15 lakhs
MIT 722 INR 66.54 lakhs
University of California, Los Angles  719 INR 58.82 lakhs

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United Kingdom

Several business schools in the UK are renowned for their business management programs.  Some of the top business schools in the UK for MBAs include Warwick Business School and  London Business School. GMAT scores for UK universities are usually between 600 to 780. United Kingdom’s top universities and their average GMAT score are as follows-

University  Average GMAT score Fees 
London Business School 708 INR 64.29 lakhs
London school of economics and political science (LSE) 708 INR 18-47-38.15  lakhs
University of Cambridge  690 INR 63.60  lakhs
University of Oxford  690 INR 64.97 lakhs
The University of Warwick 660 INR 46.48 lakhs
Cranfield School of Management   600+ INR 39.4 lakhs
Strathclyde Business School  630 INR 31.85 lakhs
Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester   650 INR 36.40 lakhs

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MBA study in Australia for international students involves clearing the GMAT. The country is the 3rd most preferred study-abroad destination. While some business schools require a decent GMAT score, others emphasize work experience. The average Australian GMAT score requirement o get into top universities like Macquarie University is between 550 to 680. Top business universities in Australia and their GMAT score are as follows.

University Average GMAT score Average Fees 1st year
The University of Melbourne  705 INR 49.42  lakhs
The university of new south wales 650 INR 43.34 lakhs
The Australian national university 600+ INR 22.71 lakhs
The University of Sydney 600+ INR 23.74-27.61 lakhs
RMIT university 550 INR 24.95 lakhs

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Canada MBA programs are known for their quality of education and affordability. Twenty-one business schools in Canada have been featured in the list of QS World University Rankings 2022. It includes universities like McGill University, and the University of Alberta, among others. The total GMAT score required by Canadian universities is between 550 to 680 for admission. The best universities in Canada for MBA and their GMAT score is as follows

University  Average GMAT score Average Fees 1st year
Mc Gill University 694 INR 60.79 lakhs
University of Toronto 665 INR 28.10 lakhs
York University 660 INR 32.30 lakhs
University of British Columbia  650 INR 40.81 lakhs
Queen’s University-Kingston 625 INR 62.90 lakhs
Université de Montréal 619 INR 86.17 lakhs
University of Alberta 616 INR 17.9 lakhs
McMaster University 615 INR 24.27-57.52 lakhs
Simon Fraser University 600+ INR 36.89 lakhs

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Countries Accepting GMAT: Germany

Germany is known for its world-class technology, affordable tuition fees, and research facilities. Hence, MBA Germany is becoming popular. Some of the top B schools in Germany include GISMA  Business School and BSBI. The minimum GMAT score for MBA in Germany is 550 or above.

University  GMAT score Tuition Fees 1st year
The University of Mannheim – Mannheim Business School 650 INR 35.22 lakhs
Frankfurt School of Finance and Management 550-650 INR 34.42 lakhs
WHU University – Otto Beisheim School of Management 600 INR 35.75 lakhs
ESMT Berlin 640 INR 38.39 lakhs
HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management 640 INR 34.86 lakhs
EU Business schools 640-710 INR 18.40 lakhs

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New Zealand 

Business management programs in New Zealand help in developing your personality and your career. To get admission into the top business schools you need a New Zealand Gmat Score of 550 or above. It includes universities like the University of Otago, the University of Waikato, and Massey University. New Zealand’s top universities and their GMAT score

University Name Average GMAT score Tuition Fees 1st year
Victoria University of Wellington 550 INR 30.29 lakhs
The University of Canterbury 600 INR 27.67 lakhs
University of Auckland 550 INR 34.94 lakhs

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France is also one of the most popular destinations in the world when it comes to studying business management programs. France’s best universities for MBA include HEC Paris, INSEAD, ESSEC, and so on. France’s GMAT score for all universities ranges from 550 to 730,

University Name Average GMAT score Fees
HEC Paris 690 INR 49.61  lakhs
INSEAD 709 INR 81.63 lakhs
EDHEC Business School 634 INR 40.61 lakhs
Emlyon Business School 580-700 INR 30.11 lakhs
Grenoble Ecole De Management 550 INR 20.20 lakhs (2 years)

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Is GMAT accepted in all countries?

GMAT is accepted in 110 countries around the world. In total 2400 universities accept it as a standardized score.

Can I do MBA in Canada without GMAT?

MBA in Canada is possible without GMAT in some universities 

Is GMAT alone enough for MBA?

No. GMAT is not enough for MBA. A GMAT score has to be complimented by a good profile to get into the university of your choice.

GMAT scores are accepted by more than 2000 business schools around the world. As a result, it is always a great idea to clear the GMAT exam. Need help with study abroad admissions? Call us at 1800 572 000 and book our free 30-minute counselling session today.

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