Best Tips for GMAT English Preparation

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Best Tips for GMAT English Preparation

The GMAT examination is taken by students wanting to study graduate management program abroad. The examination tests a student on the basis of quantitative, verbal, analytical, and writing skills. However, verbal reasoning can be challenging for some students. The GMAT verbal reasoning section requires a student to comprehend the written materials, evaluate arguments, and express views. The section contributes to the overall GMAT score. Keep reading to learn more about GMAT English preparation, the structure of the GMAT examination, best preparation strategy for the GMAT examination.

Structure of GMAT Verbal Reasoning Section

Reading Comprehension, Sentence Correction, and Critical Reasoning are the main sections of the GMAT verbal reasoning section. The Reading part requires the student to understand the meaning of the passage, and the sentence correction requires the student to implement proper linguistic knowledge to correct the mistakes in a sentence. Critical reasoning requires the student to analyze the proper context of the arguments in a passage. 

Number of Questions36
Types of QuestionsReading comprehension, sentence correction, and critical reasoning
Duration65 minutes
Score Range6 – 51 

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Best Preparation Strategy for GMAT Verbal Reasoning Section

It is essential to prepare well for the GMAT verbal reasoning section. The vernal reasoning section scores secured by a student total to the overall score. Here are some of the best GMAT English Preparation strategies,

Reading Comprehension

The reading comprehension section assesses the ability of the candidate to assess the candidate’s potential to understand the message of the content. Hence, in order to sharpen the reading comprehension section, it is important to build strong reading skills and vocabulary. The 250-300 word passages can be asked from any discipline. For example, economics, or humanities. To prepare for the examination a high level of consistency is required. Solve previous year’s question papers to prepare well for this section.

Sentence Correction

To ace in the sentence correction section it is important to have regular preparation. Use suitable study materials to instantly identify the incorrect sentences. Preparation is the key to scoring well in the sentence correction part. 

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Critical Reasoning

The critical reasoning section requires the students to analyze, construct, and evaluate an argument in the passage. Make use of sample papers to practice GMAT English Preparation critical reasoning skills. The passages are generally less than 100 words. Candidates must present good reasoning skills to score high.

Tips to Maximize Scores in GMAT Verbal Reasoning Section

Here are some tips that can be utilized to score high marks in the GMAT English preparation. Use these tips to prepare effectively for the GMAT exam.

  • Develop a proper study plan and take frequent mock tests.
  • Analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats 
  • Prepare one sub-topic/question type at a time
  • Invest in online and offline preparation and stay consistent in studying well

Prepare for GMAT Verbal Reasoning- Resources and Books

Using the right  GMAT English Preparation material is key to performing well in the GMAT examination. For this reason, we have provided some of the best books that a student can refer to. 

  • PowerScore GMAT Verbal Guides
  • Kaplan GMAT Verbal Book
  • Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides
  • The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review
  • Veritas Prep Complete GMAT Course Set
  • Magoosh Verbal + AWA GMAT Online Course
  • PowerScore’s GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible
  • GMAT Official Guide Verbal Review by GMAC

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1. How difficult is GMAT English?

Annually, 2 lakh people take the GMAT examination. However, only 6% of the candidates are able to secure 720+ scores. The data shows that the GMAT examination is difficult. Hence, adequate preparation is needed.

2. Is 700 GMAT score easy?

No. Securing a GMAT score of 700 is difficult. Therefore, adequate preparation and proper strategy are needed to score 700.

3. How hard is scoring 700 in GMAT?

Only 20% of the test takers are able to score above 700 in the GMAT examination. Generally, scoring 700 in the GMAT is difficult. However, those who have already studied verbal topics/math topics can find the section easy. 

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