5 Tips to Fit GMAT Studying into your Busy Schedule

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Tips to Fit GMAT Studying into your Busy Schedule

GMAT preparation in itself is quite difficult, but it becomes more so if you are a working professional who has to balance their busy schedule at work with their preparation for the exam. You might feel that you are unable to balance both of these and end up with increased stress levels, which would also hamper your work. In order to avoid these issues and to help you in preparing well for your GMAT, here are some tips for you! Follow these 5 tips to fit GMAT studying into your busy schedule to make sure that you ace your exam!

Make a Weekly Schedule

Most working professionals tend to avoid their GMAT preparation on weekdays while keeping the weekends assigned for it. Well, this is a wrong approach to preparing for GMAT. By not studying for GMAT on the weekdays, you are missing out on not only five whole days of preparation but also on the regularity of your preparation. So, instead of preparing for say, 8 hours on saturday and sunday only, try to make a schedule of all the work you want to complete in the week and divide it in slots for each day of the week. 

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Start your Day Early

This a very basic but often neglected piece of advice. Well, your body is most efficient in the early morning, making it the best time to start on your preparation. Try waking up early and working on your GMAT preparation before starting on your work for the day. You will find that it is much better starting on your preparation after an entire day of work.

Use your Spare Time to your Advantage

What do you do in your spare time? Well, most of us will be either randomly watching TV or browsing through social media. So, why not utilise this time in preparing for GMAT? While it may seem that you do not spend much time doing these, if you add up all the time that you spend just browsing through social media in the entire day, you will realise that it is a considerable amount of time, which is enough to solve a few questions to help your GMAT preparation.

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Use the Best Resources for Preparation

Well, there are a huge range of different resources and study material that are available for GMAT preparation both online and offline. Make sure you do not use materials that are not up to the standard. Since you are already short of time, the best bet is researching to identify the best materials and resources for GMAT study and using them for your preparation.

Utilize the Time Required for Commuting

Many of us use public transport such as trains or buses to commute to our place of work every day, spending considerable time in it. You can also use this time to your advantage by carrying your notes or some study material with you and revising it while you travel. This will not only save you from boredom but also help you speed up on your preparation!

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How many times can a student attempt the GMAT?

You can take the GMAT 5 times in a calendar year and up to 8 times in a lifetime.

How long is the GMAT exam?

GMAT is 3 hours and 7 minutes long.

How long are the GMAT scores valid?

GMAT scores are valid for up to 5 years from the exact date that the exam was taken.

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