School Leaving Certificate

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School Leaving Certificate

A school leaving certificate is a document proof that is issued by the academic institution where the student was enrolled in a course. It is issued when the student is shifting to another city, country, school/college, etc. If the student needs to take admission to another school then this certificate acts as proof that the holder has completed a particular level of studies. To bring clarity, here is a blog that will shed light on various elements of this certificate. 

Looking at the School Leaving Certificate

We have shared some examples of the looks of the certificates below.

School leaving certificate

Why is a School Leaving Certificate Needed?

As discussed, a school leaving or transfer certificate is an official document issued by your previous institute stating your education level and the reasons for leaving. Enlisted are some of the reasons why you will be required to furnish this document. 

  • Shifting to some other city or country
  • Want to be admitted to some other school/college/university
  • Ensures that the student is associated with only one institution at a time and that all dues and fees of the previous institution have been cleared

School Leaving Certificate Format

A school leaving certificate is an essential document issued by your school in case you wish to transfer or take admission to a new school or college. Here is the format:

school leaving certificate
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Application Format

The format for writing an application for the issuance of a leaving certificate is very similar to that of a bonafide certificate format. It is important to elucidate the reasons clearly and concisely while maintaining a formal tone. 

School Leaving Certificate

What Should be Included in the Application for School Leaving Certificate?

The application can be written either by the student or by the parents. However, some things are necessary to be mentioned in the application so that the school can issue the certificate without any objection.

  • Name of the Student, enrollment number, contact details, and batch/admission year.
  • The subject line should categorically state the reason for sending the application. 
  • Why the student is leaving the current institute should be mentioned very clearly in the main body. From shifting to another state/city and taking admission at another institute to completing a particular course, the reasons can be many. However, it is important to cite genuine reasons. 
  • A final concluding line, thanking the concerned authority. 


Now that you have understood the basic details related to writing a transfer application, here are some samples that will help you gain an overview:

Sample 1

The Principal
St. Xavier’s School,

Subject: Application for Issuance of School Leaving Certificate

Respected Sir,

This is to inform you that I, Trisha Som, a student of Class 9-A cannot continue further education here as my father has been transferred to Delhi. Due to this, I and my family will be shifting to Delhi soon. 

Hence, I would kindly request you to issue a School Leaving Certificate for the same.

I am attaching a no-objection certificate provided by the library and the Accounts department. I will be highly obliged if the certificate could be issued within this week.

Thanking You,


Trisha Som
Moore Avenue,

Date: 24/03/20

Sample 2

The Principal
XYZ School,
Sonia Vihar,

Subject: Application for School Leaving Certificate

Respected Ma’am,

I inform you that my daughter, Samiya Sahu, Enrollment No. PQRS1234, of Class 10-E of your prestigious school, will not be able to continue her studies further at the school as we are shifting our residence to Noida.

I would kindly request you issue the School Leaving Certificate for my daughter as soon as possible as I have to submit it to ABC School where she will be admitted. 

Thanking You in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,

G. S. Sahu
I.P Extension,

Date: 01/04/20

Sample 3

The Principal 
Ryan International School 
Vasant Vihar
New Delhi 

Subject: Application for School Leaving Certificate 

Respected Ma’am 

I am Neeta Sharam, mother of Srishti Sharma of 8th B of your prestigious school. I am writing this with a very heavy heart that due to the sudden demise of my husband, we are facing financial problems and hence, are struggling to meet our expenses. With regret, I would like to bring to your notice that Srishti will not be able to continue their studies at your school. 

I would kindly request you issue the School Leaving Certificate for my daughter as soon as possible as I have to submit the same to the other institution to where she will be admitted. 

Thanking You 
Yours Truly 
Neeta Sharma


Why is a school leaving certificate important?

A school leaving certificate is a document that indicates your level of education and is issued when a student wants to transfer to a new school or needs to for admission to a university/college.

Is a school leaving certificate the same as a migration certificate?

No, a school leaving certificate is issued by the school in case you want to transfer schools or seek admission to a college. In contrast, a migration certificate is issued by a university after you complete your education.

How do I write the application for the school leaving certificate?

The application should be written as a formal letter to the Principal of your school and the letter must state reasons why you want a school leaving certificate issued.

What is a school leaving certificate?

A school leaving certificate acts as a transfer certificate and is issued to the student in case they want to transfer schools or seek admission in another college/school.

Is the school leaving certificates and TC the same?

Yes, the two documents serve the same purpose.

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Hopefully, you are familiar with the basics of writing an application for a School Leaving Certificate. If you need any help regarding admissions to college abroad or career counselling, you can head to our experts at Leverage Edu through an e-meeting and take a step ahead in the right direction! Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.

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    1. Hi Naresh!

      Yes, you can get it. You can apply for a Migration Certificate from your college if you need one. Hope this helps!

    1. Hi Naresh!

      Yes, you can get it. You can apply for a Migration Certificate from your college if you need one. Hope this helps!