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Karolinska Institute

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History, Affiliations and Rankings

Situated in the municipality of Solna within the Stockholm Urban Area of Sweden, Karolinska Institutet is a research-led medical university which was founded in 1810 as Sweden’s largest pharmaceutical institution. It is the third oldest medical school in Sweden after Uppsala and Lund University.

The university has been ranked #36 by Times Higher Education 2021

Campus, Courses and Infrastructure

Karolinska University operates across two campuses in the city.In addition to a campus in Solna,it also has an establishment in Flemingsberg. The Flemingsberg also known as Huddesburg Campus is surrounded by hospitals and pharmaceutical amenities.The Institute also runs its own shuttle bus between the campuses that is free for students and employees. It is focusing on building a sustainable campus by adopting the latest technological trends to control energy consumption and reduce carbon.

Karolinska offers courses in the subject areas of biochemistry, genetics, pharmacology, pathology, anatomy, physiology and medical microbiology, among others. It also has a gigantic training and research center which constitutes 30 % of medical training and around 40% of all academic medical and life science education conducted in Sweden. The university proves to be different by believing that higher education should allow individuals to develop new ways of making a positive impact in the world. 

Accomplishments and Alumni

Karolinska Institutet is globally renowned for offering best-in-class medical education It has developed highly specialized centers for advanced medical research. The university also has a list of distinguished alumni members. Some of the notable names include - Jöns Jakob Berzelius, Jon Jansen and Carl Gustaf Mosande.

Student Diversity and Visiting Companies

 The courses are developed in such a manner that instills transferable skills which are useful for study or employment in the future. 

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