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ISB Young Leaders Program

Do you know you can apply for PGP in Management with zero work experience? tAre you aiming to get in ISB and you’re still in college? Do you stand eligible to get through ISB’s selection criteria? Will you be eligible to get scholarships if you enroll in ISB Young Leaders Program?

Are you one of those students who like to map their future in advance? If so, ISB Young Leaders Program (ISB YLP) is specially designed for the likes of you. If you are still in college and plan to reach India’s #1 B-school, here’s all you must know about the ISB Young Leaders Program (ISB YLP) Program.

Who all can apply for the ISB Young Leaders Program?

ISB Young Leaders Program ( ISB YLP) is specially designed for college students who are passionate about their ISB dream. Unlike the regular application procedure, ISB invites applications from undergraduates who are in their semi-final or final year of graduation and have zero working experience.

Interestingly, through the ISB Young Leaders Program (ISB YLP) program, students secure their admissions in the PGPM program even before they have their graduation degree. However, they might have to wait for another 2 years until they begin taking classes for a regular PGP in Management. After graduating, students have to gain 1.9 years of working experience before they join the class of ISB. So if you thought it is a short-cut that would help you get through applications easy, well, here is a reality check!

How exactly does the ISB Young Leaders Program (ISB YLP) work?

ISB Young Leaders Program (ISB YLP) was introduced in 2012 and it’s a perfect fit for undergraduates from diverse educational backgrounds. Once their admission is confirmed, they are expected to attend four weekend sessions conducted in a gap of six months. Students are mentored and guided by experts for a smooth transition from student life to a professional environment. It inculcates personal attributes that would make them future leaders and provide them with a well-grounded platform to identify their career goals.

During the program, students learn through interactions with their peers from diverse backgrounds and the students on campus. This helps them gain insights about the program they might pursue two years later. While the candidates are on a two-year break, are expected to hunt for a suitable job that would expose them to multiple learning opportunities. Once the candidate has gained the required hands-on experience, they would be eligible to join the PGPM batch at ISB.

What is the application procedure to apply in ISB Young Leaders Program (ISB YLP)?

Students qualify for the ISB Young Leaders Program (ISB YLP) on the basis of their academic record and extracurricular achievements. Candidates, who are planning to apply for PGP in Management through ISB Young Leaders Program (ISB YLP), will have to submit their applications by mid-march while they are in their pre-final or final year of graduation. This means students need to start working on their applications while they are studying.

Once the candidates have submitted the applications, ISB would invite shortlisted applicants for stage 2. They would need to have their GMAT scores and essays handy for online submission. Post the second stage of applications, the admissions committee moves to the final stage, where they conduct interviews. The interviews of ISB Young Leaders Program (ISB YLP) applicants are conducted on one of the ISB campuses. Selected students have their admission offers in hand by October, while they’re still in their final year. So even before students have their degrees, they have locked their seats at ISB for PGP in Management through ISB Young Leaders Program (ISB YLP).

As soon as a candidate’s admission is confirmed, they need to pay INR 50,000 to secure his/her seat in the PGP in Management program. Along with this, INR 200,000 has to be paid which is later adjusted against the total tuition fee. However, if a candidate withdraws from his admission for any reasons, they will end up losing the entire advance they have paid.

Deadlines and Scholarships for the academic year 2020-21 for ISB Young Leaders Program

Particulars for ISB Young Leaders ProgramDate
Application Deadline for Stage 125th March, 2020
Announcements of Results for Stage 15th May, 2020
Deadline for Stage 231st August, 2020
Interview Invitation for Stage 215th September to 10th November 2020
Final Results15th November 2020

Every applicant selected through the ISB Young Leaders Program (ISB YLP) is awarded a scholarship of INR 100,000. Students who wish to apply for a scholarship under any of the categories listed by the school can do so. ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali offer numerous scholarships each year that are based on a student’s merit, or need.

Is there a difference between students admitted through ISB Young Leaders Program (ISB YLP) and the ones taking regular admission?

The only difference between ISB Young Leaders Program (ISB YLP) admits and regularly admits is in terms of their application procedure. As soon as they attain the required work experience, they become a part of the regular PGPM batch. They are taught by the same faculty and get the same opportunities in terms of placements and outreach programs. So if you think ISB Young Leaders Program might limit your chances of learning at ISB in any way, be assured because it only brings more opportunities.


Each year, close to 5000 students apply to the Indian School of Business‘s flagship course through the ISB Young Leaders Program. The institute has approximately 8-10% seats reserved for its applicants who are applying for a deferred admission in Post Graduate Program in Management. While ISB has a considerable number of seats reserved for students pursuing Bachelor’s, other options are worth a thought before taking the next step forward. Students must ask an expert to calculate if they should secure a deferred admission in ISB or not. Either way, if ISB is your dream college, you have a complete guide that will walk you through the admissions procedure, deadlines and other details you should know right away.

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