GMAT Scholarships

GMAT Scholarships

Financing an MBA degree program is a common problem and is not restricted to only those who come from lower-income backgrounds. Even if you get into a top MBA program after cracking GMAT, financial issues can act as a hindrance in pursuing higher education. In such situations, applying for educational loans and scholarships can be the most suitable choice. However, with a high rate of interest and a long payback period, scholarships are preferred. In this blog, we will take you through various GMAT scholarships that can help you start your career abroad in top Business management schools!

What is GMAT?

Before delving deep into GMAT scholarships, let us understand what this exam entails. GMAT, which is also known as the Graduate Management Admission Test is a computer-based adaptive exam conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). The main purpose of this test is to get efficient students on-board for various MBA programs throughout the globe. With the GMAT syllabus divided into 4 sections namely, Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing, Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning, a candidate’s knowledge and competencies are assessed on various parameters like command on English grammar, algebra, arithmetic, etc. 

What are the GMAT Scholarships?

Most of the time, grants and MBA scholarships are disbursed in academic institutions on the basis of merit or need. Following the same path, many universities that have a wide range of Management courses offer scholarships based on GMAT scores and this is what is known as GMAT scholarships. These schemes either cover a student’s entire cost of study or partial tuition fees. However, one needs to obtain an impressive score in GMAT in order to avail of the benefits of the program. 

List of GMAT Scholarships

Here is a comprehensive list of GMAT scholarships and their important details which you need to consider in order to get into top B-schools across the world:

Scholarship Name Offered By Brief Description
Manchester Merit ScholarshipsAlliance Manchester Business SchoolIf you are getting over 600 GMAT score, you can fetch the scholarship for your MBA program.
GMAT Scholarship for the Amsterdam MBAAmsterdam Business SchoolThe Scholarship is offered to candidates with 630 above score in GMAT. It offers €10,000 [Rs 8,30,000] to the highest score achiever. 
MIF GMAT-based WaiverAmsterdam Business SchoolThe candidates who want to pursue Executive MSc in International Finance through GMAT scholarships then a 640 GMAT score is a must. The scholarship ranges from €1000- €10,000 [Rs 83,000-Rs 8,30,000]

Note: GRE to GMAT conversion will be done for those who have a valid GRE score. 
ESMT Diversity ScholarshipESMT Berlin Candidates are eligible for getting up to €13,000 [Rs 10,80,000], provided they have attended at least one QS MBA Tour event in the last two years.

Their minimum GMAT score should be 650.

Equally, they need to have an in-depth interest in leadership, sustainable development as well as technology.
ESMT Women’s Academic ScholarshipESMT Berlin As one of the popular GMAT scholarships, it covers a partial tuition fee of up to €15,000 [Rs 12,50,000].

It is given to two female candidates for their full-time MBA program, provided they have an exemplary academic record with a GMAT score over 700.

Furthermore, the applicants also have to write an essay, which forms an essential part of the ESMT online application. 
Horace W. Goldsmith FellowshipHarvard Business SchoolAnother entrant to our list of GMAT scholarships, it offers 10,000 USD [Rs 7,76,000], given to first-year MBA students, provided they are willing to work in a non-profitable organisation. 
Dr. Tahir FellowshipsHaas School of BusinessThe amount provided under this program is 40,000 USD [Rs 3,10,5000].

It is awarded to students who have finished their undergraduate studies in Asia, provided they are planning to pursue a full-time MBA in Haas Business School.
Young Potential Leader (MBA)ESSEC Business SchoolThis scholarship is given on the basis of candidates’ performance in GMAT exam as well as in the personal interview.

The scholarship amount is €15,000 [Rs 12,50,000]
GMAT/GRE Excellence Scholarship (Master Programmes)Vlerick Business School This covers partial tuition fees for those who want to pursue an MBA from Vlerick Business school. Provided, the candidate has a GMAT score of 700. 
Academic Scholarship (MBA Programme)

Vlerick Business School Another addition to our list of GMAT scholarships is the one offered by Vlerick Business School which is offered to candidates with sound academic record.

The GMAT score should be more than 680. 

Note: The scholarship amounts mentioned in INR can vary based on the conversion rates.

Other GMAT Scholarships 

Apart from the aforementioned financial aid programmes, here is the list of other GMAT scholarships that can pave the way for your MBA career in top management schools. 

  • WHU MBA Scholarship for Excellent GMAT Result
  • Academic Distinction Scholarship
  • EDHEC Global MBA Scholarships
  • Academic Excellence Scholarships (Masters)
  • FS Master’s Scholarships
  • FS MBA Scholarships
  • The Willard M. Bollenbach Jr. 1949 Fund
  • HEC Paris MBA Scholarship for Excellence
  • Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • GMAT Excellence Awards
  • The Robert S. Kaplan Life Sciences Fellowship
  • HBS Fellowship Programs
  • Forte MBA Fellowship for Women
  • The Zonis Fellowship
  • Akhtarali H. Tobaccowala Fellowship
  • Kellogg Finance Network Scholarship
  • Kellogg Scholarship

Here is a detailed description of some of these GMAT scholarships.

ScholarshipOffered ByBrief Description
Kellogg Finance Network ScholarshipKellogg School of ManagementThis scholarship is awarded to students interested in full-time finance courses & merit-based scholarshipsGMAT score – 724
Kellogg ScholarshipKellogg School of ManagementAwarded to students with an overall excellent record in academic, leadership skills, etc in MBA.GMAT score – 724
INSEAD Christina Law MBA ‘91D Endowed Scholarship for Asian WomenINSEADFemale applicants with excellent academic background from Asia & willing to work back in their country.GMAT score – 709
Forte MBA Fellowship for WomenTuck School of BusinessScholarship awarded to students with an exceptional academic recordGMAT score – 650-700
The Willard M. Bollenbach Jr. 1949 FundTuck School of BusinessMerit-based scholarship for female candidates interested in full-time MBA courseGMAT score – 650 – 700

GMAT Scholarship for MBA

MBA has become a popular choice among students not just in India but all around the globe. MBA opens a gate of opportunity for students but the cost of an MBA makes a hole in pockets. Universities offering MBA courses also offers various scholarships program for its International students that help them in fulfilling their dream to being a part of top B – schools. Here are some major MBA universities offering scholarships in MBA based on GMAT scores: 

Standford University

For applicants applying to Stanford University & interested in pursuing MBA, there is a brilliant scholarship program for you. The Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship will cover the tuition fees expense of your 2 year MBA program. This scholarship is awarded to 5 students but the students have to return to India & work for an Indian organization for up to 2 years after the completion of their MBA & the required GMAT score is 700+.

Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Wharton School of business is one of the finest institutions for pursuing an MBA. It offers scholarships based on the different aspects. Awarding to students from emerging economies with excellent academic records, applicants that have taken part in social cause & showcased leadership qualities & to applicants that have a tremendous record professionally, personally & at academics. All three scholarships require a GMAT score of 700+. Here are all three scholarships offered in Wharton Business School:

  •  Emerging Economy Fellowships
  • Social Impact Fellowships
  • Joseph Wharton Fellowships

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business offers an MBA course that is popular among students globally & offers wonderful scholarships to its Indian applicants. Indian applicants interested in pursuing MBA are eligible to apply for Akhtarali H. Tobaccowala Fellowship. There is no official application process for students that meet the eligibility criteria & have belonged to India with a GMAT score of 724 will be considered for this scholarship.

Haas School of Business

Haas School of Business is a business school of the University of California Berkeley. The university is famous for various courses but the popular choice remains MBA. University offers a scholarship program for its Indian students. Applicants that have completed their undergraduate studies from Asia & have a GMAT Score of 700+ are eligible for the scholarship program. 

London Business School

Study in the UK has always been an in-demand choice, especially for MBA courses. Applicants that showcase leadership qualities with marvellous academic scores are eligible for B.K Birla MBA Scholarship. B.K Birla MBA Scholarship is awarded to applicants pursuing full-time MBA courses. The scholarship is awarded to 10 students. Out of 10, 5 applicants are selected from India & the remaining 5 from the rest of the world.

What GMAT Score Guarantees an MBA Scholarship?

Wondering what GMAT score will help you secure a scholarship in top B-schools. Well, the answer to this is that while a good GMAT score is considered while selecting a candidate for a scholarship program but no candidate is selected based on the GMAT score only. Overall qualities 7 attributes are taken into consideration before finalizing an applicant. Other factors like leadership qualities, social cause, academic record, work experience everything is required & taken into consideration. However, a good GMAT score increases your chances of a scholarship. A good GMAT score for an MBA scholarship can be ranged between 650-700.

Low score GMAT scholarships

You know good GMAT scores help you land a decent scholarship but it doesn’t guarantee that scholarship, similarly the low score in GMAT does not mean there are no scholarships available for you. The GMAT score is one of the criteria & factors that increases the chances of scholarships but in some cases, with a low GMAT score applicants are able to land a scholarship but a good GMAT score doesn’t get a scholarship. The other aspects like leadership qualities, social cause, academic record, work experience also affect the scholarship & in case of a low GMAT score applicant is still able to get a scholarship because he/she has a gigantic record in other fields. 


Can a good GMAT score get me a scholarship?

Yes, if you are achieving an impressive score in GMAT, there are considerable chances for your selection in top-B schools on various scholarships. Your high grading can help you in fetching fully-funded GMAT scholarships too.

What is the average GMAT score for getting a scholarship?

Generally, candidates with more than 600 GMAT score are able to get merit-based scholarships for some of the MBA programs.

When it comes to the GMAT scoring, what is the highest score?

800 is the highest score that one can get in the GMAT. In the Verbal as well as Quantitative sections, the scale scores go up to 800.

What will increase my chances of scholarship in MBA?

There are various aspects affecting a scholarship in MBA but the major one is a good GMAT score. A GMAT score above 700 will increase the chances of scholarship in MBA

Are there any Universities in the USA offering scholarships based on GMAT scores?

There are plenty of scholarships available in the USA based on GMAT scores.

What is considered a good GMAT score?

GMAT score range 650 – 700 considered good for scholarships.

Hopefully, through this comprehensive blog on GMAT scholarships, you are now familiar with the wide range of options you can choose from! Do you want to improve your GMAT score? Then Leverage Edu’s live online GMAT classes are the right choice for you! Not only will you get to study updated materials from industry experts, but you will also get to solve scores of mock tests at the comfort of your home!

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