How to choose a college
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How to Choose a College Major ? – A Big Decision

Most of the colleges ask for a college major while filling the application form, and this creates a pressure on the applicant as he’s already got too many suggestions from his parents, teachers, counselors, and mentors. The pressure of ide… More

SAT Essay
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Significance of Optional SAT Essay

With the launch of New SAT, the biggest change made was making the SAT essay optional. With essay being made optional it has been observed that the confusion among test takers have risen. It is about why or why not schools require SAT essay sco… More

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Asia’s Best B-School – Is CEIBS MBA overhyped?

What is CEIBS? Is a CEIBS MBA worth it? How in such a short span, it rank #8 in the FT Global MBA Rankings? There are many like you who are finding the answers to these questions. The growth of CEIBS as a b-school which is considered as Asia&#821… More