MBA after Mechanical Engineering

MBA After Mechanical Engineering

There is no limit to knowledge, there is a common misconception that if you have an Engineering degree, you don’t have to study any further. Well, you obviously can start working right after but, there is no harm in studying further. In fact, an MBA after Mechanical engineering is a great option, it will not only develop your skills and knowledge but also look great on your resume.

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Why MBA?

A Bachelor’s degree in Engineering is a professional degree that means you have studied in a particular field of engineering, such as mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, etc. A degree in engineering is a specialization course which focuses on specific topics related to the course of study.

This allows you to learn the professional skills needed for your career. However, getting an engineering degree alone is not appropriate in the current working climate. You need a postgraduate degree nowadays to give yourself a strong foundation in your career path, and this is where an MBA after Mechanical Engineering plays an important role.

Businesses and organizations require more than just specialist skills. They need individuals who understand the market climate and can work in it efficiently. Organizations are searching for representatives that can act and bring others with them as well. The key qualifications for organizations are now management skills.

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Benefits of MBA after Mechanical Engineering

There are many benefits of doing an MBA after Mechanical Engineering, some of them are listed below –

  • An MBA after Mechanical Engineering will help you improve your management skills and train you adequately for real-world issues.
  • An MBA after Mechanical Engineering will provide you with a sound business base that will assist you to understand business as a whole while helping you build a holistic approach to the work environment.
  • This provides you with a strategic advantage and encourages you to ascend the corporate ladder. It will help to differentiate you from among your peers by the talents and skills you will gain along the way.
  • An MBA helps to create a favourable career path for you. It is evident that the values of your engineering experience are not only sound but also in areas that have to do with finance, marketing and management.
  • That is going to help you step up the corporate ladder. It provides a convenient way for you to quickly transition from a technical role to a management role.
  • An MBA after Mechanical Engineering opens the door to a wide variety of career possibilities. In relation to your engineering profession, you can easily enter into various levels of managerial positions along with technical positions.
  • It allows you to grow your character as well. It helps to empower you with expertise, presentation skills, communication skills, and much more.
  • Moving ahead, one of the most talked about the benefit of pursuing an MBA after Mechanical Engineering is how it increases employability in varied fields and sectors of the economy. It not only restricts students or candidates in one particular field. 
  • On the context of the above-stated benefit, pursuing an MBA after Mechanical Engineering also helps and improves job positioning and salary as better companies with better job profiles will approach you.
  • Pursuing an MBA after Mechanical Engineering will also help you to develop and acquire multi-disciplinary skills or skillset. 

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MBA after Mechanical Engineering: Specialisations

For a BTech graduate, selecting an MBA specialization is a smart choice, as engineering graduates often already work in a specific field or niche. It may however be a bit confusing for a candidate to choose the correct MBA specialization. Here is a list of the best specializations for MBA after Mechanical engineering graduates –

MBA in Business Analytics

University/ College  Location  QS World University Rankings for MBA in Business Analytics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA 1
University of California, Los Angeles USA 2
Essec Business School France, Singapore  3
ESCP Europe Business School, Paris France, Germany  4
Imperial College London UK 5

MBA in Finance

University/ College  Location  QS World University Rankings for MBA in Finance
University of Pennsylvania USA 1
Stanford University USA 2
Harvard University USA 3
Columbia University USA 4
The University of Chicago USA 5

MBA in International Business

University/ College  Location  QS World University Rankings for MBA in International Business 
INSEAD Singapore Singapore  1
Harvard University USA 2
University of Pennsylvania USA 3
London Business School UK 4
IE Business School Spain  5

MBA in Marketing

University/ College  Location  QS World University Rankings for MBA in Marketing 
HEC Paris France  1
Columbia University USA 2
Imperial College London UK 3
ESADE Business School Spain  4
ESCP Europe Business School, Paris France, Germany and UK 5

MBA in Operations Management

University/ College  Location  QS World University Rankings for MBA in Operations Management
Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA 1
Michigan State University USA 2
IE Business School Spain  3
Arizona State University USA 4
The Polytechnic University of Milan Italy  5

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Top Universities in India for MBA after Mechanical Engineering

Mentioned below is a list of top universities in India for MBA according to their NIRF Rankings 2020:

  1. Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
  2. Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
  3. Indian Institute of Management Calcutta
  4. Indian Institute of Management Lucknow
  5. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
  6. Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode
  7. Indian Institute of Management Indore
  8. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
  9. Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI), Jamshedpur
  10. Management Development Institute, Gurugram 

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MBA after Mechanical Engineering: Top Universities

Enlisted below is a list of top universities in the world for MBA according to their QS World University Rankings 2021:

  1. Stanford University
  2. University of Pennsylvania
  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  4. Harvard University
  5. HEC Paris
  6. INSEAD Singapore
  7. London Business School
  8. Columbia University
  9. IE Business School
  10. University of California Berkeley

The lucrative packages that globally renowned companies offer are one of the biggest benefits of pursuing MBA after Mechanical Engineering. In order to excel in the field of management, an MBA specialization or a specialized PGDM degree should be pursued in the relevant field. A management career is a right path for you if you have gained over 4 years of work experience and want to get a good rise in your salary.

We hope that this blog has provided you with answers to all your post-Mechanical Engineering MBA questions. If you are still confused about which course and university you should choose, then contact our experts at Leverage Edu and get help throughout the whole process of finding an appropriate programme and college that aligns with your interests and career aspirations and equips you with the right knowledge and exposure to the field of your choice. Book your free session with us today!

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