How to Become a Behavior Analyst?

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How to Become a Behavior Analyst_

For the growing of world, we need individuals who work not only for their satisfaction but to make the world a better place to live in. These professionals are known by a name which is that of Behavior Analysts. Behavior Analyst is a person who devotes his time to help individuals overcome debilitating physical and social disabilities. They learn about various principles and theories by observing people’s behavior which they use in real-life settings to treat people with social and behavioral ailments that inhibit their daily functioning. If you aspire to help the people around you and wish to become a behavior analyst but are unaware about the steps involved, this blog is the right place for you. Let us explores the entire journey of becoming a behavior!

Who is a Behavior Analyst?

Behavior analysis is an evidence driven therapy which works towards instilling proper social and behavioral habits in the patients. Behavioral analysts work in a wide variety of settings, from workplaces to schools and in familial situations. The behavioral patterns, interests and environmental upbringing of the patients are studied and then reinforcements are used to treat them to make their behavior more suited to the society. Becoming a Behavior Analyst is an assiduous task, involving stimulating situations and a long process of education involving various diploma courses which would certify you as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst(BCBA). Let us explore the steps and degrees to be earned to become a coveted Behavior Analyst.

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How to Become a Behavior Analyst in India & Abroad?

To help you ease out the process of becoming a behavior analyst. We have breaking the process into steps. Here are the steps to become a behavior analyst in India and abroad.

Step-1: Earn Bachelor and Masters Degree

To become a Behavior Analyst, graduating with a degree in health science can make you more adept to become a professional in this field. Graduating with a degree in applied behavioral analysis, psychology or education enables prospective students to get acquainted with certain aspects of the field making the transition to behavioral analysis smooth. It expedites the learning process at a later stage and helps in preparing the students about the concerns they are likely to face while taking a diploma course in behavioral analysis.Master’s is also an important part of becoming a certified Behavior Analyst because many licensing exams take a master’s degree into account. 

Step-2: Get ProfessionalDiploma/ Certificate Course in Behavioral Analysis

After completing one’s graduation or passing school, one can apply for a diploma degree in behavioral analysis. Various universities of the world offer diploma in behavioral analysis which is a short term course which certifies the individual’s ability to work as a behavioral analyst. A major certificate program that can be undertaken to be a professional Behavior Analyst is BCBA. BCBA certification is a globally accepted certificate that allows one to work as a behavioral analyst in any part of the world. The certification assesses the person’s ability to work as a behavioural analyst by evaluating their independent field work or degrees they have earned or a dissertation related to the course they submit. Undertaking the BCBA examination and passing it successfully makes a person a certified behavioral analyst with the necessary preconditions. 

Step-3:  Behavior Analyst License Verification

To become a certified Behavior Analyst, alongside a degree getting a license is imperative too. These are issued only when the individual has the necessary degree, enough fieldwork and has devoted enough time to prove their calibre in the field. Not all areas necessitate a license to allow a person to work as a behavioral analyst but getting a license makes it easier to function in most parts of the world without any restrictions.

Step-4: Ready to Start Your Internship 

After getting the necessary degrees, it is always beneficial to work as an intern with a big firm to understand the nuances of the industry. It provides the much needed practical exposure and gives an individual the chance to hone their skills in a realistic setting. Working as an intern also gives Behavior Analystts experience which they can use when working as an independent analyst or for a senior position in some corporation.

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Step-5: Time to Start Your Dream Job

Getting a full time job is the final step to be taken towards becoming a professional. Congratulations! You are now a licensed behavioral analyst. There is an array of career paths to opt from. Professionals can work in education, health care, social service, with mental health institutions, large conglomerates or as an independent behavioral analyst. It has a broad scope and thereby provides numerous opportunities.

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Job Description

Students are looking for unique courses to pursue and behaviour analyst is among those courses. Are you wondering what will you do once you become a certified professional? Here is the job description you should know:

  • Conducting the assessment while interacting with clients initially
  • The analyst will have to visit institutions, parents, teachers, and friends to gain better insight into the client’s issues
  • Conducting personal and group sessions to analyze the pattern of client behavior
  • Devising the treatment plan and if required consulting other professional doctors from other fields

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Behavior Analyst Courses & Programs

Wondering what are the different courses available for behavior analyst? We have curated a list of top courses and colleges you can pursue this course:

Master of Education in Foundations in Behavior AnalysisUniversity of CincinnatiUSA
Online Master’s in Psychology with a Concentration in Applied Behavior AnalysisPurdue University GlobalIndiana
Master of Arts in Special Education (Applied Behavior Analysis)Arizona State UniversityArizona
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Online ProgramUniversity of Washington Washington 
Master’s Degree in Behavior Analysis Simmon UniversityMassachusetts
Master of Applied Behavior AnalysisUniversity of DaytonUSA
Master’s in Applied Behavior AnalysisPepperdine UniversityCalifornia

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Behavior Analyst Salary in India and Abroad

Behavior analyst salary is decent and has a bright scope in future as well. There are plenty of job opportunities in India as well as abroad. The average salary ranges in Inida ranges between ₹244168 to ₹644168. The pay of behavior analysts is comparatively better in abroad. Here is the oay be experience level for behavioral analysts from payscale:

Behavior Analyst Salary
Credits : PayScale

Behavior Analyst Certification Board

To become a certified behavioral analyst every candidate has to register themselves on BCAB. Before registering candidates must check the eligibility requirements. The minimum requirements are that students should have a master’s degree with at least 225 hours of coursework. To become a certified behavior analyst, every individual have to clear the exam. Check out all the details on BACB

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Behavior Analyst vs Psychologist

It is easy to get confused between behavior analysts and psychologists. Both have similar fields but the job description is completely different. Some schools have psychologists that help students with academic problems and career counselling as well. Psychologists encourage students towards better academic result whereas behavior analysts are focused in-depth and cover many other key areas as well. To know more, check out our blog on Psychologist.


Which countries require certification in behviour analyst?

Some of the places that require certification are Rhodes Island, Hawaii, Arizona, Texas. There are many other destination where students will require a certification. 

What is the name of behviour analyst certification board?

Students have to appear for BCAB certification board exam. It is the final criteria to be fulfilled by every student.

Where can license verification of the course is done?

Students can get their license verification done at BCAB website

How to become a Behavior Analyst for the FBI?

After completing a degree of 3 year, students can apply after gaining experience of 3 – 5 years at least in the related field.

How to become a behavior analyst in Canada?

You have to follow the same step mentioned above to become a behavioral analyst in Canada. Arcadia and Walden University are the famous universities in Canada for this course.

What is the range of board-certified behavior analyst salary?

According to PayScale, board certified behavior analyst can earn up to  $64004 (INR 47 lakhs) in India.

Becoming a Behavior Analyst may be your dream but to make this dream come true needs infinite patience, hard work and optimism. Leverage Edu is here to be a part of your dream and see you achieve it with flair. Its experts can help you in enrolling for these courses and get admissions in some of the best universities in the world. Register today for a free counselling session and achieve your dream of becoming a Behavior Analyst.

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