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There’s nothing like seeing someone’s life change with the help of good nutrition and health support. A job in the nutrition and wellness industry could be a good fit for you if you enjoy studying and researching healthy food habits, a healthy lifestyle, mindful eating, and the overall well-being of the body and the soul. With the help of various nutrition courses at UG, PG and PhD levels, you will be able to start and pursue some of the most popular nutrition jobs and a career in the wellness or health industry. If you’re having difficulty envisioning all of the employment opportunities or the various wellness and nutrition jobs opportunities, then you’re at the right place. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your ideal job on this list. So, let’s get started.

Eligibility Criteria

This is depending on the sort of nutrition job you choose to pursue. Many of the higher-paying positions need at least a 4-year degree, however, you may want to consider pursuing a master’s degree for a more competitive approach. Associates and assistants can obtain an associate degree in half the time it takes to earn a bachelor’s degree, however, the compensation isn’t as high as positions that need a bachelor’s degree.

Did you know: Nutrition and wellness is an area with plenty of career and job prospects, with a predicted growth rate of 21% between 2012 and 2022 (and beyond).

Best Nutrition Jobs and Wellness Career Options

Whether you like to work one-on-one with customers or prefer to focus on product design in the lab, there is a role for you. If you’re passionate about nutrition and health, all you have to do now is bring your personality and lifestyle objectives to find the ideal fit.

If you’re more of a nurturer who enjoys making direct relationships with clients, a job as a Health Coach or nutritionist may be for you. Blogging, marketing, or producing your product might be fulfilling for more creative or business-oriented people. The more data-driven may be drawn to medical research, working in a hospital, or diagnosing and treating patients, and maybe best suited to pursue a dietetics degree to become a registered dietitian. Here’s a look at the various wellness and nutrition jobs available, as well as learning opportunities that can help you discover a rewarding career:

  1. Health Coach
  2. Registered Dietician Nutrition
  3. Sports Nutritionist
  4. Nutrition Educators
  5. Wellness Entrepreneur
  6. Nutrition and Dietician Technician
  7. Certified Nutrition Specialist
  8. Holistic Nutritionist
  9. Recipe Developer
  10. Food & Wellness Blogger

Health Coach

One of the most trending nutrition jobs these days is as a health coach. A health coach offers a comprehensive approach to health, looking at all aspects of a client’s life and assisting them in developing methods for living a healthier lifestyle. If you want to become a Health Coach, you should look for a decent university that suits your needs, including your budget, available study time, and if the programme curriculum includes what you want to learn.

Courtesy: Institute of Integrative Nutrition

To become a health coach, you must:

  • Enrol in a programme to become a health coach.
  • Choose a speciality audience for your post-graduation health coaching career, whether it’s assisting new parents with stress management, working with athletes to improve their performance, or assisting clients in eating healthier to battle chronic illnesses.
  • Whether you do virtual coaching or in-person coaching in a school, corporate office, hospital, gym, wellness centre, or doctor’s office, find a location where you can thrive.

Registered Dietician Nutritionist

Another of the most trending nutrition jobs these days is a registered dietician nutritionist. An RDN is a food and nutrition specialist who can counsel customers on diets and meal plans that are tailored to their specific nutritional needs and based on the most recent nutritional research. In a traditional medical environment, such as a public health clinic, nursing home, or school, RDNs will generally create various nutrition care plans for patients while giving them proper guidance and motivation.

To become an RDN, you must:

  • Get a bachelor’s degree in dietetics from an approved college or university.
  • Complete a 6 to 12 months dietetic internship under supervision.
  • Obtain a state license and certification from recognized dietician academies.
RxRD Nutrition | What's the Difference Between Dietitian and
Courtesy: RxRD Nutrition

Sports Nutritionist 

To work in the fitness industry, you just don’t only have to be a personal trainer. Many other wellness and nutrition jobs are available in the sports industry. Whether you want to work in a large gym or a smaller boutique-style studio, nutrition is crucial in helping customers get the most out of their exercises. Professional and competitive athletes often consult with sports nutritionists, who help them make better diet and lifestyle choices and empower them to think about their health outside of the gym.

Courtesy: Garage Strength

If you wish to work as a sports nutritionist, you should:

  • Get a bachelor’s degree in sports nutrition or dietetics is required
  • Under the supervision of the proclaimed nutritionist experts
  • Obtain a state license as well as certification as a Registered Dietician.

Nutrition Educators

Another of the most successful and trending nutrition jobs in this field is nutrition educators. Nutrition educators typically have a bachelor’s degree in nutrition or dietetics and will frequently pursue a master’s or doctoral degree to further their education. This is an excellent career option for someone who likes teaching and sharing nutrition knowledge in a classroom setting.

What is the role of a nutrition educator?

  • Nutrition educators are employed by schools, after-school programmes, summer camps, and government organizations to give the knowledge to assist children to learn about health at an early age.
  • Nutrition educators frequently conduct research and produce scholarly papers and books on new advancements in nutrition science.
  • They can serve on school boards as advocates, educating communities about healthy alternatives and services for children.

Wellness Entrepreneur

Next up on our list of top nutrition jobs of 2021 is a wellness entrepreneur. Many nutrition school graduates go on to create their own businesses, which are generally focused on healthy eating and lifestyle. This is a fantastic place for the entrepreneur-minded person to produce food items, build wellness facilities, or start juice bars.

What steps do you need to take to become a wellness entrepreneur?

  • Choose a speciality that reflects your interests, whether it’s a fitness business or a specialized superfood product.
  • Consider how you may develop a product or service that fills a market void. Then strategize for making your brand or vision stand out from the crowd.
  • Join a health-related networking group and get connected with like-minded people.

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Nutrition and Dietician Technician

Medical nutrition therapy, which uses diet to address current medical concerns and assist lower the risk of future ones, is provided by nutrition and dietetic technicians in collaboration with certified dietician nutritionists.

What are the locations where NDTRs are employed?

  • Schools, childcare centres, restaurants, health care facilities, companies, and hospitals are some of the places where you can work.
  • Within various community health programmes.
  • Weight loss clinics, health clubs, and fitness facilities

Certified Nutrition Specialist

Certified nutrition consultants or specialists is another one of the most popular nutrition jobs in 2021. These specialists are food experts who design meal programmes to assist customers to achieve their health-related goals. They regularly interact with patients who have been diagnosed with chronic diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol, advising and providing individualized health care based on the most recent nutrition research. Rather than working in a public health environment, a CNS will most likely work in a private clinic or wellness centre.

Courtesy: The Urban Fight

You should do the following to become a CNS:

  • A Master’s degree in Nutrition or a similar field of study or subject from an approved and renowned university.
  • At least 1,000 hours of supervised practice are expected.
  • Obtain a CNS license in the state where you practice.

Holistic Nutritionist

Moving ahead, we have one of the most niche professions or nutrition jobs on our list. A holistic nutritionist takes a larger perspective of health than just food needs, concentrating on the complete person’s health – mind, body, and spirit. It’s crucial to remember that the phrase “holistic” isn’t regulated in every state or country. It may vary from region to region.

You should do the following to become a holistic nutritionist:

  • Complete a comprehensive nutrition education programme recognised nutrition academy.
  • At least 500 hours of professional experience in holistic nutrition is required.

Recipe Developer 

You’ve probably already compiled a library of creative recipes if you have a flair for producing delicious dishes or experimenting in the kitchen with nutritious ingredients. Recipe development is excellent and is one of the most creative nutrition jobs on our list. A career in this field of study will allow you to offer your own unique, yet particular, concoctions while also inspiring others to eat healthily.

What is the role of a recipe developer?

  • You may write and publish your cookbook or recipe book.
  • Have you ever wondered who came up with the gluten-free cookie recipe on the back of your favourite jar of almond butter? Even food businesses require some assistance with recipes, and will often hire recipe developers to help them with this sort of material.
  • A recipe developer may help food bloggers and publishers expand their recipe library by adding vegan, vegetarian, paleo, and low-sugar recipes to their website.

Food or Wellness Blogger 

Blogging used to be considered a hobby until a few years ago. However, with an increase in the number of bloggers, the career has created an online identity of its own. It is now feasible to earn a six-figure salary while being a blogger in any field. This is one of the most talked-about and popular nutrition jobs that are being currently pursued by many in the industry. The career option is ideal for anybody interested in writing, advertising, marketing, or design and who wants to combine their creativity with a passion for health and wellness.

Courtesy: WP Cupid Blog

How do you go about becoming a wellness blogger?

  • The most successful health and wellness blogs have a speciality, whether it’s plant-based eating, or cooking healthy meals for their families. You may begin to develop a brand around your speciality after you’ve discovered it.
  • Use social media marketing and outreach to build a following of people who want to live better, more balanced lifestyles.
  • Be true to yourself. Find a topic that interests you and create content around that message.

Top College for Wellness & Nutrition Jobs

The following are some of the best colleges to consider for studying subjects and courses that can help you get into wellness and nutrition jobs:

College/University Location
University of Gloucestershire England, United Kingdom
Durham University England, United Kingdom
The University of Queensland Brisbane, Australia
The University of Strathclyde Scotland, United Kingdom
Glasgow University Scotland, United Kingdom
Griffith University Brisbane, Australia
DePaul University Chicago, United States
University of Strathclyde Glasgow, United Kingdom
University of Canberra Canberra, Australia
Liverpool John Moores University England, United Kingdom
University of Illinois Champaign, United States
University of Barcelona Barcelona, Spain
University College Dublin Dublin, Ireland
McGill University Montreal, Canada
University of Otago Dunedin, New Zealand
Technical University of Munich Munich, Germany
University of Glasgow Glasgow, United Kingdom

Professionals in the nutrition field earn a range of salaries based on their experience, location, and degree, much like those in other areas. It may also be determined by the industry in which you work. However, the estimated salary of a beginner in wellness and nutrition jobs will be somewhere between 25k to 35k a month. The salary tends to grow with the number of work experience you’ll have in the industry, education qualification, skills, etc.

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Scope of Career in Wellness & Nutrition Jobs

There are several ways to combine health and wellness with your professional interests and abilities. The area is continually developing and evolving, providing possibilities for anybody interested in nutrition and health to contribute their knowledge in a professional environment. Furthermore, the subject of health and wellness may add a rewarding aspect to your professional life by allowing you to educate others and have a good influence on them.

Wellness and Nutrition jobs provide a variety of exciting opportunities to help people better their lives through food. As a result, you may take pleasure in the emotions of pride and fulfilment that come from assisting others in achieving their goals. And, because of the field’s diversity, you’ll probably never get bored.

So this was all about the famous and trending nutrition jobs of 2021. Stay connected with Leverage Edu for more educational content and to know about more such unconventional career option guides.

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