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Canada is known for the education it provides in the medical field. Whether it be MBBS or MD in Canada, you graduate as a professionally equipped doctor. One such profession within the medical field that has gained prominence in Canada lately is Medical Coding. Medical Coders are one of the most important behind-the-scenes performers for critical work on medical facilities. If you want to know more about how to become a Medical Coder and find the best Medical Coding jobs in Canada – you will find all the details in this blog!

What is Medical Coding?

Medical Coding can be defined as the process of translating worded reports of patients in a hospital or a medical institute into alphanumerical codes accepted universally. The reason why medical coding was introduced was to provide a uniformity of data throughout medical institutes. For example, a patient with jaundice in one hospital will be translated with the same code as in a hospital 100 km away. 

Medical Coding is now famous because of the benefits it provides to health insurance companies. Loads of data (diagnosis, prognosis, surgery, procedures, medication, patient history) is all coded and easily accessible for the insurance officers.

Medical Coding Job Description

Medical coding jobs require candidates to keep an account for the coding and abstracting of patient encounters, including diagnostic and procedural information, significant reportable elements, and complications. It involves research and data analysis for reimbursement, medical records and identifies documentation deficiencies. They are responsible for supporting diagnoses, procedures and treatment results. Identification of diagnostic and procedural information. Audits clinical documentation and coded data to validate documentation supports services rendered for reimbursement and reporting purposes.

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What Does a Medical Coder Do?

The primary job of a medical coder is to translate the physicians’ reports into useful medical codes. They analyze medical reports, charts and assign codes for insurance claims, treatment, diagnosis, etc.

How to Become a Medical Coder in Canada?

To become a Medical Coder in Canada, you have a lot of courses available that train you professionally in the job. When it comes to the course, you are taught the three universally accepted medical coding systems:  

  • ICD- International Classifications of Disease
  • CPT- Current Procedural Terminology
  • HCPCS- Healthcare Common Procedure Coding Systems 

One of these languages is used at every medical institute for medical coding purposes. To be eligible for a medical coding job in Canada, you must be trained professionally with these coding systems. 

Courses for Medical Coding in Canada

There are a few institutes that offer Medical Coding courses in Canada and they are given below-

Canada Institute of Management and Technology  50 hours 
Canadian College of Health Information Management  120-150 hours 
Canada College  18 units 
Canadian Valley Technology Centre 10 months 

At the end of the course, you will be given a certificate which is proof for recruiters that you are equipped for medical coding jobs in Canada. You can also pursue medical coding courses in India and then look for job opportunities in Canada.

Top Medical Universities in Canada

International Students who want to pursue a course in the medical field should go through this list of top medical universities in Canada.

Univerisity Global Ranking Location
McGill University #49 Montreal, Quebec
Toronto University #18 Toronto, Ontario
University of British Columbia #30 Vancouver, British Columbia
McMaster University #126 Hamilton, Ontario
Queen’s University #379 Kingston, Ontario

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Medical Coding Salary in Canada 

Let’s have a look at the average salary of a Medical Coder in Canada and compare it with average salaries in other countries.

Countries  Average Annual Salary (INR)
Canada 23.76 lakhs 
India 3.75 lakhs 
UK 25.65 lakhs 
USA  31.72 lakhs 
Australia  37.1 lakhs 

Top Recruiters of Medical Coders in Canada

Medical Coding jobs in Canada are limited and have just started to grow. Therefore, there are very few recruiters who hire medical coders or medical coding specialists. Some of them, according to Indeed, are-

  • Kingston Health Science Centres 
  • University Health Network 
  • Concordia Hospital 
  • Burnaby Hospital 

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Scope of Medical Coding in Canada 

The scope of Medical Coding Jobs in Canada is significantly low because of the different structures of the health insurance system. However, it is a slowly growing phenomenon and hasn’t reached its complete potential yet. 

Hope you enjoyed this blog on Medical Coding Jobs in Canada! Like jobs, Canada is also considered the top choice of study abroad for Indian students. Co-op courses, easy visa application process and top universities in Canada make it the ideal country to stud in. Want to get the benefit of the Canada Education System and create a global career? Call our study abroad experts at 1800-572-000 and book your first counselling session for FREE!

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  1. I want to become a medical coder in Canada. I’m an Indian so is there any need to attend exam in Indian before to approach Canada hospitals

  1. I want to become a medical coder in Canada. I’m an Indian so is there any need to attend exam in Indian before to approach Canada hospitals

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