Medical Courses in Sweden

Medical Courses in Sweden

Scandinavian countries are looked upon in awe by the whole world. Maintaining a good rate of development, while ensuring a good quality of life and sustainability of practices isn’t something that most countries have been able to achieve. Sweden is one of the well known constituent countries of Scandinavia, and possibly the best among its peers in providing higher education. With a unique curriculum setup and innovative academic pattern, Sweden is looked up by students as a dream educational destination. In this article, let us look up the various facets of pursuing Medical Courses in Sweden, and what makes them stand out from the rest.

Why study Medicine in Sweden?

Sweden is known all around the globe for its path breaking educational infrastructure, giving a lot of personal liberty to students to choose their career path as well as explore the areas of their interest. Here are some of the major pointers which display the perks of doing Medical Courses in Sweden:

  • Beside offering traditional degrees in Medicine, Sweden offers novel and innovative courses like Experimental Medicine through its famed Universities. Along with giving a niche to the students, these courses provide a window of innovation and alternate thinking to the world.
  • Application process in Sweden is far simpler than other countries, especially for foreign students. The University admission process is centralised, thus leading to ease of access to all available academic options.
  • Sweden offers cultural variety to Indian students, giving them a glimpse into the Western world. This translates into a great educational experience as well as international networking opportunities.

A centralised higher education system allows Swedish Universities to keep their documentation and application processes at the bare minimum. There is a common application for all foreign students, making it easy to tap into all possible Universities at one go. There are some documents and eligibility criteria that are common for every student looking to study in Sweden. Prominent ones among them are:

  • Proof of educational and sustenance funding
  • Health insurance(applicable for all students who wish to live in Sweden for more than one year)
  • A copy of an active passport with Visa validity upto the length of course and other academic activities, if any.
  • Motivation Letter or SoP which comprehensively shows the intent of living in Sweden and what the student wishes to learn in the country. 
  • A well made resume describing the student’s abilities, hobbies and accomplishments.
  • A portfolio of self made work, applicable in creative, artistic and design courses.

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Other than the above mentioned details, there are certain requirements that are specific to the level of education students look to pursue in Sweden. These apply not just to Medical Courses in Sweden, but all fields of education in the country. Here is an overview:

Undergraduate Degrees

  • Proof of passing Senior Secondary School, with a minimum score of 60%.
  • Proof of proficiency in English, for which student’s academic scores are evaluated in comparison to Swedish English 6 exam.
  • Students must have studied Mathematics for at least 10 years in their core curriculum prior to joining the University.

Masters Degrees

  • Students must hold a Bachelor’s degree from a University that is recognized in Sweden.
  • Students must prove their proficiency in English through written exams like IELTS/TOEFL.

PhD Programs

  • Students must possess at least a Bachelor’s degree with a focus in the same subject as the intended field of PhD. Depending on the subject, a Master’s degree may be required.
  • Students must have a written degree thesis from their prior education.
  • It is beneficial to have a Letter of Recommendation as they help in providing credibility to a student’s profile.
  • To enrol in programs that are offered in Swedish, students must apply for  Swedish language test TISUS.

Top Medical Courses in Sweden

Sweden is well known not just for its highly. Medical courses are offered in top universities in Sweden at all academic levels, with dedicated courses for subjects that are rarely found in mainstream Universities. Here are the highlights of some of the courses which are most popular among students in who are pursuing Medical Courses in Sweden:

Course Name 
Masters in Biomedicine
Masters in Medical Science and Public Health
Masters in Global Health
M.Sc in Health Informatics in Occupational Therapy
M.Sc in Biomedical Engineering
Masters in Medical Engineering
Masters in Sports Physiology and Medicine
Masters in Experimental Medicine
Masters in Health Economics, Policy and Management

Medical Courses in Sweden: Top Universities

Swedish Universities are unique in their own right, known for their unique course setup and research feasibility. Among the numerous Universities offering various Medical universities across Sweden, here are the most recognised ones:

UniversityQS Rankings(Medicine)THE Rankings(Medicine)
Karolinska Institute512
Lund University51-10090
Uppsala University51-100101-125
University of Gothenburg101-150126-150
Umea University201-250251-300
Linkoping University251-300301-400
Orebro University501-550301-400
Malmo University251-300_
Chalmers University of Technology__
Stockholm University__

Here is a complete list of popular Medical Science courses!

With this, we conclude this article on Medical Courses in Sweden. If you find Sweden to be a feasible educational destination for yourself and want to explore more opportunities in the country, we have the apt services for you. At Leverage Edu, we provide expert career and admission guidance that is essential for ensuring your place in the University of your choice. Not just that, we also help you frame the perfect SOP and LORs that will boost your chances of selection. To begin the process of success, connect with us through a free e-meeting today!

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