Part Time Jobs in Canada for International Students

Part Time Jobs in Canada

Studying abroad, especially in a place like Canada can be a burden on your pocket. With high tuition fees, cost of living and other leisure activities, one way to ease the burden by working past time; either on-campus or off-campus. Another added advantage of working part-time is that a great job experience can bolster your application while applying for PR. The Canadian visa allows students to work for approximately 20 hours per week of a paid job. However, students enrolled for an intensive course are advised to work for 12 hours a week. Let us have an in-depth look at part-time jobs in Canada for International students.

Job Regulations for Part-Time Jobs in Canada for International Students

Part-Time off Campus

  • Has to be a holder of a Social Insurance Number (SIN).
  • Should be enrolled in a program that is at least 6 months long and awards a diploma, certificate or a degree by the end of it.
  • Should be enrolled in a secondary-level  a post-secondary academic, vocational or professional training program.

Part-Time off Campus

  • Has to be a holder of a Social Insurance Number (SIN).
  • Should be a holder of a valid study permit.
  • Candidates should be enrolled in a public post-secondary college or university, private college-level school in Quebec, or a Canadian private school.

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How to Find a Part Time Job?

  • You will find bulletin boards in the campus of your university where the job openings are advertised. 
  • You will also be made aware of various websites that post vacancies and job openings. 
  • You can work anywhere from cafes, restaurants, coffeeshops, retail stores, as a lifeguard, swimming coach. 
  • You can work as a translator if you know an additional language. Because Canada is a multi cultural society there are plenty of job opportunities available for a translator.

Monetary Benefits of Part Time Jobs in Canada

When working on a part time basis, students are usually paid in hours. On average your pay may be roughly around 10$ an hour. A student visa also enables you to engage in academic work on campus. You may assist your professor in research work. For doing so you don’t require a work permit and can work beyond the stipulated hours. This kind of work is usually paid less but helps you gain work experience. Students can also choose to work off campus after completing six months of study.

Top Part Time Jobs in Canada

Salary for various part time jobs may vary depending on where you work. The wages may also vary from city to city. Some of the part time jobs for international students include:

  • Customer service representative – 14 CAD/hour (INR 812)
  • Bookkeeper,- 25 CAD/ hour ( INR 1450)
  • Cook- 15/ hour ( INR 870)
  • Sales Assistant – 12 CAD/ hour (INR 696)
  • Clerk – 15 CAD/ hour (INR 870)
  • Teacher – 20-22 CAD/ hour ( INR 1160 – 1276)
  • Web designer – 20 CAD/ hour (INR 1160)
  • Office Assistant – 15 CAD/ hour (INR 870)
  • Programme Facilitator – 13 CAD/hour (754)
  • Customer Service Assistant – 11 CAD/ hour (INR 638)


A Bookkeeper usually undertakes tasks such as banking activities, recording transactions such as purchases, sales revenue, invoices, payments and expenses, producing various financial reports, processing payments and reconciling reports to third-party records. A bookkeeper is required to have a strong sense of time management, organization skills and mathematical knowledge.

Customer Service Assistant 

the duties of a CAS entail answering customer enquiries, giving information and helping to solve customer problems, selling products and taking orders, arranging services for customers, processing complaints. Prerequisites for this role include excellent communication skills and people skills.

Sales Assistant 

A reliable sales assistant’s role includes, increasing the sales volume and maintaining regular contact with significant customers. Additionally a sales assistant works with a  sales team to monitor active purchases and make sure that the orders are delivered on time. Great communication skills, computer literacy and product knowledge are required for this role.

Programme Facilitator  

The primary role of a Programme facilitator includes execution of programme projects, initiatives, curricula,  incorporating workshops and/or training, community service endeavours, outings/ field trip exposures/ tours, projects and presentations and more. The programme facilitator must report directly to the program manager.

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