Research Institutes in India

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Research Institutes in India

Are you interested in attaining higher education in a domain and want to build a career in research? Or do you wish to start your career as an Academician or a Research Assistant? The most suitable option for you would be to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy program! And studying a PhD program from an institution that can provide you with the right platform and infrastructure can enhance your career prospects. Thus, it becomes highly important to select an Institute which helps you gain an in-depth insight into the field, provide you with top-notch assistance, and equip you with efficient methodologies and competencies to advance in the discipline! Here’s a blog that aims to elucidate on the top research institutes of India and their salient features.

Indian Institute of Sciences (IISC)

For the ones wanting to delve deep into research in Biology, there can be no other option better than IISC! The brainchild of popular philanthropist Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata, it holds rank 2nd in the NIRF 2019 rankings in the top educational institutions of India. The institute comprises 40 major departments which are bifurcated into 6 divisions like Mechanical Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Biological Sciences, etc. Known as one of the best government research institutes in India, the center is famous for its phenomenal and fundamental research in the fields of Biology, Physics, Nanotechnology, etc since more than a decade. Further, the internationally renowned faculty at IISC aims to carry out intricate research in varied aspects of modern biology like Oncology, Structural Biology, Immunology, Infectious Diseases, etc. Thus, increasing the opportunities and scope of biology!

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Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR)

Located in Bangalore, JNCASR was established by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. A plethora of students belonging to varied fields compete at a national level to pursue a PhD degree in chosen domains from the esteemed research center. Students can avail world-class research opportunities and quality education from any of the nine departments such as Educational Technology, Engineering Mechanics, Geodynamics, New Chemistry, etc. Being a comparatively younger institute than the other research institutes of India, the major attractions of the center is its Summer Research Fellowship program for the undergraduate students, short term courses like Project Oriented Chemical Education and Project Oriented Biological Education. 

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Forest Research Institute (FRI) 

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In the year 1906, the premier Imperial Forest Research Institute was established which at a later stage was renamed as FRI. Falling under the Indian Council of Forest Research and Education (ICFRE), it is located in the beautiful city of Dehradun. FRI aims to work towards conserving the valuable biodiversity with an emphasis on developing high-end technology for the judicious use of wastelands. The enticing Greeko Roman architecture is another alluring aspect subsequent to masters and PhD programs provided in one of the best research institutes in India. The notable courses are offered in fields like pulp and paper technology, plantation technology, environment technology, etc. 

Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun 

The Indian Institute of Petroleum was established in the year 1960 in New Delhi and in 1963 in Dehradun. It is a part of the notable Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and is devoted to conducting core research and development in the sector of hydrocarbons. Being one of the reputable research institutes of India, it strives to provide world-class technologies for the advancement in the field. Students can enroll in a multitude of programs offered by the organization which is provided in the form of Regular, Advanced and Special Training programs in plenty of subjects.  

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Indian Cancer Research Centre (ICRC)

Founded by the globally renowned medical scientist, Prof. V.R. Khanolkar, ICRC was established in the year 1950. The institute is affiliated with the prestigious Tata Memorial Hospital and aims to provide comparatively cheaper ailment to cancer patients. The ICRC conducts cancer-related research through varied divisions like Stem Cell Biology, Carcinogenesis, Cancer Genes, Virology Unit, Cellular Immunology, Genetic Engineering, etc. Every year, the institute offers lucrative fellowships with a validity of four years for the PhD aspirants in the fields like Microbiology, Zoology, Biotechnology, and Life Sciences.

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Thus, we hope that this blog about popular research institutes in India has provided you with the essential information. If you are confused in selecting the right career path for you, contact us at Leverage Edu and our experts here will help you kick start your career in the field most suitable for you. You can also use our AI tool which will collate a list of trending courses which match your professional goals!

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