Germany vs Ireland

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Germany vs Ireland

It is a dream of thousands of students to study in Europe. There is great debate between Germany vs Ireland, to know which country is a better destination for international students to pursue their higher education. Germany has always been a centre of attraction for students because of its free and affordable education. On the contrary, Ireland has been a centre of attraction for tourists because of its incredible history, culture and landscape. Here, in this blog, we compare Germany vs Ireland to know which is the better study destination

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility and add on requirements which are necessary to get into a university of your choice is one of the most important factors which helps international students to decide which country is a better place for higher education between Germany vs Ireland. 

  • If we look at the education system of Germany, most of the universities of Germany are publicly or government-owned. Students must fulfil all required eligibility criteria and requirements such as:
    • All official academic transcripts and records with a minimum of 50% to 60% marks. 
    • CV or Resume 
    • SOP
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • Work experience for postgraduate courses
    • Exam scores such as GMAT/GRE etc.
    • IELTS/TOEFL if the medium of study in university is English 
  • There is one drawback that Germany which is in most of the universities, the medium of study is German. So students who wish to study in Germany must be well familiar with the language to pursue their higher education in the country.
  • Moving ahead, students who are not comfortable in learning any foreign language like German, then Ireland is the country you must go for. The country has an advantage over Germany in terms of Germany vs Ireland, as the medium of the studying here in all the universities is English. Apart from that other requirements and eligibility criteria which students must meet are more or less the same such as:
    • All official academic transcripts and records with a minimum of 50% to 60% marks. 
    • CV or Resume 
    • SOP
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • Work experience for postgraduate courses 
    • Exam scores such as GMAT/GRE etc.

Top Universities 

We have curated a list of top universities in both the countries so that you can decide better which country is a better destination according to your preferences and choice, to pursue higher education between Germany vs Ireland. Check it out:

Top Universities in Germany 

Universities  QS World University Ranking 2021 Location 
Technical University of Munich #50 Munich 
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich #63 Munich 
Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg #64 Heidelberg 
Humboldt University of Berlin #117 Berlin
Free University of Berlin #130 Berlin 
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology #131 Karlsruhe 
RWTH Aachen University #145 Aachen
Berlin Institute of Technology (TU Berlin) #148 Berlin 
Dresden University of Technology =173 Dresden 
Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen #175 Tuningen 

Top Universities & Colleges in Ireland

Universities  QS World University Ranking 2021 Location 
Trinity College Dublin  =101 Dublin 
University College Dublin  =177 Dublin 
National University of Ireland Galway =238 Galway 
University College Cork  #286 Cork 
Dublin City University  =439 Dublin 
University of Limerick 511-520 Limerick 
Maynooth University 701-750 Maynooth
Technological University Dublin  801-1000 Dublin 

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Tuition Cost 

Tuition cost or the cost of studying in any foreign land or country is one of the most important and deciding factors for students who want to pursue their higher education abroad. The cost of studying in Germany is different from the cost of studying in Ireland. When we talk about Germany vs Ireland, we have observed that the tuition cost for undergraduate courses and postgraduate courses is higher in Ireland than Germany. Refer to the following table for better understanding. 

Germany vs Ireland  Germany  Ireland 
Average Tuition Fee for UG (estimated) Euro 250- Euro 1,000
(INR 22,226- INR 88,907) for public universities per semester.
Euro 10,000- Euro 20,000
(INR 8,89,070- INR 17,78,140) for private universities per year
Euro 9,850 to euro 25,000
(INR 8,75,733- INR 22,22,675) per year.
Average Tuition Fee for UG (estimated) Euro 20,000- Euro 30,000 
(INR 17,78,140- INR 26,67,210) per year at public and private universities. 
Euro 9,500 to Euro 34,000
(INR 8,44,616- INR 30,22,838) per year.
The average duration of the UG course 3-4 years  3-4 years 
The average duration of the PG course 1.5-2 years  1-2 years 

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Cost of Living 

Moving ahead we have another parameter to judge which country is a better place to study for international students between Germany vs Ireland. The average cost of living is an important factor that students look upon after looking at the average tuition cost in a particular country. In researching about Germany vs Ireland, we have noticed that the average cost of living in Germany is much more affordable than in Ireland. Take a look here: 

Country  Average Cost of Living in Euros  Average Cost of Accommodation in Euros 
Germany  850 to 1,000 euros (INR 75,570 to INR 88,907) a year  290 to 560 euros (INR 25,783 to INR 49,787) in a month 
Ireland  6,500 to 12,000 (INR 5,77,895 to INR 10,66,884) euros a year  2,000 to 4,000 euros (INR 1,77,814 to INR 3,55,628) annually 

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For deciding which country to opt for between Germany vs Ireland, students are also required to know about the popular courses and fields of study for which the country is known and famous for. 

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After knowing about the average estimated cost and expenditure, one must also have to look upon the climatic conditions of the country that the student be living in. Here are some points related to Germany vs Ireland that will help you decide which country to choose and opt between Germany vs Ireland based on climate and weather conditions:

  • Germany in general, witnesses hot and pleasant summers as well as snowy and extreme winters too. Although, the rains are pretty much unpredictable and common in all seasons. The average summer temperature in Germany is around 23 degrees C and the average winter temperature is around 2 degrees C. In winters the temperature can even drop to -12 degrees C. 
  • Coming onto Ireland, the climatic conditions of this country is heavily influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. The warm currents of the ocean keep the average temperature of the country mild and moderate. The average spring and summer temperature is somewhere between 16 degrees C to 21 degrees C. As soon as the Autumn season approaches, the country’s average temperature goes down to 13 degrees C. in the winter season, the country’s average temperature drops at 5 degrees C. January and February are the coldest months in Ireland when the temperature drops drastically. 

Employment Opportunities

Looking at the employment opportunities that the country has to offer especially to international graduates is also crucial when the students have to decide between Germany vs Ireland. Although both the countries have a plethora of work opportunities in respective fields of study to offer to international and national graduates, generally, there is no 100% placement assurance that the universities claim to give to students in Europe. The students have to themselves search for job opportunities and vacancies. 

  • Germany has always been famous for its job opportunities in multiple fields such as:
    • Health sector 
    • Automobile sector 
    • Telecommunications 
    • IT
    • Business and management sector 
    • Aviation sector 
    • Mechanical and electronics 
  • On the contrary, Ireland is famous for its plethora of job opportunities in different fields such as:
    • Pharmaceuticals 
    • Agriculture
    • Mining
    • Forestry and fishing 
    • IT
    • Software industries 
    • Finance and Marketing 
    • Trade 

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Hence, with the above-mentioned lists of top Universities in Germany and Ireland, we end or blog on Germany vs Ireland,  hoping that the blog was successful in providing you all with all the important information related to different factors and parameters which will help you to decide which country is better for you to pursue your higher education. Want to study in Germany or Ireland? Reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu and get expert advice and step by step guidance that will make you land either in Germany or Ireland. Book your free session right now!!

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