Ireland vs New Zealand: Better Study Destination

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Ireland vs New Zealand

A common dilemma of all the students who have made up their minds to study abroad is which country to opt for. With the upgrades made by the top global universities and the introduction of student-friendly norms by the governments, international students have a long list of study destinations to choose from. Ireland and New Zealand are two popular countries for overseas education among Indian students. To make the process of selecting one of these two easy for you, we have prepared this comparative guide on Ireland vs New Zealand.

Admission Intakes 

Both countries wholeheartedly welcome thousands of international students every year. Top colleges in Ireland as well as in New Zealand have specific intakes through which you can seek admission to your dream college. The universities in Ireland and New Zealand offer two intakes in a year with distinct deadlines. Tabulated below are the intakes in Ireland vs New Zealand. 

Intakes New ZealandIreland
Intake 1January Early September – December 
Intake 2July Late January – May

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How does New Zealand compare to Ireland in terms of quality of living, cost of living, culture and tolerance?

Let’s compare both New Zealand and Ireland in terms of quality of living, cost of living, culture and tolerance. We will give +2 points to the country that is better in a particular aspect. We will finally calculate which one is better based on calculated total scores.

Getting Student Visa: Ireland vs New Zealand

You can easily apply online to seek a student visa for both countries once you have received your acceptance letter from the university. A student visa is a crucial parameter in deciding between Ireland vs New Zealand, so let us have a detailed look at each one of them- 


The country offers two types of student visas depending upon the duration of the program chosen. Irrespective of the type of the visa, the cost of it remains the same i.e., — 60 (INR 5,100). Types of Ireland student visa are-

  • C Student Visa (For programs ranging less than 3 months)
  • D Student Visa (For courses longer than 3 months)

New Zealand 

New Zealand student VISA is available in various types. As per your program of study in the country, you can opt for it. The cost of NZ student visa is NZD 330 (INR 16,000 + 772)

  • Fee Paying Student Visa (For up to 4 years)
  • Pathway Student Visa (For up to 5 years)

Which Country is the Winner?

The above comparison shows that both Ireland and New Zealand have a simple student visa process. Hence, we will award +2 points to both countries in this round.

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Post-Study Work Criteria 

The opportunity to work in the country once you have concluded your course is the next factor in our debate of Ireland vs New Zealand. Apart from the work while-studying feature, New Zealand offers post-study work permits for 1-3 years to the candidates who have completed the equivalent qualification to Level 7 (1-year graduate diploma), Level 4-6 (Diploma/ Certificate)., etc. While, on the other hand, you can seek a work visa in Ireland if you have acquired the Ireland Work Permit. New Zealand grants work permits more easily when compared to Ireland. Hence, New Zealand will receive +2 points in this section.

Educational Cost Comparison: Ireland vs New Zealand

One of the most crucial deciding points between Ireland vs New Zealand is the total cost that one has to incur. Both countries are often listed as an economical option in the list of best countries to study abroad.

Seeking a normal bachelor’s degree in NZ would cost you 22,000-32,000 NZD (INR 10,70,000-15,50,000). Cost of studying in New Zealand for a PG course will be around NZD 26,000- 37,000 (INR 12,50,000- 18,00,000).

Seeking a normal bachelor’s degree similar degree in Ireland would range about — 9,850- 25,500 (INR 8,30,000- 21,50,000). The cost of studying Masters in Ireland will cost you — 9,950- 27,000 (INR 8,50,000- 23,00,000).

Which Country is the Winner?

The above comparison shows that it is affordable to study in both Ireland and New Zealand. Hence, both countries receive +2 points in this round.

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Top Universities: Ireland vs New Zealand 

The list of institutions providing high-end education in both countries is a great factor which will help you in deciding between Ireland vs New Zealand. Nearly, 18,500 Non-EEA students/ international students were admitted to the Best universities in Ireland for the year 2019. Similarly, universities in New Zealand welcomed around 42,000 Indian students in the year 2019. Along with high-quality education, remarkable research facilities, homely accommodation, and life-changing career opportunities, the universities in both countries offer their own set of perks. Let us have a look at the leading institutions of these countries as per QS World University Rankings 2024. 

Top Universities in Ireland QS World University Rankings 2024Top Universities in New Zealand QS World University Rankings 2024
Trinity College Dublin 81University of Auckland68
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI)151-200University of Otago206
University College Dublin =171Auckland University of Technology =407
National University of IrelandUniversity of Canterbury=256
Maynooth University 801-850Lincoln University =362
University College Cork=292Massey University =239
University of Limerick 426Victoria University of  Wellington 241
Dublin City University =436University of Waikato250
Technological University of Dublin851-900

Which Country is the Winner?

The above comparison shows that New Zealand has more higher-ranked universities than Ireland. Hence, New Zealand receives +2 points in this round.

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Eligibility Criteria

The entry requirements for international aspirants in both Ireland and New Zealand are not very distinct but they can vary as per the program you have chosen. The most vital mention in this section is the score of popular English language proficiency exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE  and competitive exams like GMAT, GRE and SAT exams. The scores of the aforementioned exams are readily accepted in both the universities in Ireland and New Zealand. 

Which Country is the Winner?

The level of difficulty to get into the universities of Ieland is lower when compared to New Zealand. Hence, Ireland will get +2 points in this section.

Cost of Living 

The cost of living in any country matters a lot when planning to stay there for education or job prospects. Let’s see the average cost of living in New Zealand and Ireland.

New Zealand
Apartment (1 BHK)1,613.32 NZ$ (INR 82,260) 
Basic Utilities183.88 NZ$ (INR 9,375)
Internet81.83 NZ$ (INR 4,172)
Local Transportation160.00 NZ$ (INR 8,150)
One-time Meal19 NZ$ (INR 968)
Apartment (1 BHK)€1157 (INR 99,570)
Basic Utilities€145 (INR 12,470)
Internet€49 (INR 4,210)
Local Transportation€110 (INR 9,466)
One-time Meal€15 (INR 1,290)

Which Country is the Winner?

As per the above comparison, the cost of living is lower in New Zealand than in Ireland. Hence, we will give +2 points to Ireland in this round of Ireland vs New Zealand.


After calculating the total scores of both countries, we find that Ireland scored 6 points, while New Zealand got 10 points. Hence, New Zealand has won this contest. However, please note that both countries are amazing study destinations and your choice depends on your aim, budget, and interests.

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Is New Zealand or Ireland better?

Both New Zealand or Ireland are amazing study destinations and your choice depends on your aim, budget, and interests.

Is it cheaper to live in Ireland or New Zealand?

Ireland is more expensive than New Zealand.

Is NZ worth moving to?

Yes, New Zealand offers a good quality of life and a safe environment.

We hope that this Ireland vs New Zealand showdown helped you in selecting your dream study destination. Many Indian students dream of pursuing education in foreign nations due to the exposure and career growth they offer. Consider joining a free counselling session with Leverage Edu if you plan to study abroad.

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