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After COVID-19 by this point, most of us have a good understanding of how a virus that is invisible to the naked eye may completely disrupt our life. Nearly everyone in today’s world has some knowledge about it, thanks to the material that is readily available online. Microbiology is the best field to study if you want to learn more about these microorganisms in depth. You will find a thorough guide to pursuing your goal of earning a Masters in Microbiology from the UK in this blog.

Eligibility To study Master’s in Microbiology in the UK, students need to fulfil the below-mentioned criteria:
10+2: Minimum 50-55%
UG Degree: In Science stream or relevant subjects with 50-55% 
Program Type and Duration MSc: 1-2 Years
Standardised Test requirements IELTS– 6.0- 6.5
TOEFL– 90-100
PTE– 65-73
GRE– 300 or above
Work Experience Substantial Preference is given to students having 2-3 years of Work Experience 
Tuition Fee Approximately GBP 23,100 (INR 21.26 Lakhs annually)
Cost of Living Approximately GBP 10, 000 (INR 9.20 Lakhs annually)
Top Recruiters Mascot International
Krauter Healthcare Ltd
Siren Technology Pvt Ltd
Average Salary Between INR 46.48 Lakhs to INR 52.41 Lakhs 

What is Microbiology?

  • The study of microscopic living things like viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae, and other organisms that can only be seen under a microscope is known as microbiology
  • Microbiologists can aid in the development of drugs, vaccines, antibiotics, and other treatments through the study of these bacteria, which is extremely important in today’s society.

Why Study in UK?

  • Some of the universities and colleges in the UK, which date back to the 12th and 13th centuries, are among the oldest in the entire globe. Because of its long history, the UK has set the bar high for other nations’ educational systems. One of the industries in the UK that is expanding the quickest is Microbiology.
  • Students in the UK have many top-tier universities to choose from when pursuing a master’s degree in microbiology. Universities in the UK have the greatest staff and facilities, enabling students to effectively complete this challenging degree.
  • The UK’s Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) is an autonomous agency that routinely evaluates the educational standards of all of the nation’s colleges and universities. It also assists in identifying the best educational approaches and provides feedback for improvisation, in addition to evaluating their performance through audits and subject evaluations.

Course Curriculum of MS in Microbiology in UK

Masters in Microbiology in the UK typically requires two years to accomplish, comprising four semesters of coursework. You might design and research various medical products and treatments that could improve the standard of pharmaceutical and environmental businesses. Among the topics discussed are:

  • Advances in molecular microbiology
  • Infectious diseases
  • Plant infection and immunity
  • Genetics and Protein Biology
Name of the University Rank Program Offered Program Fee
1. University of Glasgow 81 MS in Microbiology (1 Year) GBP 25,750 (INR 23.70 Lakhs)
2. University of Birmingham 91 Masters in Microbiology and Infection GBP 25,740 (INR 23.69 Lakhs)
3. Queen Mary University of London 125 Masters in Clinical Microbiology (1 year) GBP 25,150(INR 23.15 Lakhs)
4. University of Aberdeen 220 Masters in Microbiology GBP 11,500 (INR 10.58 Lakhs)
5. University of Bath 179 Masters in Molecular Bioscience GBP 23,100 (INR 21.26 Lakhs)
Masters in Microbiology in UK - The University of Glasgow (1)
Microbiology and Immunology studies at the University of Glasgow; Image Source: University of Glasgow

Application Process

The application process takes place over a period of time and begins months before the commencement of classes. The universities have two main intakes known as the fall intake and winter intake for international students to kick-start their journey. You can call our Leverage Edu experts on 1800 572 000 to find out how the application process can be fast-tracked and streamlined! Here’s an easy 5-step process to complete your application process to study MS in Microbiology in UK:

  1. Call our experts on 1800 572 000 to shortlist your favourite universities and courses. Start your application to multiple universities through our one dashboard platform.
  2. Compile all your documents like SOPs, essays, certificates and LORs and exam scores like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, etc.
  3. Meet all the application deadlines and start the application process for accommodation, students visa, and scholarships/student loans.
  4. Accept the offer letter and meet your teachers, college mates and roommates virtually.
  5. Get your visa approved and fly to your dream university.

Documents Required

Many students from around the world choose to study abroad in the UK. The universities from the UK should be on your list of study-abroad options due to their high academic standards, expanding economy, and substantial engineering advancements, to name a few. Let’s now talk about the documents required in order to apply.


The greatest approach to spread out the cost of your education and living expenses is through scholarships. Here are a few of the scholarships available:

Name of the Scholarship Benefit 
1. The Chevening Scholarships One-year tuition fee
2. Study Portal Scholarships INR 93,988/-
3. Felix Scholarship Tuition Fees and extra funds
4. Rhodes Scholarship INR 15.57 Lakhs
5. Commonwealth Scholarship Varies

Want to study abroad but are worried about expenses? Let Leverage Finance help you!


To apply for a UK student visa, you must provide a number of documents. Applications are typically processed three weeks after submitting the following documents: 

  1. Completed Visa Application form
  2. Visa fee payment receipt
  3. Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies
  4. Proof of Funds

Career Prospects

One of the most sought-after areas of biology is microbiology, which offers a wide range of job prospects in both the public and private sectors. More microbiologists are required to support clinical research, solve issues with industrial manufacturing processes, etc. Top MSc Microbiology universities in the UK provide high-quality instruction. Students can work in a variety of career roles and fields after earning a master’s degree in microbiology in the UK, including clinical engineering, cellular, biomechanics, etc. Some of the popular job profiles include:


What is the scope of Microbiology in the UK?

The integration of microbiology in numerous sectors, including pharmacy, medicine, clinical research, agriculture, the dairy and water industries, nanotechnology, and chemical technology, has greatly expanded the field of microbiology.

What are some of the popular Indian recruiters in Microbiology?

Some of the renowned Indian recruiters are;
Smithkline Beechem Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Biocon Ltd.
Natural Remedies Pvt.
Monsanto Research Centre
Abbott India Ltd.

What is the most famous segment/field of microbiology?

Biomedical Science or Medical Microbiology is the most popular segment in the field of Microbiology.

Now that you are aware of all the requirements for applying to the Masters in Microbiology in the UK, make sure that your chosen course must match your skills and qualifications. Based on a person’s interests and skills, the Leverage Edu team of professionals proposes course and university combinations. In order for you to make an informed choice toward a fulfilling profession, our experts also provide admission assistance, from application through housing and funding.

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