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Study PGDM in UK

PGDM or Postgraduate Diploma in Management is a 1 to 2-year course offered by universities in the United Kingdom. For international students who are looking to start a career in the UK, a PGDM can provide excellent opportunities. You can find course-based, research-based or a combination of both curricula in PGDM programmes. If you want to know more about PGDM in UK and why you should pursue it, then keep reading!

Why Pursue PGDM in the UK?

You may wonder why you choose a diploma rather than a Masters degree. Here are the reasons why you should pursue PGDM in the UK:

  • Time-efficient: You can pursue a PGDM as a part-time or a full-time course. The duration of the course is around 30 weeks and it can be done part-time as well. PGDM is a contribution to a Master’s degree as both are on the same level. 
  • Save money: You can save money as well as earn money if you are pursuing PGDM part-time. Moreover, you can get something to add to your resume just after a year as opposed to an MBA, which is a full-time course. 
  • Oriented for career growth: You can boost your career with the practical-knowledge focused curriculum of PGDM. This helps you to develop industry-oriented skills.
  • Quality of life: When you pursue studies in the UK, then you get access to the best universities, brilliant resources and trustworthy experts. 
  • Increase your potential: when you access PGDM in the UK then you can enhance your previous skills which also takes you towards getting paid more.

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List of PGDM Courses in UK 2022

If you are planning to pursue PGDM in universities in the UK then here is the list of affordable PGDM courses in the UK. 

CourseUniversityTuition Fee 
Career Development and Management PGDipCoventry UniversityINR 9.6 Lakhs
Postgraduate Certificate in Secondary Business EducationUniversity of ManchesterINR 20.2 Lakhs
Business and Public Service Interpreting PGDipUniversity of LeedsINR 14.3 Lakhs
Graduate Diploma in Business AdministrationUniversity of BirminghamINR 19.2 Lakhs
Information Management & Preservation PGDipUniversity of GlasgowINR 13.0 Lakhs
PG Certificate in Business Administration (Football Industries)The University of LiverpoolINR 9.1 Lakhs
Diploma in Accounting and FinanceLondon School of Economics and Political ScienceINR 27.2 Lakhs
PgDip in Social Science Research Methods (Management and Business Studies)Cardiff UniversityINR 17.7 Lakhs
PgDip inHuman Resource ManagementUniversity of ExeterINR 15.6 Lakhs
PGDip in NGO ManagementCITY, University of LondonINR 10.5 Lakhs

Top Universities & Colleges Offering PGDM in UK

Name of the UniversityQS World Ranking 2022
University of Oxford#2
University of Cambridge#3
Imperial College London#7
University College London#8
University of Edinburgh#16
University of Manchester#27
King’s College London#35
University of Warwick#61
University of Bristol#62

Is PGDM equivalent to an MBA in the UK?

PGP and PGDM courses are not equivalent to MBA. PGDM is considered to be a notch below the level of an MBA in the case of the UK. These courses are not recognised by international universities as equivalent to an MBA degree. However, both of these courses offer roughly the same job opportunities to an international student in terms of scope as well as average salaries.

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Eligibility for PGDM in UK

  • If you want to pursue PGDM in the UK then you must have at least an undergraduate degree from a recognized university.
  • Universities generally accept students from any undergraduate background for admission to their PGDM course. However, some universities may have more specific requirements in terms of the subjects of the undergraduate degree.
  • You must have a minimum score of 70% to 80% in your undergraduate degree.

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • You must have standardised test scores and GRE or GMAT scores, depending on the university. Although GMAT is considered to be the standard exam for management admissions, many universities have started accepting GRE scores as well.
  • You must also satisfy the minimum English proficiency requirements of the university. The minimum scores required often are in the range as mentioned below.
IELTS6.0 – 7.0
TOEFL iBT90 – 100

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Application Process

Postgraduate Diploma in Management is for a tenure of 1 to 2 years and have 2 to 4 semesters. The application process for this course is university-specific and requires completing multiple steps from signing up on the application portal of the university to submitting multiple documents and fulfilling the entire criteria.

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Cost of Studying PGDM in UK

The average tuition fee for PGDM in the UK is INR approximately 14.67 Lakhs. It is estimated that the fees for PGDM courses in the UK can be as high as INR 65.1 Lakhs at the University of Oxford. On the other hand, the course is also available at INR 9.1 lakhs at the University of Liverpool. Thus, the price for the course can vary. There are an array of scholarships provided to students as an aid to pursue PGDM in the UK. However, a student still needs to have a good financial plan in place before they can take admission to their dream university abroad.

Cost of Living in the UK

 If you are an Indian student and want to probe in the UK, then you may have queries after comparison of cost of living in India and the UK. According to the reports it is estimated that to pursue studies in the UK and to live in the UK would cost you around INR 19 lakhs to INR 39 lakhs depending on the courses and states in the UK.

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Jobs after PGDM in UK

The various job profiles after completion of PGDM in the UK with their average salary are :

Job ProfilesAverage Salary (in INR)
HR Officer32.73 Lakhs
Business Manager29.43 Lakhs
Sales And Business Manager29.43 Lakhs
Business Development Representative26.94 Lakhs
Commercial Manager40.91 Lakhs
Finance Manager48.89 Lakhs
Source: Payscale

Top Recruiters after PGDM Courses

RecruitersAverage Salary
AG BARR PLCGBP 23,949.6 (INR 23.94 Lakhs)
AmazonGBP 50,892 – 121,743 (INR 50.89 Lakhs – 1.21 cr)
DeloitteGBP 62,225 (INR 62.22 Lakhs)
Goodman MansonGBP 29,937- GBP 34,926 (INR 29.93 Lakhs – 34.92 Lakhs)
Morgan LawGBP 39,916 (INR 39.91 Lakhs)
British ArmyGBP 32,731 (INR 32.73 Lakhs)
VeoliaGBP 23,969.4 – GBP 24,947 (INR 23.94 Lakhs – 24.94 Lakhs)
Globe LocumsGBP 19,958 – GBP 34,942 (INR 19.95 Lakhs – 34.92 Lakhs)
NFU MutualGBP 27,192.77 (INR 27.19 Lakhs)
IBMGBP 17,962 – GBP 18,960 (INR 17.96 Lakhs – 18.96 Lakhs)
Source: Payscale

Other Top PG Courses in the UK [BONUS]

Name of the course Fees 
MBA in UKGBP 400 – 879 (INR 40,000 – 87,900)
MS in Computer Science in UKGBP 300 – 340 (INR 30,000 – 34,000)
Masters in Architecture (M.Arch) in UKGBP 210 – 400 (INR 21,000 – 40,000)
MS in Management in UKGBP 230 – 300 (INR 23,000 – 30,000)
MS in Marketing in UKGBP 200 – GBP 260 (INR 20,000 – 26,000)
MS in Psychology in UKGBP 230 – GBP 530 (INR 23,000 – 53,000)


What is the cost of living in the UK?

The average cost of living in the UK majorly varies by two factors – your city of study and your lifestyle. Click here to know about the cost of living in the UK.

What are the different scholarships offered for PGDM? 

The scholarships offered after PGDM include –
1. Trinity Hall
2. Stevenson Funds
3. Alumni Scholarship
4. John Fisher High-Performance Scholarship
5. Hilde Himmelweit Scholarship

What are the different colleges that offer placements after a PGDM course in the UK? 

Coventry University, Imperial College of London, King’s College London, University of Manchester and University of Warwick are the different universities that offer placements after the PGDM course.

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